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Ranjan De Silva

Team Leadership Excellence Newsletter

Vol.47 January 2016 

 Welcome to the forty-seventh monthly newsletter. 


I hope 2016 got off to a great start!

I hope you formulated a plan to make 2016 the most spectacular year of your life, using the format suggested by me in my blog (Click here to access this activity in my blog) or any other method that works for you.

It would be really value adding to take stock of your month of January 2016 so that you can celebrate the successes, make some commitments to take corrective action where required and plan for February 2016.

Given below is a process that I find quite useful in this regard;

How I lived my life this month (January 2016)

Step 1: What steps did I take toward my [or my family or my team] three big goals for 2016? E.G.: I started reading a book on building high quality relationships.

Step 2: What attitude changes did I make in order to achieve my 3 big goals for 2016? E.G.: Daily meditation helps improve my mindfulness and thereby my effectiveness. 

Step 3: What changes did I make in my beliefs in order to achieve my 3 big goals for 2016? E.G.: I believe I have the time to do 30 mts. of exercises everyday.

Step 4: What changes in behaviour did I make in order to achieve my 3 big goals for 2016? EG: I started my day thinking of my big goals and doing a mental rehearsal of me achieving my tasks planned for the day.

Step 5: What attitudes, beliefs and behaviours of mine could have been better during the month? E.G.: I could have been more consistent and focused in my daily prayers.

My plan for the next month (February 2016)

Step 1: What steps would I take toward furthering my [or my family or my team] three big goals you for 2016?. E.G.: I will meet at least 2 new customers per week during this month. 

Step 2: What attitude changes would I make in order to move towards my 3 big goals for 2016? E.G.: Attitude change: spending at least 5 minutes a day getting to know a colleague at a deeper level will build high quality relationships. 

Step 3: What changes in my belief would I make to move towards my 3 big goals for 2016? E.G.: I believe I have the confidence to coach my team members. 

Step 4: What changes in behaviour would I make to move towards my 3 big goals for 2016? EG: I will start my morning meetings with a friendly greeting and encouraging comment.

I recommend you invest 30 minutes of your life to plan for success this month. Thereafter take a look at this plan every morning and remind yourselves to take steps to make this plan real.  It is also powerful to do a quick review of the plan before you go to bed every night. 

Following this process day by day and month by month helps get closer and closer to our plans and live a happy and purposeful life.

Passion Killers & Passion Ignitions 

We are born as passionate beings and somewhere down the line some of us started seeing the diminishing or absence of that passion. This piece of writing will attempt to identify the reasons for the diminishing of passion, the role we play in killing passion and what role can we play to ignite that passion. I have found that using the energy within the hearts and minds of our teams by igniting their passion as one of the most productive and cost effective ways of driving performance. 

Reflecting on our childhood where we had all the energy to live life will confirm this. 
Observe a baby showing the need for affection with her passionate cry for attention. Observe children passionate about playing the games they love to play. Observe children passionately asking for the toy of their choice from their parents. We also carry this passion to our adulthood in areas that are important to us. Observe a young man passionately pursuing to foster a relationship with the women of his dream. Observe a musician singing his heart out entertaining her fan. Observe an entrepreneur passionately promoting his business. 

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Blog posts


Three blog posts were published during this month taking the total to 88.

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Photos of various events conducted by Ranjan and Sensei can be viewed here. 


14 articles have been published since the launch of this website . They are in the areas of leadership, teams, personal excellence, marketing and world affairs with relevance. Please click below to read them;!articles/cp7n 


Other Pages

The following pages have more information of interest and value:

My Journey in January 2016


  • I started the New Year at home (Sri Lanka) and I continued developing leaders of the leading conglomerate that I referred to in my Journey in the last five months.
  • Then I travelled to the UK and had a few value adding days with my faculty and batch mates of the Doctoral programme I am part of, at the Ashridge Business School in London.
  • I also enjoyed spending some quality time with my two older daughters who are pursuing their higher studies in London and my brother’s family. On my return to Colombo I guided a team from a leading IT company in improving their interaction skills.


What’s in store for February 2016



  • I will be Colombo the first 3 weeks of the months guiding leaders in various companies to improve their leadership skills.
  • There after I leave for Dhaka on the 26th to conduct the ‘Advanced Mastery of Self programme’. I am really excited at the prospects of bringing ‘Advanced Mastery of Self’ to Bangladesh for the first time. 















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This month the blog has had 454 views from over 105 countries. The lists of countries are given below;  


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