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March 2017

I hope you are enjoying good progress this new-year. As we finish the first quarter, it might be a good idea to reflect on the plans made at the beginning of the year and see where you are now in relation to the plans.
I invite you to reflect on the following questions to conclude the first quarter of 2017 and to launch the second quarter in a positive manner. You may also chose to do the same reflection with your family at home and team in office, school or the sports field.

  1. What went well in the first quarter and what did I/we learn from it?
  2. What could have gone better in the first quarter and what did I/we learn from it?
  3. What would I/we do differently in the next quarter?
  4. Why would I do things differently the next quarter?

The last question above is an invitation to reflect on the higher purpose of your choices. The following blog post will help shed more light to this concept.
Purposeful Living – Part 1 – What is the difference between a purpose and a goal? 

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The notion of ‘purpose’ has fascinated me, since I discovered it more than 20 years ago. I have attempted to live a purposeful life and help others to do so during my practice of helping individuals and teams live their potential. A concept in the centre of this endeavour is to help those who I am fortunate enough to interact with, discover ‘purpose’ and ‘live purposefully’. I have also chosen to inquire in to the notion of purpose in my doctoral studies that I am pursuing at the moment. I invite you to read and reflect on this series of blog posts, take action that you are driven to take after reading them, reflect again on the action you take and take further action based on such reflection. I find this cycle useful and I hope it serves you too. It will also help my inquiry if you are willing to write to me about your experience.
The first of this series of blog posts is to explore the difference between a purpose and a goal? Let me take you to the second half of the first day in the ‘Mastery of Self – Through Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)’ playshop, where we attempt to understand the concept of purpose. We start this section by trying to clarify the difference between ‘purpose’ and  ‘goal’. While there is a discussion on this question, an answer that generally comes out is; purpose is the bigger reason why we pursue various goals in our life. It is the big ‘why’ of our choices. For example, if you are attempting to get a qualification, ask your self ‘why? If you keep repeating the question ‘why’ until there is no answer remaining, that might help you understand the difference between ‘purpose’ and ‘goal’ and perhaps give a hint of your higher purpose. So lets try to find the reason for pursuing the qualification;
Q: Why am I pursuing this qualification?
A: To have better expertise and credentials.
Q: Why is it important to have better expertise and credentials?
A: To be more effective in my job.
Q: Why is it important to be more effective in my job?
A: To get promoted
Q: Why is it important to get promoted?
A: To have a bigger salary
Q: Why is it important to have a bigger salary?
A: To provide a better quality of life to my family
Q: Why is it important to provide a better quality of life to my family?
A: Because I love them
Q: Why do you love them?
A: I just love them … I don't know why!
So in this example, the goal is to obtain the qualification and the purpose is the love for the family.
During the next few weeks, I invite you to ask these questions regarding some of the important decisions you have taken in your life and reflect on the answers. Notice if this process of asking these questions makes you feel there was a better course of action that could have been taken. How do you feel about it now?
It might be also interesting to ask these questions with regard to important decisions you need to take in your life right now.  Notice if this process of asking these questions makes you make different choices to what you would have made. As you start implementing these choices, notice what you do and how you feel and reflect on it.  I invite you to get yourself a nice notebook and do some journal writing end of the day regarding some of the most important choices and actions during the day based on the above answers.
As I mentioned to you at the outset, please feel free to share your experiences with me, as it will help in my inquiry in to the notion of ‘purpose’. I hope my inquiry will have the potential of helping people live a better life and your contribution will be valuable.



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The Journey in March 2017
  • I spent most of the month in Dhaka guiding a leading bank and a leading local corporate house in company wide culture change initiatives.
  • I travelled to Colombo for a few days to develop role model team leaders and to witness the centenary cricket match of my Alma Mater, St Anthony’s Collage Kandy with our archrivals Trinity Collage Kandy. I am really happy that I made the choice to go to Sri Lanka to take part in the centenary celebrations, as it helped me to connect with many of my school friends after many year; some for the first time after leaving school. I am glad I was with my family during these celebrations as the time spent in Sri Lanka was limited this month. 
What’s in store for April 2017
  • I start the month in Dhaka completing the work I started last month. I will leave for Sri Lanka on the 8th.
  • Then I travel to Dubai to train leaders in a leading bank in the Middle East. I return to Sri Lanka after about a week and then I travel to London to attend university as a part of Doctoral study process.
  • I will end the month spending time with my Brothers family living in Coventry and my daughter. I am looking forward to another purposeful month.
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