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Team Leadership Excellence Newsletter

Vol.27 May 2014

 Welcome to the twenty-sixth monthly newsletter. 

How Great is Your Team?

You have just boarded a plane which is already 4 hours late after being given hope that it was going to take off earlier many times resulting in multiple visits to the boarding gate and back to the waiting lounge. Then you sit in the aircraft for one more hour without the air conditioning working and no proper explanation from the crew for the reason for the delay. After one hour you are asked to de-plane as there is a technical problem in the aircraft. A further 3 hours wait biting into a sandwich provided by the airline with no clear apology for the delay. Attempts to find out about connecting flights falling on deaf years of annoyed ground staff. Back on the plane that thank fully moves. But it stops again. Pilot announces that we are waiting behind 7 other aircrafts to take off as we had missed our original slot. And finally the plane takes off after a 9-hour delay.

In this situation why do you think things went wrong? Who could have fixed it? Check-in manager? Pilot? The head of Engineering? The CEO? Perhaps not anyone of them! Could it be all of them, if they had worked as one team? There could be individual hero’s who would have tried to make the passengers comfortable, speed up the boarding process etc. but it takes a team to make the difference. 

Therefore it is clear we need teams when it is difficult for a group of people together to deliver a goal.

If you see similarities of the above situation in your workplace, perhaps you need to assess the quality of team work. Given below are the qualities of a great team. Rate your team against each of these qualities on a scale of 1 to 5, 1 being poor to 5 being excellent.

We have burning Platforms that unifies team. Rating: _____

A burning platform is a critical task that needs to get done before a crucial dead line that requires real teamwork. EG: Getting the ERP system running before the beginning of the next financial year. Getting the new product into the market before the heavy buying season. John F Kennedy created a burning platform when he said lets get a man on the moon safely in a decade from now!

There is clarity about our critical goals. Rating: _____

If our goals are clear we know what we should do and should not do. When the British rowing team was preparing for the Olympics and had to make a decision they asked the question, ‘will this make the board go faster?’ This helped them to turned down dinner invitations and even attend the opening ceremony.

We have clearly agreed ways of working: _____

There are 4 possible ways of working based on the responsibilities and roles of the team. These levels include strategic, tactical, operational and interactive. It is important for the team to have clarity and alignment regarding this and to know which other related teams operates in which way with clarity of the interface relationships.

Clear decision-making process is present. Rating: _____
A good decision making process helps us to update each other regularly, consult each other early and work together to co-create value to our customer.

Click here for the whole article that includes all 11 qualities of a great teams

The Super Job

Here is the quiz of the century! Can you guess the Job that needs the most hours per week?

Can you guess the Job that requires staying on your feet most of the time?
Can you guess the Job that requires you to have meals late and sometimes even skip them on behalf of your customer?
Can you guess the job that requires staying up the whole night quite often and then starting early morning again and going on till late night?
Can you guess the Job that requires a good knowledge and skills in medicine, finance, banking, teaching, home science, networking, sales, negotiating, human resources, teamwork empathy and relationships all at the same time?
Can you guess the Job that needs the most amount of multi-tasking?

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Blog posts

Two blog posts were published during this month taking the total to 57. The new blog posts along with a short excerpt is listed below for your information. 

How great is your team?

“Assets don’t deploy themselves. No one measures team effectiveness. It is the missing ingredient by which ‘potential’ becomes capability! Make each team a source of competitive advantage. Make each team an incubator of your culture and a leadership lab.”

Read the full post at: 

The Super Job

An article written as a tribute for mother’s day: 

“Lets start today as someone thankfully invented mother’s day to remind us of the most precious person in our life and make every day of our life mothers day.”

Read the full post at: 



Photos of various events conducted by Ranjan and Sensei can be viewed at:!gallery/cirw 


14 articles have been published since the launch of this website . They are in the areas of leadership, teams, personal excellence, marketing and world affairs with relevance. Please click below to read them;!articles/cp7n 


6 tweets were sent out during the month, some of which are listed below:


  1. I've just updated my professional profile on LinkedIn. Connect with me and view my profile. 
  2. Happy Mothers day to all the mom who are connected to me and the moms of all my connections on LinkedIn. 
  3. Find the assessment tool in this blog and assess your team. Do suggest any additional criteria for team assessments. 


Other Pages

The following pages have more information of interest and value:

Online Videos

Four videos of testimonies of the Mastery of Self programme can be found on the testimonials page:!testimonials/c1qb1 
  • Testimonial by Anika 

  • Testimonial by Ejazur Rahman 

The other online videos have had over 3000 views. We have got positive comments and we would like to hear from you too. 

My Journey in May 2014

  • I started the month in Bangladesh conducting day 3 & 4 of Mastery of Self through Neuro Linguistic Programming Playshop for the Dhaka public on the 1st and 2nd of May 2014.
  • Thereafter conducted the final of the series of 5 workshops for Grameen Phone Centres helping the team to create a WoW experience for their customers.
  • Thereafter I travelled to Sri Lanka for a week and took some time off with the family.
  • Then I travelled to Dubai to conduct a leadership session for Svitzer Wijsmuller the leading tug bot operator in the world and started a 6 month leadership development process for 50 leaders of Mashreq Bank.
  • Then I travelled to Bangladesh to be a part of the trainings we are conducting titled ‘Living our Values’ for Grameen Phones and Leadership Excellence training for IFIC bank. 

What’s in store for June 2014

  • I start the month in Bangladesh and will travel to Dubai on the 3rd of June to conduct workshops and coaching for 50 leaders of Mashreq Bank as a part of the 6 month process. This will keep me adding value till the middle of the month.
  • Then I go to Sri Lanka for a week and will conduct leadership workshops Pearson Lanka.
  • Then I travel to Casablanca in Morocco to conduct training on Professional and Personal Excellence for Unilever.
  • June too, is going to be a month where I will be totally occupied in adding value to so many leaders and travel to exciting destinations. 








The website has had 435 views for the month of May. The highest number of visits have been from Bangladesh, with Sri Lanka in second place and UAE in 3rd place. 

This month the blog has had 398 views taking the total number to 27,091 views from over 105 countries. The lists of countries are given below;  


Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, United States, United Kingdom , India , United Arab Emirates , Canada , Australia , Switzerland , Saudi Arabia , Portugal , Singapore , Netherlands , Qatar , Pakistan , Norway, New Zealand  , Italy , France , Malaysia , Sweden , Uganda , Algeria , Japan  , Indonesia  , Maldives, Russian Federation , Georgia , Bulgaria , Brunei Darussalam  , Thailand  , Fiji , Iceland , Germany , Spain , Egypt , Israel , Poland , Republic of Korea , Czech Republic, South Africa , Turkey , Mongolia, Ghana, Philippines , Croatia , Greece  , Hong Kong , Malta, Nepal , Kenya , Ecuador , Viet Nam , Bermuda , Ireland, Bahrain, Brazil, Jamaica , Bahamas, Ukraine , Cayman Islands , Morocco, Senegal  , Grenada , Nigeria, Gambia, Finland , Austria , Afghanistan , Azerbaijan, Colombia , Argentina , Panama, Oman, Jordan, Romania, Benin, Slovenia, Belgium , Trinidad and Tobago , Denmark, Swaziland , Zambia, Mauritius, Costa Rica, Palestinian Territory , Mexico, Slovakia, Puerto Rico and Myanmar. 
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