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Team and Leadership Excellence Newsletter

Vol.4 June 2012

Welcome to the fourth monthly newsletter.

This is designed to help you have sight of what had gone on during the month so that you can pick up on anything you might have missed. To facilitate this I will list relevant information with links that will help you to access them with ease. I would also like to hear from you any feedback you may have on the contents as well as anything new you might want me to do. I will do my best to respond.
Blog posts
2 blog posts were published during this month taking the total to 17. The two new blogs are listed below for your information.

I published 2 articles during the month;
  • The Marketing Mix Up 4– This is the fourth in a series of articles that looks at the challenges faced by marketing specialist in companies and solution on how to overcome them to make the most of the opportunities available. The first article was focused on strategic marketing and the second article was focused on operational marketing. The third article elaborates the various business model companies can adopt to provide relevant value to their customers. The 4th article introduces an updated concept of articulating the values sought by consumers. Read this article in:

I have sent out 38 tweets during the month. Given below are some of them:
  • Anything is possible – Creating a World without Poverty – with inspiration from outer space and inner space! 
  • What a win! Wow! Congratulations Sri Lanka for winning the 5th match and the ODI series against Pakistan! Way to go guys!
  •  Richard Branson: For those who think business exists to make profit, think again. Business makes profit to exist."...: 
  • If you want god to laugh, share your plans. If you want god to really really laugh out loud, share your business plans. 
  • Dreams do come true; It needs a plan, passion and persistence. They happen on the time table set by the higher powers. 
  • Winners work hard when they work and play hard when they play. That's work-life balance. 
  • Business is a game according to Jack Welch. We need to enjoy playing and winning.
  • A mission should tell us where to play, with what to play, with whom to play and how to win.
  • Social responsibility is creating a winning company so that the team members can be an asset to society, financially and otherwise
  • A planning process should be engaging, inspiring and creative to engage the team to execute passionately. The plan is almost irrelevant.
  • Getting that dream Job – 3 simple steps! 
  • Richard Branson say; "For those who think business exists to make profit, think again. Business makes profit to exist." What do you think?
  • If you have a clear personal purpose, no job is irrelevant, however unrelated to your purpose it may be. 
  • Congratulations Agora Bangladesh Team for migrating in to world class software, SAP & WINCOR on plan. Wish you the best WOWING your guest
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Other Pages

The following pages have more information of interest and value:

Four new set of photos were loaded to the gallery;
  • Training for Sri Lankan Airlines – Europe – Living the SriLankan values.
  • Training for Sri Lankan Airlines – Far East – Living the SriLankan values.
  • Training for Sri Lankan Airlines – Middle East  – Living the SriLankan values.
  • Agri Business Supply Chain Conference of Bangladesh
See these photos and more in

What’s in store for July 2012

  • I intend publishing 1 more of the articles in the Marketing Mix up series,
  • I intend updating more photos of past events
  • I will continue to Tweet and Blog.
  • There are many events happening in Sensei International around the world spearheaded by consultants assigned to each of the markets.
As at the end of May the number of visitors to my site was from 66 countries and it has gone up to 77 countries as at end of June.  The lists of countries are given below:  

Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, United Kingdom, United States, Canada, United Arab Emirates, India, Australia, Saudi Arabia, Switzerland, Portugal, Singapore, Netherlands, Qatar, Pakistan, Norway, Algeria, Sweden, Malaysia, Japan, France, Indonesia, Brunei Darussalam, Italy, Bulgaria, Russian Federation, New Zealand, Maldives, Georgia, Germany, Thailand, Czech Republic, South Africa, Ghana, Croatia, Greece, Spain, Hong Kong, Republic of Korea, Philippines, Kenya, Viet Nam, Cayman Islands, Israel, Morocco, Bahamas, Ireland, Nepal, Ukraine, Iceland, Gambia, Panama, Egypt, Brazil, Grenada, Austria, Colombia, Denmark, Mexico, Zambia, Nigeria, Bahrain, Trinidad and Tobago, Costa Rica, Romania, Finland, Mongolia, Ecuador, Malta, Azerbaijan, Senegal, Argentina, Slovenia, Jordan, Oman, Mauritius, Afghanistan, Zambia, Austria, Colombia.  

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