Read about our progress over the past few months, written by all four of our managers!


Welcome to our July newsletter! Firstly, we would like to extend a big thank you to all our supporters who donated funds to our new location. We have already started building, and are trying to get as much achieved before rainy season hits. We have hired local builders and security guards, including our poorest beneficiaries family members. You can be assured that your donations are not only contributing to the sustainability of our organization and safety of our students, it is also boosting the local economy!
This newsletter is for the very first time written by all four of our managers. There are spelling and grammatical errors, and some sentences may need to be read a couple of times to be understood, however we hope you will appreciate the effort it takes to write in a language which is not their native tongue. We are very proud of the progress made (and check out their fantastic photography skills, too!).
Good luck,
Team HHA

Village Earth

We are very happy to announce we are now a global affiliate of Village Earth, a U.S based organization whose mission corresponds with ours; “Sustainability Through Empowerment”. Village Earth was founded on the belief that poverty is not the problem, it is a symptom of the larger problem of individuals and communities becoming disconnected from the resources that contribute to human well-being. As you can see, we are very fortunate to find a fiscal sponsor whose goals are in line with ours. We would like to say a big ‘AKUN CHURAN’ to the team at Village Earth for accepting HHA as a global affiliate. To make a tax deductible donation, please click here.

English Tests

Every six months we do final test to all our students. The test we focus on reading, writing, speaking and listening. We are so proud of our students that they have the ability to do final test exam. Most of them get success for exam (90%). On the final test our students show their ability to do it and they can’t copy from other students. They said that they love HHA’s school because; they trust on HHA’s teachers and have the quality education system.

Khmer Classes

Some children in Cambodia they are over 6 years old. They didn’t go to study at public school yet. All most of them come from poor family. We work close with their family and we try to make a good communicate with their parents and encourage them to cooperate with us to take their children to school.

These students in these photos they didn’t go to study at public school yet.
 Now we are training them about basic Khmer alphabets and vowels. In October we send them to study at public school this year.
 Right now they are so happy. They came to school so early every day because, they have a new hope and have willing to learn.

Social Work Update

Teacher Chhalin and Teacher Thai, have successfully completed a three Credit Course on “Communication Skills for Working with Individuals Families and Groups”. The Course was conducted between 7th December 2013 to 15th March 2014. Both of them have leant about:
  • Defining characteristics and core values of social work direct practice.
  • The nature and benefits of self-awareness, self-reflection, and self-acceptance, as well as an increased capacity to generate these processes.
  • How to apply interpersonal skills to the helping process, including the skills of Listening & Observing, Empathy & Authenticity, and Verbal Following.
  • Common communication pitfalls and an ability to avoid or minimize them.
It is very valuable for their current and future work at Human and Hope Association and generally.

Creative Writing Competition

The aim of this project can help the students to create new idea. 
We are proud of them, they can do it well and they really interesting on it. They are tried hard to write the story by themselves. They can improve their ability and new creative by themselves. They have willingness to write the story.
We will put the stories in our library and give award to students with good stories. We will also sell the stories in our online store.

Home Sewing Business

Home Sewing Business has been made in order to help sewing students get extra skill and earn more money to support their family. Four of sewing students are chosen to be seamstress to make products at their home and sell for HHA. Seamstress will be paid equivalent of 2,000 riel per hour. They can earn minimum of $15 a months and maximum of $30 a months. If we have special order, they can earn extra $40. We will review them every six months.

Welcome Seyha!

Welcome to our new English Teacher, Seyha, 24, who passionate in teaching to build up his future dream. Originally, he came from a poor family in a rural area about 30 kms from Siem Reap City. Seyha is an orphan child, who has two brothers and two sisters. Previously, he was a receptionist at Thailand  for two and half years, so he also can speak Thai for Social Communication. After coming back from Thailand he started school again and finished high school in 2013.

Now he is living in a Church and studying English for teaching at Mekong University, Siem Reap. We hired him to work at Human and Hope Association as his willingness to help the children to study English, especially all Cambodian orphans like him.

“I decided to work at Human and Hope Association because the job here is related to my education and I like this job as well, while I was young, I always dream that I will become a professor of English and help other   people who orphan like me to have a class or learn how to speak as well as because they will easy to find the job to work”. 

Welcome Youn!

Welcome to Youn, 27, our new Library and Education Assistant who has committed to work at Human and Hope Association as this position. He came from a rural area and has one sister and two brothers. He has good experiences related to teaching. Previously he worked as an English teacher at two organizations in Cambodia. Now he is studying English Literature at Cambodian University of Specialty, Siem Reap.  We hired him to work at Human and Hope Association because of his commitment to work and willingness to help the community.

“I want to work at Human and Hope Association because I want to use my knowledge that I get from my study and work experiences to help the children and I want to get more knowledge and more qualifications with this new duty also”.
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