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Ranjan De Silva

Team and Leadership Excellence Newsletter

Vol.12 February 2013

Welcome to the twelfth monthly newsletter. 

While this newsletter is designed to help you have sight of what had gone on during the month so that you can pick up on anything you might have missed, I will be adding a small article with some of my ‘reflections’ at the beginning of each newsletter. I will list relevant information with links that will help you to access content of interest with ease. I would also like to hear from you any feedback you may have on the contents as well as anything new you might want me to do. I will do my best to respond.

Ranjan's Reflections

Dear Friends,


February was again a month which had learnings and growth in many fronts. 


It was a great month to reflect on relationships as we celebrated valentines day. There are many who have tried to explain what love is and I salute all of them for the effort. Love being such a special, heavenly and complex concept is difficult to explain. My years of learning has made me realize that love is extending ourselves for the growth of others or ourselves, even when it is inconvenient to us. It is an act of giving, including forgiving. It is a verb, something we do to create oneness. Looking at love from this point will help us improve relationships all round. 


It was also momentous that I had the fortune of listening to John Gray in Dubai on the 26th of February. John Gray is the author of 'Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus'. This is one of the best books on love, relationships and communications, that I had read around 10 years ago. It has helped me in my living a purposeful life and guiding others to do the same. Of his many books I also cherish 'Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus, Children are from Heaven'.


The Asian Retail congress held in Mumbai had great learnings too. I spoke at this event for the 3rd time and my topic this time was the use of Neuro Linguistic Programming [NLP] to engage retail talent. The conference overall talked about new IT technology and social media changing the retail landscape and helping it to go Green. My topic helped remind everyone that we need to have 'High Touch' in addition to 'High Tech' to win in business.


My role of working as the Director of Strategy Execution at Apollo Hospitals Dhaka continues to be an amazing learning experience, leading a team of over 1600 medical and non medical professionals in helping to 'touch lives'. I look forward to continuing to learn and grow.


I was also involved in consulting assignments for JAT Holdings Sri Lanka and Energypac Bangladesh. As always these assignments also were also full of learnings. 


Continue to be inquisitive and have humility in the eyes of learnings for a happy life.


Wish you Excellence



The New Website

My new website which was launched in January is in full force right now. The blog still remains and can be accessed through the website and by following this link: 


Blog posts

2 blog posts were published during this month taking the total to 32. The new blog post are listed below for your information. 




14 articles have been published since the launch of this website . They are in the areas of leadership, teams, personal excellence, marketing and world affairs with relevance. Please click below to read them;!articles/cp7n


I have sent out 11 tweets during the month as listed below: 

  1. Getting the Best out of Life! 
  2. Love is for giving, that’s why we should be forgiving! – my valentines day thoughts! 
  3. Love is for giving, that's why we must be forgiving. Therefore lets not only give gifts, lets also forgive this valent… 
  4. You can check if your favourite salesman is on duty, visit by appointment, buy and pay, all using retail Apps. See 
  5. Retail miss fix it, Nancy George's just starting off. Next speaker is from the Uk and then soon after lunch, yours truly from Sri Lanka.:
  6. At Asia Retail Congress in Mumbai. 3 great presentations so far. From speakers from China, Sweden, and United Arab Emirates.
  7. See the #fireworks I created by blogging on #WordPressDotCom. My 2012 annual report. 
  8. Will be speaking at the Asia Retail Congress in Mumbai. See details below; 
  9. Yes Nancy ... looking forward to meeting you, other participants and speakers... it's a great event to be at...
  10. The president spoke fluently in Tamil, English and Sinhala and delivered a message that unites at Sri Lanka's Independence Day. Impressive.
  11. Please visit my Twitter page at!/ranjan_desilva and access the other Tweets and start following me for new Tweets. 

Please visit my Twitter page at!/ranjan_desilva and access the other Tweets and start following me for new Tweets.

My live twitter feed can now be viewed on

Details of two upcoming events in March and April were included in the events page. Out of these events you can take the opportunity to register online for ‘Mastery of Self through Neuro Linguistic Programming if you find them useful and if they are happening near a country you are in or a country you are travelling to. 


  • Coaching for Business Success - Wednesday, 13th March 2013, 8.30am to 5pm. Visit the events page on the website for more details. 


  • Mastery of Self [MS] through Neuro Linguistic Programming [NLP] – 4 day workshop to be held in Colombo Sri Lanka on the 2, 3 April & 1, 2 May 2013 – Colombo – Sri Lanka 

Visit!events/c4zy for details and registration for the Mastery of Self event.



Photos from  various conferences and events can bee seen in the photo gallery.

See the photos in!gallery/cirw

Other Pages

The following pages have more information of interest and value:

Online Videos

Two new videos of testimonies of the Mastery of Self programme has been added to the testimonials page:!testimonials/c1qb1

The 6 online videos have had over 3000 views. We have got positive comments and we would like to hear from you too. The details of the last 3 videos are given below.
  • Gearing up for excellence (new edit): This is the new edit of the powerful and thought provoking presentation I made at the ‘Unleashing Your DNA’ seminar at Zayed University Convention Center, Dubai, UAE in 2009 and uploaded last December. There are more than 1350 views so far. The new edit has all 3 parts [9 mts each] of the earlier video in one 27 mts video with new audience footage added to it.
  • Sensei HPI [Human performance Index] at work for Agora: A presentation made by me at the Bangalore HR Summit 2011, titled HPI at work at Agora, the leading supermarket chain in Bangladesh. HPI is the sum total of the actions, interactions, behaviors and collaboration of leaders, teams and individuals at all levels of a business that have direct or indirect impact on business performance.

  • Agora SME development case study: A presentation by me at the Bangladesh Agri Business Supply Chain Conference held in June 2012 in Dhaka. Agora is the leading Supermarket Chain in Bangladesh where Ranjan is the CEO. He shares his experience of building Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) suppliers for fresh produce in preparation for Agora’s rapid expansion.

See the last 3 videos at:!online-audio-and-video-/c1m0f


What’s in store for March 2013

  • Coaching for Business Success will take place on Wednesday, 13th March 2013, for more information visit the events page on Ranjan’s website.
  • Most of my time will be allocated to leading Apollo Hospital in Dhaka and JAT holdings in Sri Lanka, where I spend around 10 days each month on the ground and leading them remotely rest of the time. 
  • I intend publishing 1 more of the articles in the Marketing Mix up series, 
  • I intend updating more photos of past events 
  • I will continue to Tweet and Blog. 

Ranjan’s website has seen 142 hits in February 2013, with 77% being new visitors and 23% being returning visitors.  The highest number of visitors last month are from Sri Lanka, with Bangladesh 2nd and United States 3rd


The blog has seen visitors from over 105 countries taking the total number of hits to 19,429.  The lists of countries are given below;  


Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, United States, United Kingdom , India , United Arab Emirates , Canada , Australia , Switzerland , Saudi Arabia , Portugal , Singapore , Netherlands , Qatar , Pakistan , Norway, New Zealand  , Italy , France , Malaysia , Sweden , Uganda , Algeria , Japan  , Indonesia  , Maldives, Russian Federation , Georgia , Bulgaria , Brunei Darussalam  , Thailand  , Fiji , Iceland , Germany , Spain , Egypt , Israel , Poland , Republic of Korea , Czech Republic, South Africa , Turkey , Mongolia, Ghana, Philippines , Croatia , Greece  , Hong Kong , Malta, Nepal , Kenya , Ecuador , Viet Nam , Bermuda , Ireland, Bahrain, Brazil, Jamaica , Bahamas, Ukraine , Cayman Islands , Morocco, Senegal  , Grenada , Nigeria, Gambia, Finland , Austria , Afghanistan , Azerbaijan, Colombia , Argentina , Panama, Oman, Jordan, Romania, Benin, Slovenia, Belgium , Trinidad and Tobago , Denmark, Swaziland , Zambia, Mauritius, Costa Rica, Palestinian Territory , Mexico, Slovakia, Puerto Rico and Myanmar. 



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