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Welcome to our second newsletter for 2016. We are very pleased to update our work and what we have been achieving. This is the second time of our newsletter which is entirely written by Khmer. This is the great opportunity for them to improve their writing. We are so proud that we always building the capacity of our staff. Due to the resignations of two managers to seek for other opportunities, we were able to promote internally which mean our empowerment is working.

July is the third month of rainy season period in Cambodia which will be continued three more months. The rain has been falling down and the farmers have been busy doing their rice farms and Human and Hope Association still continue doing the work to empowering our students and villagers to have sustainable futures through education, training and community support.

Please enjoy reading our newsletter and keep supporting our work. 

Team HHA 




First of all, we would like all of you to consider our products selling through online. Our online store has some new products to take a look at which you or your friends would be interested. These products are made by our graduate sewing students for a fair wage. By buying these products, you are helping our students to earn income to support their families and paying for their children studying and also you are providing us the sustainable futures of our organization to continue our mission of empowering Cambodians.

As you know all proceeds support the important work of Human and Hope Association. So please consider and have a look at our online store now and tell your friends about this.

For supporters outside of Australia we also have an Etsy store.


On Sunday, 26th July, a team of dentists from Angkor Dental Association came to our organisation to conduct a free dental check-up for all our students and staff. This program is funded by the Beleura Retirement Village Social Club.

The dental check-up is divided by two sessions, in the morning from 8am to 11am and afternoon from 1pm to 4pm. We are estimated that around 120 students and staff who would come for this check but there are only 78 of them because some of them are afraid of this check, forgetting the date (although our teachers tried to remind them many times before hands) and had a heavy rain and windy in the afternoon for about one hour.

This program is very good for our students and staff because this is one the main health problem which has happened in our community and also in Cambodia. Most of our students’ parents are uneducated of this health issue and also of their financially problem, so they don’t care so much about checking their teeth and their children.

One of their club members, Robyn Leeman said, "We are aware that in Cambodia access to oral health services does not exist for the people living in the villages. Teeth are often left untreated or extracted because of pain or discomfort. We are pleased to be able to fund this project to assist the people of Cambodia to live a healthier life." 

Thank you so much to Beleura Retirement Village Social Club for funded this program to make this teeth checked up happened for our students and staff and thank you to the team of dentists from Angkor Dental Association for conducting a very good teeth checked. 


We decided to run domestic violence workshop for our community members after Thai, our director joint this workshop at Women’s Resource Center, the NGO that works to support women in Siem Reap,Cambodia. After joining the workshop, Thai understood the important and useful of this workshop for the villagers. This problem has happened very often in Cambodian families, especially from husbands to wives. That’s why this workshop, Thai focused on ways to live in happiness in the family and send the strong important message to the men about effect of acting violence to their wives.

We have just run this workshop in February this year and we will run it again soon at first week of August. There were 18 participants in our first workshop which had only 6 men. It is difficult to engage the men to our workshop as most of them go out to work. We will try to invite men to our second workshop by going directly to their house which is more effective than sending the invitation letters with their wives and children.

Thai will also update the lessons to be more interested and effective. We hope that the men will come more to our workshop, so they will understand and reduce violence in their families. 


Our Australian Board, Human and Hope Association Incorporated, are looking for a board member with fundraising experience. We think this is a very good opportunity for you to make a difference to the lives of the people in our community. 

Can you help?


We bought some new books and games for our library in June aim at updating our resources for students and teachers. To support this, Shinta Mani Foundation donated more books and games to set up in our library, same as our donor Carolin.

We also updated activities in the library such as: reading group (form students into groups and encourage them to assist their members with improving of reading and understanding), we are going to separate our library time into 2 parts, reading time and gaming time. The goal is to reduce disturbances in their reading and to motivate them to read more books because we believe that reading is very crucial for their future and we are trying to involve reading in their habit.

All actions we took aim to gain student’s interests in our library. When they are in library, their brains will get something new known as knowledge or they can test their brains with our brain games and puzzles. We hope all our efforts today will influence to their whole lives in the future. 



The Family Farm Program has trial for 3 months by Salin. The two beneficiary families are trying to improve their farms by using the skills that we have trained them. Now we update the method of teaching by involving video lessons in this program because we see that it’s more useful than just in words. In the videos, they can watch the real practiced activities of the lessons so all those videos will help them remember and encourage them to follow our chemical-free technics. Repayment is separated into smaller partsso that they have more confidence to repay the loan back and to reduce the risk. In June, we have a volunteer, who is major in agriculture subject in university, to help Salin prepare the lessons and teaching.

Having Khmer volunteer is what we want because we want Khmer to help Khmer. We believe that Khmer people also have willingness to transform their community to be better. Otherwise, Khmer people also have skills, abilities and experiences to train and share to the community members and staff. Beside this, it’s the evidence to show to community members that not only HHA wants to empower them. Many Khmer people also want to empower them to transform their lives even none of the volunteers are their relatives or friends, but they spend time, money for petrol, energy, and morale to share their knowledge in order to see a better change of poor people they have empowered. This is a good way to motivate them to have a good participation with us and try to improve their farm themselves. 


We have started our new semester for three months. Even these three months we have some trouble with recruiting new teachers, but now we already prepared teachers to follow our schedule. The students took midterm test on 20th July 2015 and they are going to take the final test in the next three months.

Our education team have participated in “Teaching Methodologies Workshops” that have run by our director and managers. The objective of running these workshops is to ensure a good quality and a well-planned curriculum of our education project. Now we are creating our new textbook and we are going to finish it next year. The aim of creating this textbook is to make it easier for students to learn. Also, they can easily use their English knowledge in their daily lives because the lessons are created to match up with their lives, their houses, their families and their country. We also updated our education system in order to reach the goal we have set. 



Our beginning and advance students’ classes graduated on the 12th of July. We celebrated the ceremony for them to congratulate their completion and encourage them to keep continue studying.We gave certificates and some sewing material pack for them, so they proud of themselves and they can practice their sewing skill at home.

All students have been continued studying the new terms. We start the classes immediately, because they are so happy and willing to learn. Three students are in advance class and four students are in expert class.

Our beginner students have learned very well but some students do not have confident yet and our advance students also learn very well and have more confident after finished two terms.


Besides teaching our students sewing skill and life skill, we also teach Khmer class for illiterate students. This will help them to improve their businesses.

We stated this class in May with three students including Sophy, our sustainable assistant. We will teach them for a year, so they can know how to read and write and some basic mathematic. They have been studying this class for two months. They can read and write the alphabet and now they are learning spelling. 


We got uniform order from Bayon for 430 school uniforms. Our seamstresses and all sewing students are allowed to make these uniforms. They can improve their skill and can earn money from making this uniform.

We went to measure the students at the school of Bayon organization on the 20th of July. We have to finish these uniforms on the 10th of October. The seamstresses and the students will earn $2.90 per a uniform.

All the seamstresses said, they are so happy to make these uniforms because it will improve their sewing skill and can earn money to support their family but some students was worried that they can’t do well. After we explained to them about the good things, they said they will hard to do that. 

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