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Team Leadership Excellence Newsletter

Vol.29 July 2014

 Welcome to the twenty-ninth monthly newsletter. 

Eid Mubarak to all my friends of the Islamic faith!

The last month was packed with leadership development work in the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Morocco, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka and has given me deeper insights into Team Leadership’. The article below is to share some of those insights with you.

Leading a team is like conducting an orchestra! 

The quest for better leadership is still on and will continue to go on forever. One of the reasons for this is the ever changing mind-sets, expectations, challenges and demands presented by the ever changing world around us.

There are many tools being used to create better Team Leadership and the next few blogs from me will analyse different tools and methodologies available to create better team leadership.

Let’s first see what is ‘Team Leadership’. Is it the same as or different to ‘Leadership’? Leadership can be used in many situations and ‘Team Leadership’ is an art of leading a team as against leading an individual or a set of individuals. 

Team leadership has the following challenges that require the responses indicated.

1. Objectives of the team – The larger, more complex and the more challenging the objectives of the team, the type of ‘Team leadership’ differs. It will require skills such as making the team see the big possibilities, making the team believe in their collective ability to achieve the objectives and it requires aligning the team under a common plan to achieve the objectives. 

2. Size of the team – The larger the team is, the less time the team leader has to provide for each team member, the larger the team is, the more complex will be the relationship issues, the larger the team is, the more effort it will take to keep the team motivated. Appointing a few deputy leaders who take over responsibilities for smaller teams within the team and having more team interactions than individual interactions can overcome this. 

3. Diversity of the team: The more diverse the team is, more the differences of opinions will be, more the potential conflicts will be and this will require more involvement of the team leader. Proactively helping team members understand each other through team building exercises & radical conversations, selecting the right mix of team members for various projects  and investing more time on participative planning and briefing will help overcome this challenge. 

4. Resources available (or not available): The resources available or not available for the team in relation to the tasks at hand can pose a challenge to the leader.    The leader should use Continuous Improvement techniques such as Kaizen to get the team working together to make the most of existing resources. 

5. Conflicts in the team – a team leader will lead different levels of conflicts in the team. Therefore it is important for the leader to be a good listener, mediator and counsellor using techniques from mainstream psychology, transactional analysis and Neuro Linguistic Programming to prevent, defuse or resolve such conflicts.

Click here for the whole article that includes all 10 points and the conclusions.



Blog posts

One blog post was published during this month taking the total to 60. The new blog post along with a short excerpt is listed below for your information. 

Leading a team is like conducting an orchestra!

“The quest for better leadership is still on and will continue to go on forever. One of the reasons for this is the ever-changing mindsets, expectations, challenges and demands presented by the ever-changing world around us…”

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  1. Show generosity to everyone, even in the smallest way - to build credibility. 
  2. Show courtesy to every one, even your enemy – to build credibility. 
  3. Don't assume, ask: even if the answer is likely to be ‘no’. Always worth giving it a shot – to build credibility. 
  4. Finish what you start and start things you can finish – to build credibility. 
  5. Say what you do and if it something you can't say don’t do it – to build credibility. 
  6. Do what you say and don’t say if you can’t do - to build credibility. 
  7. Show up not only physically, also mentally, emotionally and spiritually- to build credibility. 
  8. Today i turn 3 years on twitter :) #Twitterversary (July 14th)
  9. Congratulations Germany! .... Well done Argentina for making this a game worthy of a world cup final .... Amazing win for the human spirit!
  10. Show up not only physically, but also mentally, emotionally and spiritually - to build credibility.





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Online Videos

Four videos of testimonies of the Mastery of Self programme can be found on the testimonials page:!testimonials/c1qb1 
  • Testimonial by Anika 

  • Testimonial by Ejazur Rahman 

The other online videos have had over 3000 views. We have got positive comments and we would like to hear from you too. 

My Journey in July 2014

  • I started the month in Dubai conducting the second phase of leadership development for 50 leaders of Mashreq Bank as a part of the 6-month process I described in the last newsletter.
  • Thereafter I traveled to Doha, Qatar to train and coach a team of Leaders of Mashreq Bank who run the operation in Qatar.
  • Thereafter I travelled to Colombo to conduct leadership development work for Pearson.
  • I also got the opportunity to spend some quality time with my family including my brother who was visiting from the UK.
  • July was a month of learning and growth with new types of organisations, people, trainings, consultancy, coaching and travelling to an exciting destination. 


What’s in store for August 2014

  • I start the month in Colombo (family time) and travel to Dhaka on the 3rd of August.
  • I will be conducting training and coaching for Grameenphone, Coats, Berger and BRAC Bank.
  • I will also conduct the first 2 days of the Mastery of Self through NLP session in Bangladesh.
  • Then I travel to Qatar to do the 2nd phase of the leadership development process for Mashreq bank.
  • Thereafter I will spend a few days in Dubai with Mashreq Bank before going to back Bangladesh to conduct more leadership development work for Coats and to do the final two days the public Mastery of Self through NLP session.









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