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Vol.24 February 2014

 Welcome to the twenty-fourth monthly newsletter. 


During a conversation I was having with the managing director of a company recently he asked me if the team leadership consultancy I provide to organizations help reduce attrition.


My answer was a confident ‘yes’ and I gave 3 reasons for it.


Most people don’t leave companies. They leave leaders. People join other companies even at a lesser package if the current leader is bad and they reject attractive offers. Therefore developing leadership will make them able to inspire their teams, help their teams grow and win so that they stay back in the organization thereby reducing attrition. 


When organizations have a winning culture built on solid values, then people look forward to coming to work in the morning. Such environments make people feel dignified, help people have real conversations, find people supporting each other to succeed and overall find the experience valuable and fun. People like to work in such environments and most people would not leave such organizations even for attractive offers, thereby reducing attrition.


When organizations have a clear strategic direction, clear strategic priorities, strategy communicated to the entire organization, clear roles defined as per the strategy, people empowered and enabled to deliver the strategies, it engages people. People love to work in such organizations as it helps them to learn and grow to their fullest potential and many would not leave even for attractive packages, thereby reducing attrition. 


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My Journey in February 2014

We launched a large corporate transformation initiative for a leading telecom operator in Bangladesh, Grameen phone helping the leaders to help their teams to live by the great values of the company. We also continue our assignments with Brac Bank, GPIT, Hirdaramani and Pearson Lanka. We also started a process to develop leaders at IFIC bank during the month. 




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Valentines Day Everyday!


“A mother feeding her child the best of food is performing an act of love as she is helping the child grow. A father working day and night to send the child to school is performing an act of love as he is helping the child grow…”

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  1. Well done Sri Lanka .... Great win guys.... keep up the good work .. .you make us proud!
  2. Well done Sanga .. .what a knock.. great 100.. proud of you!
  3. Build confidence and learn mind skills to be successful and professionals. This weekend in Dhaka. Details in 
  4. My Valentines day blog for you .... Lots of Love
  5. Click below to see the photos of the Omar Khan event ... feel free to download pictures of yourself and friends.!omar-khan-in-sri-lanka/c3rc …
  6. In order to live your  dream, you need to find your dream, in order to find your dream you need to be open to inspiration.
  7. Positive thoughts lead to positive attitudes, positive attitudes lead to positive habits and positive habits lead to positive character 
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Four videos of testimonies of the Mastery of Self programme can be found on the testimonials page:!testimonials/c1qb1 
  • Testimonial by Anika 

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The other online videos have had over 3000 views. We have got positive comments and we would like to hear from you too. 

What’s in store for March 2014

  • While continuing our assignments with Brac Bank, GPIT, Grameen Phone, Hirdaramani, IFIC Bank and Pearson Lanka, we will be be conducting ‘Mastery of Self [MS] through Neuro Linguistic Programming [NLP]’ in Sri Lanka on the 21st and 22nd of March.
  • I will also be spending some time with my clients in UAE, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh identifying their needs and co-creating solutions with them. 




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