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Welcome to the third edition of our newsletter! As usual, our NGO has made great progress in the time since we last wrote. We are currently in the middle of a one-month break from English and Preschool class, as we are busy planning our curriculum for next semester, participating in various workshops and increasing our community outreach. Read on to hear about what we have been up to!

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The HHA Team 

Further Education

Our Sewing Teachers, Saroem and Seyla will be heading off to study English at ACE (Australian Centre for Education) at the end of this year. Given their commitment to Human and Hope Association, which spreads far beyond their job descriptions, we have decided to reward them by providing them with three terms each at ACE. This doesn’t come cheap, as each term costs between $130 and $200. If you were interested in supporting their education so we can offer them additional terms of study, please contact us! 

Preschool Graduation

The aim of our Preschool Program is to educate students between four and six years old whose families are classified as Poor Level One and Poor Level Two. Typically, these young children either have to go to work with their parents, stay at home unsupervised, or work themselves. By putting these students into Preschool every day, they are under the supervision of good role models and are less likely to form bad habits or attitudes. This program also demonstrates the importance of education to their parents, so they can be enrolled in Public School once they reach six years of age. We recently held our first graduation ceremony with our students parents for one of our Preschool students who is starting Primary School. After showcasing the various knowledge and skills our students have learnt in Preschool, Teacher Chhalin and Teacher Thai proudly presented the student with a certificate and a backpack full of supplies to assist him with his transition to school and ease the financial burden on his family. He will also receive an Opportunity Scholarship to study English at Human and Hope Association. Moving forward, in an effort to help more children in the community, we are now launching a Preschool Beginner class for ten additional students, whilst our eight remaining students will move to a Preschool Advanced class, as they have conquered the Khmer alphabet. 

Floods in Cambodia

Rainy season has brought despair upon Cambodia, with more than 100 deaths and 20,000 families being displaced because of the floods. Our Pagoda was flooded, however our English classes and Preschool classes were fortunately on a break. The roads have deteriorated greatly, the public school was closed as the water reached one metre high and many homes in our village have been inundated with water. This makes our community support difficult, as we cannot risk the lives of our staff, however we are hopeful that conditions will improve over the next couple of weeks, in time for our educational classes to start again. 

From Student to Teacher

Meet Rattanak, he is a 23-year-old student at Human and Hope who has always impressed the staff with his politeness, ability to control the students and his passion for learning. Originally from Chikreang District, Rattanak has two sisters and one mother who he supports, along with his fiancée who he will marry in January. Last month Rattanak was going to cease studying at HHA and stop his job as a waiter at a restaurant so he could move to Thailand and earn money to support his family. We couldn’t let this happen, so we placed him in our morning sewing program and hired him as a Teachers Assistant with the intention of training him to be our Library and Education Assistant to replace the newly departed Teacher San. “I like studying English at Human and Hope Association because they have rules and values, and the staff are always friendly towards me and provide good ideas. I want to work here to help the people in my community and get good behavior from other staff”. Welcome to the team, Rattanak! 

Sewing Program Graduation

The first semester of our Sewing Program finished recently, with seven students graduating. Two of our students borrowed money to buy a sewing machine through the Microfinance component of our program. One of those students has been making clothes for her family in an effort to become more confident on machine so she can soon start her own small business. Another student repairs clothes for her neighbours and makes new clothes, in addition to having been hired as our Sewing Assistant. One more student was also hired as our Sewing Assistant, and we prepared resumes for the other students and equipped them with job skills. Our new semester has been in action for one month now, with two students studying in the morning, and four students studying in the afternoon. Our Sewing Assistants are learning more advanced sewing skills and helping our new students as well. 

Microfinance Program to Launch in December

Our tea, have been busy planning for our Microfinance Program, which will launch in December. Our friend, Bora, who previously worked at another NGO that offered Microfinance, held a workshop for our staff. He outlined the policies and process of the Microfinance Program at JWOC and gave insights into his own experience. Our Community Liaison, Thai, is now putting together a proposal for the Microfinance Program and after Bora offers his input, we will start to promote this exciting opportunity to the community. A big thank you goes out to our friend, Rees, who raised the funds to launch our program. 

End of Semester Graduation

We held our end of semester ceremony last weekend, with 24 girls and 24 boys receiving prizes for topping their classes. As usual, the ceremony began with a blessing from the Monks and was followed by speeches, some students showing off their excellent English skills, a presentation of rewards, lucky door prizes and some snacks. Teacher Thai did a great job organizing the ceremony, and we think he should be an event planner in his spare time!

Donate Online!

Thanks to the hard work of our Public Relations Coordinator, Georgie, we now have a very easy way for our supporters to donate online! The GiveNow website accepts credit cards, and only charges a 1% donation fee – that’s it! After researching all the various online donation portals, this website far outshone the rest. Head to to sign up to be a monthly donor!
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