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Vol.21 November 2013

Welcome to the twenty-first monthly newsletter. 

While this newsletter is designed to help you have sight of what had gone on during the month so that you can pick up on anything you might have missed, I will be adding a small article with some of my ‘reflections’ at the beginning of each newsletter. I will list relevant information with links that will help you to access content of interest with ease. I would also like to hear from you any feedback you may have on the contents as well as anything new you might want me to do. I will do my best to respond.



Team and Leadership Aha’s! – November 2013
During a top team brainstorming of a client organization recently, the CEO of the organization, in his opening remarks mentioned that what made people of the calibre of Jack Welch and the late Steve Jobs different from other is because they believed the ‘We don’t win a Silver, We lose a Gold. Another quote attributed to UCLA Bruins football coach Henry Russell ("Red") Sanders, ‘Winning is not everything, it is the only thing.’
While I respect those who are attributed in the above quotes, I find it challenging to accept these viewpoints. I believe that one will get the gold when they are ready for it. Everyone can’t win the gold; it is just one person in a race. My personal philosophy is that while we should aim at the gold, if we end up winning the silver, we need to still celebrate it, respect the gold winner, take learnings and inspiration from him/her and keep improving. We will win the Gold when we are ready. 
I do also agree winning is the only thing. However that should be based on a definition I believe and profess and I feel only a few will agree on this definition of winning. For me winning is beating your own score. Improving your self step by step. Have a faster rate of growth when compared to the previous time. In the race of life, the starting line is not straight. We all start with different conditions. Given this it is important to re-define the definition of ‘Winning’ and I believe this will help the world become a happier and more productive place for us to live in.
My Journey in November 2013
Like other months, November 2013 was also a month that helped me to live my purpose. 
We started the month running day 3 & day 4 of our signature programme, the 4- day Mastery of Self through NLP playshop for the public on the 1st & 2nd. It was rewarding as usual to see the participants returning after a month having applied the learnings and plans from the first 2 days, having enjoyed the benefits of growth. Please see details in;!mind-power/cpqz
Then I travelled to Dhaka on the 3rd of November to continue my leadership assignment as Apollo Hospital Dhaka. It was an interesting time as we went through an exciting process of finalizing the Annual Business Plan for 2014 that was presented to the board. I always consider what is more important is not the plan, but the planning process. The process was enjoyable, team bonding, creative and aspirational. 
During the month I had the pleasure of doing top team brainstorming sessions for GSK Bangladesh, Hirdaramani [Woven Cluster ], Sri Lanka and Haque Group Bangladesh. I also had the pleasure of conducting a personal excellence through NLP training for GPIT Bangladesh as a part of their ‘Lets Grow Together’ culture transformation process. 
Perhaps the highlight for the month was my good fortune of being able to deliver a training, which was led by daughter Natasha De Silva. She is a International Stakeholder Engagement Manager for the Olympic True Peace Campaign Network.  She organized a 4-day workshop Youth Empowerment for peace and Development in Colombo. It was great watching her in action and delivering a session titled ‘Purposeful Living through NLP’ as a part of this event. 
Blog posts

1 blog posts was published during this month taking the total to 48. The new blog post along with a short excerpt is listed below for your information. 
‘Obstacles: Love them, Hug them!’ 

“My takeaways from this are that it is important to consider all obstacles as opportunities to grow. The obstacles I had during the process helped me in learning so much about people and organization cultures. It helped me to learn patience. It helped me to practice unconditional giving. Since I accepted them positively and started learning from them and continued to be available to the MD of this company, I was finally rewarded with a valuable assignment.”
Read the full post at: 

14 articles have been published since the launch of this website . They are in the areas of leadership, teams, personal excellence, marketing and world affairs with relevance. Please click below to read them;!articles/cp7n


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Obstacles: Love them, Hug them! 

Feel forced to do something, you produce mediocre results; choose to do something, you'll produce marvelous results

If you don't stand for something, you'll fall for anything, if you don't stand for someone, you'll fall for anyone.

A tree stands tall due to its roots, we stand tall due to our values.

Passion for a dream gives us the courage to sacrifice on behalf of the dream and only then can we realize the dream.

Dreams manifest only when you dream them.

A flame shared multiplies the light, it never diminishes. Its the same with knowledge, respect and kindness.

Dreams of life are not what you see in your sleep, they are the ones that does not let you sleep

Dreams of life are not what you see in your sleep, they are the ones that does not let you sleep. 

Ordinary teams have clear team member roles, great teams have flexible roles & high standards.

Ordinary teams learn from successes, great teams also learn from failures.  

Ordinary teams think out of the box, great team also challenge assumptions.

Ordinary teams think with the head, great teams also think with the heart.

Ordinary teams accommodate each others requests, great teams also are passionate about helping each other. 

Ordinary teams help when asked, great teams also help by understanding each others needs. 


Photos of various events conducted by Ranjan can be viewed at:!gallery/cirw 


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What’s in store for December 2013


  • In addition to spending time at Apollo Hospital Dhaka., playing the role of the acting CEO I will be travelling to Dubai to conduct a session for Mashreq Bank, Sri Lanka to conduct sessions for the Collage of General Practitioners, Millennium IT and Hirdramamni and Bangladesh for Haque group and GPIT.  
  • On the personal side I am excited to have a re-union of all my brothers and sister who will be in Sri Lanka during the Christmas holidays. 



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