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Team Leadership Excellence Newsletter

Vol.52 June 2016 


Greetings! I remember the dawn of 2016 and we are already half way through the year. I hope and pray your plans for the year is going well. It might be a great idea to get your team together and have a discussion around the following questions. Encourage every team member to say some thing around the first question, discuss it and then go to the next question. You can do the same with your family and any other organisation you belong to.


1.    What went right during the first six months and what did I learn from them?

2.    What could have gone better in the first 6 months and what did I learn from them?

3.    What are my hopes and concerns about the next 6 months?

4.    What changes do I need in my plans formulated at the beginning of the year? 

5.    What steps do I intend taking during the next six month to aim for what I hope, deal with the concerns, implement my plans and achieve my goals?


Have you ever wondered about the purpose of your life? Why on earth are you here? Those of you who may have been to one of our workshops or any other relevant learning experience, may have an idea about the concept of purpose and know at least the beginnings of your purpose. Given below is a poem I wrote as I reflected on where I am with regard to my purpose, together with a group of us who are co-inquiring about our purposefulness.  




Where am I in my life right now?

How am I in my life right now?

Am I living a purposeful life?

Purpose! What is it? How do I know?


Is it what I love to do?

Is it what I am good at?

Is it what’s important to me?

Is it all of them or something more?


Yes I wrote a purpose statement many years ago.

But how do I know it is my purpose?

Is it because of what I am becoming? 

Is it because of what I am being?


I work towards getting better at what I love to do. Do I?

I work towards helping others to be purposeful. Do I?

I work towards giving my family a good life. Do I?

Work! Really! Is it purposeful living? How do I know?


But, wait a bit! What about me?

Is purpose about others or about me?

Do I really care for myself? 

Do I really allow myself to be?


Just be! Yes just be! Be in this world! Be in joy!

Allow myself to grow, as a tree in the woods!

Let the flowers and fruits happen, yes let it happen!

Be that tree, for the benefit and joy of life! 


I recommend you do some creative journaling about where you are with regard to your purpose using a poem, song, photo, drawing, pottery, mask, handicraft, dance, writing, mind map, formula, graph or any other form you are most passionate about to understand about your current purposefulness. Please share them with us if you wish, we would love to see them and help you make sense of it.

The picture below inspired me to write this poem.


It would be really value adding to take stock of your month of June 2016 or the first half of this year, using the process suggested in one of my earlier blogs to ensure you are on track for the year. Click here to access the review process - the month end booster.



Blog posts


One blog posts were published during this month taking the total to 95.

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Photos of various events conducted by Ranjan and Sensei can be viewed here. 


NEW: Purposefulness and Mindfulness for Leadership Effectiveness 

A paper written for and presented at the Middlesex University Research Students Summer Conference – June 2016, as a part of Ranjan's doctoral research work. 

15 articles have been published since the launch of this website . They are in the areas of leadership, teams, personal excellence, marketing and world affairs with relevance. Please click below to read them;!articles/cp7n 


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Website Pages

The following pages have more information of interest and value:

My Journey in June 2016

  • After spending the first week at university in the UK, I did the majority of the work this month in Colombo and a few days in Dhaka.
  • I am in the UK attending the Middlesex University Summer conference where I am presenting a paper titled, ‘Purposefulness and Mindfulness for Leadership Effectiveness in Organisations'. 
What’s in store for July 2016
  • I will be spending the first two weeks at Ashridge University in the UK, and will return to Colombo to continue my practice.
  • I will also spend the last week of July in Bangladesh, developing leaders in 4 different companies. 

The website has had 528 views for the month of June. The highest number of visits have been from Sri Lanka, with United Kingdom second, and Bangladesh third.  

This month the blog has had 226 views from over 105 countries. 

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