June 2021
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Welcome to the June 2021 ACIPC Newsletter.
This month we have updates from College representatives Dr St
éphane Bouchoucha (Board Member and Chair of the Education Committee) and Professor Brett Mitchell (Editor-in-Chief of the College Journal, Infection Disease and Health). We also celebrate members who have recently become credentialled and catch up with Mi Gun Jeoung, who is the winner of the 2021 Dr Joan Faoagali Award.

ACIPC Conference - Abstract Deadline

A reminder that time is running out to submit an abstract for the 2021 ACIPC International Conference. The call for abstracts will close on Friday 25th June. Submissions are invited for the following presentation types:
  • Scientific Presentations: 15 minutes, plus 3 minutes question time. 
  • Case Studies and Quality Improvement Presentations: 15 minutes, plus 3 minutes question time. 
  • Short Oral Presentations: 7 minutes, plus 3 minutes question time. 
  • Industry Supplier Presentations: 15 minutes, plus 3 minutes question time. 
  • Poster Presentations: Displayed for the duration of the conference in A0 size, portrait orientation and in the online conference portal.   
Accepted authors will have the ability to present at the conference in Adelaide or online. Visit the Conference website to access the submission portal.


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The next twelve months will be a dynamic time for the College as we look at new ways to support our members.

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The office has been working hard to deliver the website redevelopment project and members will have seen the new website, which was launched in April. The Members Area will be redeveloped over the next twelve months.

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Education Update

Stéphane Bouchoucha,Chair of ACIPC Education Committee / Board Director

ACIPC’s Foundations of Infection Prevention and Control course was one of the courses nominated to be completed by the new roles of IPC Aged Care Clinical Leads in Residential Aged Care Facilities (RACF). This was following the Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety COVID-19 report. This has seen 3700+ aged care employees join our community of IPC professionals. I am pleased to report that we have seen 2800 already graduate. This is a remarkable achievement considering the high academic level of the course and the many challenges faced by students undertaking study during a busy and stressful time at work. 

As Chair of the Education Committee, I would like to thank our Education Manager Jackie Miley and our team of facilitators who have worked hard to support the College’s largest ever cohort of students. Thanks too, to the ACIPC aged care team and office staff who have worked in the background to enrol students, issue certificates and report back to RACF managers on student progress. 

Education has always been at the forefront of College activities and the Board of Directors will meet in July to discuss developing existing courses and new education programs. Looking to the future, continuing to provide high quality IPC education will be paramount to ACIPC’s focus on providing leadership for all healthcare workers and evidence-based IPC practice outcomes for the benefit of the community. 
Winner of the Dr Joan Faoagali Award announced

Mi Gun Jeoung is the 2021 winner of the Dr Joan Faoagali Award which allocates $1,000 towards Foundations of Infection Prevention and Control fees. Mi Gun works infection control at Auburn Hospital and has almost completed her Foundations studies.

Congratulations on winning the 2021 Dr Joan Faoagali Award! What can you tell us about your IPC role at Auburn Hospital?
Auburn Hospital is an acute healthcare facility in metropolitan Sydney and is part of the Western Sydney Local Health District. It is lovely to work at the Auburn Hospital. The staff are friendly and work to provide the best care for the patients. I am a solo Infection Prevention Practitioner in the facility. I have been involved in all sorts of infection prevention and control work, for example, coordinating Personal Protective Equipment during the COVID-19 pandemic. I could have never imagined I would be doing this task as an ICP.  

Each day I provide advice and IPC oversight to maintain a safe environment for patients, visitors, and staff. My day starts with conducting ward rounds and making sure Standard precautions or Transmission precautions are applied correctly. I love to help people and am passionate about keeping the environment safe for everyone.  
During flu season, I administer flu vaccines for staff and this is an excellent opportunity to get to know all staff at my facility. 2020 was a challenging year for everyone, but it was a fantastic time to learn and adopt the role.  I survived in 2020 as an infection control professional so I feel I can overcome any hassles in the road ahead!  

You have almost completed the FIPC course, what have you found most useful in the day to day work that you do?  

I have found “Exploring the concepts and science of HAI prevention” interesting. It has been beneficial for me to understand the science behind Standard Precautions as this is an important but often undervalued day-to-day practice. I firmly believe prevention is a more proactive strategy than control.  

What did you find most challenging about the course?  
I have not written essays for a long time in an academic setting. Initially this was daunting but the College provided terrific resources to assist with academic assignment writing. It was not easy to adjust my working time and study initially, but doing the course is a valuable investment.  The course facilitators helped me overcome challenges as I studied.  

Would you recommend FIPC to colleagues and if so why?  

 The course allowed me to apply infection prevention and control knowledge to day-to-day practices.  Also, it provides a valuable pathway for further learning and is an essential resource for those wishing to pursue a career as an Infection Control Professional. I strongly recommend this course to any professionals who work in environments that require infection prevention and control strategies to be implemented. 

Finally what do you do to balance work and study \ what do you do in your downtime \ to de-stress?   
I do love nature! My family goes for a walk every Saturday to parks. Once I see the blue sky, all my stress is flying away…

Recently Credentialled Members

A number of our members have recently become credentialled or recredentialled. Congratulations to Renee Strotton, Sara Peterson and Nicola Isles who were awarded the Advanced level of credentialling. Kathy Dempsey has recredentialled as an Expert and Robyn Russell has earned the post-nominal CICP-P as a Primary Credentialled Infection Control Professional. 

Credentialling is a process instituted by the College as a professional body to acknowledge when an individual has demonstrated the prescribed competence in the specialist role in infection prevention and control. 

A full list of our 73 credentialled members can be found here. If you would like to know more about credentialling, please visit our website, or contact
From the College Journal, Infection, Disease & Health
Editor in Chief, Professor Brett Mitchell

We have some exciting news regarding Infection, Disease & Health. There are many ways authors, researchers and clinicians evaluate the value of any journal. One measure relates to ‘metrics’ such as citation data. Citation data are the number of times a published article is cited in other research. It is an ‘average’ for all papers published in a journal. New data has just been released that indicates that Infection, Disease & Health is performing very well in this regard. A few years ago, there were very little citations from the journal. Now, our citation data is comparable to journals such as the Journal of Hospital Infection and the American Journal of Infection Control. In fact, we are now a “Q1” journal in one category of nursing – which means we are ranked in the top quartile.
Citations are important because they encourage a larger number of submissions to the journal and better quality submissions, which means you receive higher quality papers to read. They are also useful when promoting to advertisers, as journals with higher citations may have a higher readership. In turn, this can result in increased revenue for the College. Finally, high quality journals provide some esteem for Colleges and associations. This is important when promoting the work of members and having a voice nationally and internationally.
I would also like to take this opportunity to let you know that we have three new Associate Editors, who commenced around a month ago. Dr Jason Kwong, Dr Oyebola Fasugba, Dr Gillian Ray-Barruel. It is wonderful to have these three Editors on board and I thank ACIPC for their support in this. Submissions to the journal have increased significantly and dealing hundreds upon hundreds of submissions a year by myself for the past couple of years has proved challenging. The associate editors will assist in identifying reviewers, reviewing comments and making a preliminary decision about papers.
Finally, I am always keen to ensure that papers meet the needs of members and clinicians. An important part of that is having clinicians involved in peer review. You don’t need to know everything about research, but may have some important contributions about whether something will work in the real world. If you are interested in being a peer reviewer, please feel free to contact me -

Survey Request from Global Outbreak Alert and Response Network
The ongoing Pandemic has given us a deeper understanding and appreciation of the value of our virtual collaboration as a network. Through our GOARN Knowledge Platform and virtual operational meetings, our partners have been able to connect, exchange expertise and experience and dedicate staff time to support the COVID-19, Ebola and Measles and other ongoing outbreak responses globally besides continuing to participate actively in the GOARN areas of work and ongoing network activities.
We want to take the opportunity to hear from you as we invest in strengthening our network communications and virtual platforms further. We aim to develop a stronger, safer and more trusted collaborative working environment accessible to all partners to support YOUR operational needs within the network. Your guidance is essential to us to hone on the areas of improvement, redundancy and gaps so that we can enable you to maximize your participation in GOARN and achieve greater impact on the ground. 
We welcome your feedback to a short survey (5-10 minutes) to provide your pointed feedback and expectations on the current utilities and functionalities the GOARN Knowledge platform offers and how we can improve this platform for all partners going forward, making it easier for you- our focal points and collaborators- to access information and people with ease and efficiency. 
The survey is available in English and in French at the following link:
The survey will close on 30 June 2021
Your opinions are extremely valuable to us and we appreciate you taking the time to share your feedback. 
Please feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions or clarifications regarding this survey by email to Sameera Suri at
GOARN Operational Support Team

Job Opportunity - Infection Prevention & Control Manager, Melbourne  

Very attractive salary.  

TLC Healthcare is Australia’s leading provider of integrated healthcare, and we are looking for exceptional candidates to join Team TLC.   

Our innovative approach to healthcare integrates residential aged care homes, medical centres, and registered training facilities at each of our 11 locations across Melbourne and Geelong. TLC’s integrated healthcare approach is a first in Australia; and soon we will be integrating child care centres and day surgery clinics at selected locations.  

Our staff are committed to best practice infection prevention and pandemic management, featuring: 
  • >90% staff COVID-19 vaccination rate 
  • COVID-19 vaccination provided by our on-site medical centres 
  • In-house quantitative fit testing program, with state-of-the-art equipment 
  • Dedicated team of Infection Prevention & Control Leads 
We seek an experienced, professional and enthusiastic Infection Prevention and Control Practitioner to play a key role in the Quality & Risk team at TLC. In this role, you will support the residential aged care homes by leading our infection control and pandemic preparedness program.   

This role is based at head office in St Kilda Road, with travel required between all 11 of our facilities.  

Essential to your success will be: 
  • strong infection prevention experience and a commitment to best practice 
  • experience with COVID-19 prevention and outbreak management plans 
  • the ability to work well autonomously, lead, and contribute in a team environment 
  • awareness of aged care and quality standards; experience with clinical governance 
  • passion for continuous improvement and delivering the highest standards of care 
  • Registered nurse with current AHPRA registration and infection prevention/control qualification 
We look forward to receiving your application, or for a confidential discussion please text or call Cathy Jones on 0407 786 741. 

Please send your application by Monday 5 July – submit here:
ACIPC has a new postal address, 6/152 Macquarie St Hobart, Tasmania. Check out the view! Please feel free to visit the office if there is anything we can assist you with.

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