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Vol.53 July 2016 


Greetings! I hope this newsletter finds you living purposefully and achieving success in your personal and work lives. 

The concept of ‘Unique-ability’ kept coming up during most of the leadership development processes I was facilitating during the month and as such I felt it might be value adding if I introduce this concept to you in this newsletter. 

Is Unique-Ability the new Success Mantra?

Let’s first try to understand what is 'Unique-ability' before trying to understand what your unique-ability is and how to use this potent idea in improving your effectiveness individually and as a team.

Unique-Ability is a description for a level of ability. To simplify it let me offer four broad levels of ability. At the bottom is ‘incompetent’, where we just can’t do a particular task. The next level is ‘competent’, where we can do a particular task. The third level is, ‘excellent’ where we not only can do a particular task, but we can do it well. We can get up to the ‘excellent’ level through training and developing our skills. But to get to the fourth level, ‘unique-ability’ we would not only be really good at doing a particular task, but we are passionate about, it energizes us and it inspires others. It is simply something natural in us. Therefore I believe we cannot get to the level of unique-ability by training ourselves, it should be within us. It is a word used to describe your natural strengths. It also highlights your responsibility to put your talents to work for the shared purposes of those with whom you make a commitment of this tremendous energy.  

Unlike learned behaviour and social style, ‘unique-ability’ is instinctive. The 'unique-ability' concept stems from the discovery of four creative instincts through which we initiate all action. Each produces a distinctive cluster of behaviours or preferred mode of working. All goal-oriented action is initiated through one of these Modes. Everyone has more or less equal cognitive energy, yet individual intensity in any one mode may vary. These variances give you your distinctive talent. The four creative instincts are:

  1. QUICK START: Through which we are a catalyst, generalist, innovator, entrepreneur, promoter, or impressionist.
  2. FACT FINDER: Through which we are a pragmatist, prober, arbitrator, practitioner, researcher, judge, or realist.    
  3. FOLLOW THROUGH: Through which we are a planner, designer, programmer, theorist, systemiser, or pattern maker.  
  4. IMPLEMENTER: Through which we are a manufacturer, moulder, builder, hand-crafter, weaver, agriculturist, or handler.

While you can find more information and a chargeable online assessment to find your unique-ability in you could do a self-assessment by looking at the description above and asking yourself, what of those types of tasks would you love to do, what would you do for free, what would energize you, what would you do with ease and produce amazing results.

Once you figure out your unique-ability, you can produce excellent results by working in a job related to your unique-ability. If your current job were not in line with your unique-ability, it would help to have a conversation with your boss and see if you can move to a job within the organisation that is in line with your unique-ability, perhaps a job-swap with someone else to help align with his or her unique-ability. If you are a leader you could assess unique-abilities of your team members and move them to jobs to get as much synchronicity as possible between jobs and unique-abilities.

Since we need to also do tasks coming under our non unique-ability areas, we need to develop the other three areas to excellent levels through undertaking relevant development programmes. Imagine if majority of our team members are in their unique-ability areas, imagine the energy, the motivation, fun at work and overall success of teams! I wish you success in taking steps in getting yourself and your team members in to unique-ability areas so that you can savour unthinkable success!

It would be really value adding to take stock of your month of July 2016 or the first half of this year, using the process suggested in one of my earlier blogs to ensure you are on track for the year. . Click here to access the review process - the month end booster.


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NEW: Purposefulness and Mindfulness for Leadership Effectiveness 

A paper written for and presented at the Middlesex University Research Students Summer Conference – June 2016, as a part of Ranjan's doctoral research work. 

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My Journey in July 2016

  • The first half of the month was spent at Ashridge Buiness School, taking part in the ‘summer school’ to gain new insights, learnigns and confidence in relation to my doctoral inquiry.
  • Thereafter after four-days in Colombo I spent the last 10 days in Bangladesh, developing leaders of two companies. I also spent some time at Cox’s Bazar, a beach resort in Bangladesh, doing some writing for my doctorate. 
What’s in store for August 2016
  • I will be spending most of the time in Sri Lanka with a short visit to Bangladesh during the month, conducting  â€˜Leadership development’ assignments. 

The website has had a record breaking 2,695 views for the month of July. The highest number of visits have been from Sri Lanka, with United Kingdom second, and Bangladesh third.  

This month the blog has had 156 views from over 105 countries. 

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