Read about our education overhaul, our plans for generating our own income, and some exciting news about how we are promoting road safety in the community!


Welcome to the second edition of the Human and Hope Association newsletter! Much has been happening over the past three months. We now have 316 students studying at Human and Hope across our English, Morality, Preschool, Sewing, Art and Movie classes, have hired an additional full time staff member and are soon to commence more involved community support. Read below to keep updated, and please get in touch if you want to know more!

Good luck for you,

Hen, Sally, Chhalin, Samen, San and the HHA Team 

Education Overhaul

When Human and Hope first opened its doors in 2011, many of our teachers had no experience and a limited level of English. Now, as an official NGO, we have begun overhauling our education system. This has involved implementing a Staff and Student Code of Conduct, initiating weekly staff meetings and workshops as well as observing classes and giving fortnightly feedback sessions. As of this semester, there is a maximum amount of 20 students in each class, and with the teachers using our new education materials such as flash cards, songs, games and puzzles, the students are much more involved and learning more effectively. We have increased the duration of each semester from three months to six months, and additionally have a new, interactive morality curriculum which the students learn every Friday. We have a long way to go with our curriculum, however we are very proud of the progress we have made over the past few months!

Helmets for All!

On average, five people die each day on the roads in Cambodia. Many people do not wear helmets when driving a motorbike, very few wear helmets as a motorbike passenger, and even less wear helmets when riding a bicycle. Recently, we presented some information with graphic images to our staff, which included the fact that almost 80% of people, who die in motorbike accidents, die from head injuries. By presenting these facts and graphic images of Cambodian road accidents, our staff understood what we have been telling them for months – that although a helmet may ruin your hairstyle, it can save your life. We have now given all of our staff good quality motorbike (moto) helmets and/or bicycle helmets and they have signed a contract stating that they will wear their helmet at all times. After seeing these facts, they understand the importance of protecting their lives and also setting a good example for our community.

New Desks!

This month, our friend Katie, a carpenter in her spare time, has come to Cambodia for a total of three weeks to build new desks and benches for all our classrooms. She has provided the funds for all the tools and wood, and so we can hire two unemployed men from our community, whom she is teaching how to use tools, follow designs and build furniture. The new desks will allow us to have an interactive learning environment for our students, and free up some space in our classrooms. Our old desks will be donated to a Pagoda in Kralanh, and be used by the child Monks who are studying there. Thank you, Katie, for your support!

Let's Go Starter

After seeing a few of our students in our Let’s Go One class struggling to keep up, we took initiative and opened two new classes – Let’s Go Starter in the morning and afternoon. After prioritizing spots for our existing students, we advertised at the local primary school and through our students families. We now have 40 students studying the alphabet and basic English, which will equip them with the necessary language skills to move up to Let’s Go 1 next semester. This class is taught by our Library and Education Assistant, Sen San, who is so admired by our students that they frequently turn up one hour early and sit in class waiting for him!

Sewing Business

We are now in the third month of our Sewing Program, and it is going well! We initially began with ten students, however we now only have seven students. One student had to work full time to support his family, another had to watch over her mango trees so they wouldn’t be stolen, and another did not have anyone to watch over her infant son. We have held several meetings to discuss how to improve the sewing program for next time, and have also discussed how we can set up a business to generate income for Human and Hope Association. Over the new few weeks, Hen and Sally will put together a business plan and source funds for a small business targeted at our community. Once we set up this business and learn as we go, we intend to set up a business aimed at the tourist market. This could be another year or more away, however we are determined to try at this as our goal is to be a sustainable organization. If any donors were interested in reading our business plan and supporting our venture, please contact us!

Buddhist Foreign Language Association

Buddhist Foreign Language Association is an evening English school run in Kralanh District, approximately 70km from Siem Reap. This school was started by our Library and Education Assistant, Sen San, whilst he was in Monkhood, as he saw a severe lack of education in his rural area. In June 2013, Human and Hope Association agreed to give Buddhist Foreign Language Association a three-month trial, during which the attitude, behavior and ability of these young teachers must improve. Hen and Sally, are working closely with Venerable Plon Pley, the assigned Project Manager of Buddhist Foreign Language Association to identify and solve the problems of the very new Association. They are holding monthly workshops and teacher observations, and are initiating a structure much similar to our own which will hopefully result in a more committed, motivated and professional team of volunteers. If we see an improvement and commitment to change by the team, then we will support the project both financially and by enriching them with an education that will improve their teaching ability.

Human and Hope Association Incorporated

Human and Hope Australia has been incorporated in Australia through an external Board who are responsible for raising awareness and fundraising for our education, community and vocational training projects. The Board consists of four members: Sally Hetherington serves as the President, Georgie McRae serves as Secretary, Jack Wang serves as Treasurer, and Amanda Woods serves as Organisational Director. The Board are passionate about ensuring Human and Hope is run by Khmers, so in accordance with their constitution, they have no power over Human and Hope Association. Soon a PayPal account will be set up, so the donations can start rolling in! Well done, Human and Hope Association Incorporated!
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