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Welcome to our latest HHA update, once again written by all our managers. It has been an eventful few months, with graduation ceremonies, program development and of course, moving!
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Team HHA

We Did It!

Thanks to the support from our donors and hard work from our staff, we moved into our new building on Friday, 24th October. To date, we have spent $18,300USD on our new building, with all that money being injected into the local economy. We are now educating more than 200 students across our education and vocational training programs, and have already developed good relationships with community members. There are many challenges working with people in a more rural area, however our passionate team are roaring and ready to go!

Expert Sewing Class Graduation

Our sewing program has three levels; basic, advanced and expert. Now there have been our five sewing students have graduated expert class successfully this semester, after they have studied in HHA for 13 months. They used their skill in different ways. One student is working in a sewing shop, two students have been chosen to be a seamstress in HHA, one student has been working as teacher assistance in HHA, and last one student sew some clothes in her home.

Repayment of Microfinance Loans

Congratulations!!! Our first two borrowers, Heab and Porn, have just finished their loan repayment on the 28 of September.

We are so proud of them for their commitment to pay their entire loan back. After they finished their loan, they also got $10 of their weekly savings.

Through this loan they could get what they really need for their business. They said that although the amount of this money is small but it really helped them with the emergency money they need for their businesses. Especially it is very easy for them to apply for this loan. They really like paying in weekly because their businesses are small, so they are easy to save their money to payback. It is like they spend to buy breakfast a day.

This Microfinance is very useful for a small business people. Most of them really need the small amount of money to set up or spread their business because they will be able to repay their loan back with a small saving each day. Especially they are easy to apply for this loan because most of them have no collateral such as land certificate or other value property to keep at the bank. 

Chhalin and Thai's University Progress

Chhalin and Thai are very busy everyday with his working at Human and Hope Association in the day time and studying at Build Bright University at night, but they are very happy because they can make their life better through their working and studying at the same time which they really like. They have started studying at Build Bright University since October 2013.

We are proud of them for their commitment and willingness to work and to learn. They are leading their life to be brighter and brighter. We congratulate for their passing the foundation year at Build Bright University in Business Administration.  
Currently they are enjoying their second year so much because they always learn new lessons which they have never learned and especially they have learned the lessons which are relevant to their present work.

Congratulations Teacher Chhalin and Teacher Thai!!!

Vocational Training Staff

Congratulations to Samen, Seyla and Saroem for moving up to the next level at Australian Center for Education (English Center).

Three of them are really enjoy studying English there so much because they went to the good teaching English Center. They are so amazing for their moving up, especially Saroem and Seyla who have no confidence in English speaking at first, but now they have been improving a lot through their commitment and willingness to learn. They now can communicate English without any help from others.

We are so proud of them for their progress and wish them success on their studying. Next term our sewing assistant, Phalla, will also start studying at ACE after she has shown her commitment to studying at HHA and came first in her English class.

Congratulations to Samen, Seyla and Saroem!!!  

Legal Aid Workshops

After Thai attended Legal Aid Workshop at Women’s Resource Center, he thought that it is very useful course for our staff and our sewing students to know.

So he decided to share this workshop to them. This course was run for 6 weeks every Sunday  from 5pm to 7pm  which included Domestic Violence, Families and Wedding and Sex and Gender.

There were 18 participants including our staff and our sewing students. In the workshop, everyone discussed as a group and they shared what they have known before, then Thai summarized what is the correct meaning at the end of each workshop. Every week he reviewed them by writing the questions and each of them  got a question and answer to the big team. At the last day of the workshop, they watched the video about Domestic Violence and Sex and Gender to make them more understand about the course and Thai also provided them the documents.

After the workshop, Thai asked them for feedback about how useful of this course for them. They said that it is very useful course for their life which some of many points they had never known before, especially our seamstresses and our sewing students.

“Wedding procedure is the most interested for me because I was not clear understand about it since I got married with my husband. I always worried that my wedding letters is not true because my neighbors told me to do another one, but after I attended this workshop I clearly understand”. Saney, our seamstress said.

“80 percent of this course, I had never known before and it is very useful for me because in the future I can get ready to be a good husband for my wife."  Seyha, our English Teacher said.

Khmer Class Progress

In our education projects we have Khmer class. These students have improved a lot after they joined Khmer class at HHA. In the past they didn't know anything in their life; no learning, no cooperation, no education. Now they are so hopeful after we encourage them for a long time. All of them are now enrolled in public school and are so proud of themselves. They still come to HHA to study Khmer and English every day.

Preschool Graduation

Two weeks ago we held a graduation for our preschool class. We are so proud that they tried hard to study with us nearly two years ago. They are also so proud of themselves with their knowledge, good behaviour and willingness to learn. Their parents are happy, too. Now six students are in public school and three will study with us for another year. 

Support Education for a Year!

This month we kicked of a fundraising campaign through our global affiliate, Village Earth, which aims to fund our education program for a year. Our English program equips our students with a language required in most well paid jobs. Our Morality program empowers our students with knowledge on topics such as hygiene, child abuse and the rights of the child. Our Preschool program keeps small children off the streets and provides them with Khmer language skills. Our art class, movie club and library time encourages creativity and independent thinking, which is often stifled at public school.
By providing education programs, we are investing in the future of our students. The short-term impact will be increased knowledge and improvements in their behaviour. The long-term impact will result in our students having the knowledge necessary to gain employment, reducing the poverty in their families.
To assist us in our goal of raising $5,100USD, please donate and share with your friends!
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