A Christmas Testimony
It is Christmas week! As Christians, we celebrate Jesus’ birth, death and resurrection all year long.

However, for some reason, this year I have more Christmas Spirit, (in the sense of the natural holiday we celebrate), than ever before.  Perhaps, it is due to the gifts I have bought for the grandkids—I’m not sure—but I’m enjoying it!

Since Christmas Eve is Tuesday, and Wednesday, (which is my usual blog night), is Christmas Day, I have decided to send you a quick, present day, Christmas story testimony tonight.

Perhaps, I will do the same next week as we close out this year and bring in 2014.

As always, when shopping for my loved ones, I was careful when selecting gifts for the grandkids this year. I consulted with their parents on things they were hoping to receive.

My youngest five-year-old granddaughter, Naomi, had a certain toy on her list. You know how it is with new toys. They are almost impossible to purchase because the stores sell out so quickly. I had gone to three stores looking for something for my ten-year-old granddaughter,  Larissa, only to come home and order it on Amazon.  I feared doing the same for Naomi’s gift. However, my daughter Janine, Naomi’s mom, alerted me Kohl’s was selling the toy Naomi wanted online without a shipping charge. She also informed me she had a 20% off code. I ordered it, and it had come to $26.00. I thought, “Well that’s a great deal!”

Many days later, I received an email from Kohl’s apologizing and telling me that the order was canceled, and my funds would be restored to my charge card. Immediately, I went on Amazon. They had two left. I ordered one on the spot. It was $40.00, but at least my Nay, (we call Naomi, Nay), would get the toy she wanted.

Then some days later, I received another email from Kohl’s stating my order was shipped, but along with that email, had come another apology email and a $25.00 gift card with a bar code to buy online or at any of their stores.

Now, I had two of the same toy along with $25.00 to spend. When I called Kohl’s, the representative said it had already shipped, but I could return it if I wanted to and keep the gift card too.

But then I remembered the Christmas tree at church, which is filled with written request from poor children. I thought, “Surely, there has to be a young girl my granddaughter’s age who wanted this toy.” So, I asked my daughter Lauren to check the tree and find a little girl who had this toy written on it. Lauren looked at me as if I had three heads and declared:

“Mom, do you realize how many cards are on that tree?”

“Yes, I do, but I have an extra toy and I know there had to be a little girl who wants it and her parents cannot afford to buy it for her,” was my response to her. And then I added, “Find me the tag on the tree when you go to service!”

“Okay, I’ll do my best!” she responded thinking I was a bit nutty.

When she left for church on Sunday, I waited about a half-hour and then I sent her a text saying, “Do not forget to find the little girl’s tag on the tree!”

Lauren had arrived home hours later all excited. The third tag she looked at was a five-year-old girl asking for the exact toy! The tag also stated she was a size six. So, I went to Kohl’s with the $25.00 and bought her a really nice outfit.

I was originally super excited this Christmas season, but this had put me over the top. I cannot tell you how thrilled I was to give this little girl this gift.

The Bible says we have the mind of Christ. Sometimes, our thoughts are God’s thoughts when we don’t even realize it. God heard this little girl’s prayer and the desire of her heart and used my extra toy to bless her. I would have bought her the outfit anyway, but Jesus blessed me with the $25.00 to get her the second gift!

Is this not a cool Christmas story? I am truly blessed from this happening!
I am wishing you and yours a very, merry Christmas. Enjoy and treasure your families.
Celebrate, for unto us a Son has been given, unto us a Savior was born, and His name is Christ the Lord, Emmanuel, God with us!

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