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Most of the way through the summer here, and last week we enjoyed a local heat wave. Luckily we live in a redwood grove so not having air conditioning wasn't too much an issue.

Also, without an air conditioning unit, we have one less appliance reliability performance to monitor.

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Connecting Business and Life


Charli's Blog

by Charli Matthews

One of my favorite sayings is “There is no work-life balance, there is just life!” I say this because I live it everyday. I enjoy my work, but it is more than that. I am blessed to get to work in an industry that shows me daily how my business, the pump industry, is vital

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Why More Organizations Are Thinking about Inventory Control Management—And You Should Too


Maintenance Maven

by Steve Brous

Like many organizations, Cathy’s company was storing surplus parts—parts the company has not used in a given period of time. Those parts were just sitting on the shelves, forgotten, but still costing the organization money.

Cathy’s team knew they were storing unneeded parts. But it was an easy thing to ignore… until Cathy reviewed their MPulse CMMS data and saw the numbers on the report.


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Safety Moment — Tell Safety Success Stories — Talk about safety that works!

Preaccident Investigation Podcast 

by Todd Conklin

[Ok, not really a blog, yet worth a listen]

We all have fallen for this trap.  We talk about the stuff that is bad.  We present accidents and near misses in the hopes that workers will learn and be better…in a way we want to deter your accident by scaring you with someone else’s accident.  It does not really work, but hey when has that ever stopped us.  Bet you a dollar you can find Heinrich’s Pyramid someplace in your plant - worse yet - I’ll bet you can find somebody that believes if you have 300 sprained ankles the next event will be a death.

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Creating reliable stream systems with ultrasound

Ludeca blog (introduces article in Flow Control Magazine)

by Allan Rienstra

Maintaining the health of the assets that make up a steam system brings benefits that are measured by cost reduction, improved product quality and decreased risk to safety. When employees undertake a project that delivers on goals like these, a fourth win is returned by default — improved reliability culture.

When steam system health is ignored, components degrade and efficiency erodes. Over time the system reaches a point where it is no longer able to deliver on its engineered purpose. The maintenance manager’s phone rings. Production needs a fix, and they need it fast. Now it is time to fight fires again.


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Who is Responsible For Reliability? Everyone!

HP Reliability blog

by James Kovacevic

Why Your Operators Need To Be Part Of Your Reliability Program You drive your car (almost) every day, you will immediately notice a new noise, vibration, or feel to the car.  Once you detect this you would report the issue to your mechanic (or if yourself and do the repair), and he would investigate the issue.  The repair would be made and the car returned to you. This same approach is what should be happening in your plant.  The operators of the plant equipment, operate the equipment every day and know the equipment.  Any changes or variation in the equipment

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CRE Preparation

Prep notes for ASQ Certified Reliability Engineer exam - ISSN 2165-8633

Short essays and tutorials on the wide range of topics you are expected to master as a certified reliability engineer. The authors of the site are working through the CRE body of knowledge and drafting material to help you understand and master the concepts, tools, and techniques.

The recent post looks at a different way to consider derating guidelines.http://accendoreliability.com/2016/07/21/different-way-consider-derating-guidelines/
If there is something you would like to know more about, just let us know. See all the posts, subscribe, read, comments, and let others know about this free resource. AccendoReliability.com/creprep/

NOTE: these short tutorials will soon be moving to Accendo Reliability

Musings on Reliability and Maintenance Topics.

3 Ways to Provide Field Reliability Feedback to the Design Team

By the time a product fails in the field, the design team is focused on the next design. They are looking to the future and not looking for field reliability feedback. We know that each failure contains valuable information. We, as reliability professionals, often work to create as much useful information concerning failure modes and mechanisms as possible. We want to improve the design.​

Read the full article here.http://accendoreliability.com/2016/07/14/3-ways-provide-field-reliability-feedback-design-team/

NOTE: This blog is now found on the Accendo Reliability site under Articles.

The CRE Preparation Online On-demand Course is Now Open

Adding 4 live Q&A session for course student this summer.

The course is now open to new students.

The course will close to new students at the end of July. After that time it leaves little time to fully prepare for the next CRE exam in October.

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Looking forward to work with you to master the ASQ CRE Body of Knowledge.

I appreciate your interest and am looking forward to offering an excellent course to help you master the CRE body of knowledge.



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