August 2020
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From the President

From the President
Dear Colleagues,
I continue to be in awe of the ongoing hard work and dedication of our members, and the larger community in responding to COVID-19. In the midst of such exhaustive work, we also need to be cognisant of new data and findings as they come to light, and learn.
Recently we have seen some crucial information published. Since the start of July, over 2200 HCWs in Victoria have acquired COVID-19. Of the 1780 that have been investigated it is estimated at least 69% acquired the infection in the workplace, and it is expected this proportion will increase as more investigations are completed. What we don’t know is how exactly these infections were acquired. Many assume that failure of PPE, or that incorrect type of PPE (read masks) is to blame. But we must also acknowledge likely of heavy environmental contamination, close contact between healthcare workers, and lack of skill and knowledge are also important factors. We simply do not have detailed data to be sure. Basic epidemiological data on those investigations are available here
Victorian HCW COVID-19 infections. Fears of the outcome of COVID-19 outbreaks in certain groups are coming to light, with many deaths linked to outbreaks in aged care facilities. Enormous efforts are underway with many ACIPC members directly involved in responding to this emergency. Also from Victoria, the COVID-19 Hotel Quarantine Inquiry findings to date are also publicly available, and I would recommend members to keep an eye on the progress of the inquiry. Recently, in NSW the Newmarch House COVID-19 Outbreak findings were published with many important findings specific to infection prevention and control in these settings.
Whilst the devastating effect of this pandemic cannot be underestimated or glossed over, it is important to also try and look for some positive outcomes. Clearly, the infection prevention literacy amongst our colleagues, politicians and the community at large has skyrocketed. At times it seems like everybody is an expert, but really, this reflects the genuine concern and interest many folk have in the work we do (not so long ago we were constantly challenged by certain groups of the need to perform hand hygiene so frequently). The incidence of influenza is lower this year, hopefully associated with the increased awareness of infection prevention. And from the viewpoint of the College, enrolments in our Foundations of Infection Prevention Course, and our Aged Care courses have never been higher. Credit to Jackie Miley for the excellent work she is doing in keeping our education up to date and accessible.
On another note, you will have recently received an email regarding the ACIPC Conference Community. This exciting new venture will offer many features for members and stakeholders during these unusual times. Thank you to the team at Conference Design for their work on this.
We are excited to be making registration for the ACIPC Conference Community FREE; it is our hope that a great number of our members and broader profession will embrace the new look concept for this year.

Phil Russo
President, Australasian College for Infection Prevention and Control

The ACIPC Conference Community is designed to deliver quality educational and social networking opportunities to members and stakeholders in the absence of the traditional annual conference, which has been postponed due to COVID-19.
Components will include:
  • A series of Live and Pre-Recorded Invited Keynote Presentations
  • Online Poster Presentations
  • Online Free Paper Presentation Sessions
  • Dedicated Educational Sessions delivered by ACIPC Partners
  • Online Exhibition Area
  • Online Discussion Forums
  • Physical Regional Events when appropriate
We are excited to be making registration for the ACIPC Conference Community FREE; it is our hope that a great number of our members and broader profession will embrace the new look concept for this year.

ACIPC Conference Community introductory event
ACIPC COVID-19 Q & A Webinar for Healthcare Workers

Wednesday 2 September 2020
19:00 AEST
This is a forum for participants to ask our panel of experts questions on the current COVID-19 situation.
Participants are invited to submit questions in advance to the webinar. The panel will also take live questions.
More information regarding webinar Q&A including the pre-submission of questions will be made available shortly.
To register for the webinar sign up for the ACIPC Conference Community below. Registration for the Conference Community and webinar is 
FREE for ACIPC members and non members.

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Welcome new members!

Welcome to the 59 new members who have joined the College over the past month. It is great to have you as part of our growing community of infection prevention and control practitioners. If you have any questions about your ACIPC membership, please call 03 6281 9239 or email

Call out for LMI members

Thanks to the generosity of ACIPC members, we have memberships to the College to allocate to IPCs from low or low-middle income (LMI) countries. If you know someone who is actively involved in IPC from the LMI area and would benefit from an ACIPC membership, we would like to hear from you.  
To nominate someone for sponsorship please provide their full name, position and email address and we will contact them.

To find out if someone qualifies for LMI sponsorship, please visit our webpage

We look forward to hearing from you!
ACIPC in the Media

The College is regularly represented in the media. Here is a list of recent interviews and articles.

ACIPC President, Associate Professor Phil Russo

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ACIPC Immediate Past President Professor Marilyn Cruickshank

8/07/2020 Liam Mannix -science reporter for Herald/Age
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 ACIPC President Elect Kristie Popkiss
26/2/2020 – ABC Radio Interview – Covid-19 Pandemic
New Environmental Cleaning Resources
The Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care has recently produced two new environmental cleaning factsheets to support the implementation of the Infection Preventing and Controlling Healthcare-Associated Infection Standard and the Australian Guidelines for the Prevention and Control of Infection in Healthcare.
The first factsheet outlines the key principles of environmental cleaning product selection to support jurisdictions and health service organisations in their decisions on procurement of environmental cleaning products.
The second factsheet outlines the key principles of environmental cleaning auditing in acute care settings to support jurisdictions and health service organisations to update and optimise existing auditing programs.
These two factsheets together with an infographic poster on the benefits of environmental cleaning and flow chart detailing the process and product selection for routine environmental cleaning are available from the Commission's website at 
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Assessing patient understanding of their antimicrobial treatment: How are we doing and how might we improve?
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