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We are very proud to welcome you to the first edition of the Human and Hope Association (HHA) newsletter! Our aim is to send out a newsletter on a quarterly basis to keep our supporters up to date with everything which has been happening! HHA was founded two years ago by Director Hen Houn, his staff and former students with the primary objective to teach English and Morality to the surrounding community. Since then, we have evolved immensely to offer different types of classes to over 270 students daily. Our aim is to empower Cambodians to create sustainable futures through education, vocational training and community support which is all possible through the dedication of our staff, volunteers and supporters. We hope you enjoy our first newsletter and invite you to email us with any feedback or items of interest. We are always happy to hear from you!  

Happy Khmer New Year!

Hen, Sally, Chhalin, Samen and the rest of the HHA Team!

NGO Registration 

On April 11, 2013, we were officially registered as an NGO! It was quite an arduous process, however Samen and Hen did a fantastic job liaising with the provincial departments to get this done. We want to give a big 'Akun Churan' to our donars, Janet and Allen, for paying our registration fees. Lucky for us, there are some left over funds which we will use for a celebration in the coming weeks! 

Art Class

We began Art Class in January with just three staff members controlling more than thirty students each week. This program has since grown and we now have six Khmer volunteers. This has been a great opportunity for the students to make new friends, express their creativity and learn about teamwork.

Each week, Art Class begins with roll call, followed by a group game and then a new craft. After everything has been packed up, the students wash their hands and watch a movie. At the end of class they each receive a banana and are sent on their way, happy with their creations that are then displayed in our now colourful classrooms.

Preschool class

We have been operating our preschool class with nine students aged three to five for one month now! Thanks to the dedication of Teachers Samen and Chhalin, as well as the advice of our friend Karen who has many years experience teaching preschool, we have noticed great improvements within the cohort.

The students start their day with roll call, followed by a game, Khmer language, toy time, a review of the Khmer language they learnt earlier in the morning, art and a DVD. Every Friday the students learn a subject in Morality, such as good hygiene, keeping the environment clean and being a good student. We will keep you updated on the students’ progress!

Sewing Class

Earlier this year our Operations Manager, Sally, made a plea to her family and friends to give donations to Human and Hope Association for her birthday so we were able to start a Vocational Sewing Program. Thanks to her wonderful network of loyal supporters, our dream has now become a reality!

On April 22, 2013, we will launch our Sewing Program, which has certainly been a big team effort. Chhalin, Hen, Samen and Sally have learnt a lot about interviewing staff, the challenges with recruiting Poor Level One and Two students, that there is a lot more involved with sewing than just using a machine, that we can use this program to make our organisation sustainable, and that heading out to the community when it is very hot makes us cranky! We are looking forward to seeing how our program develops over the coming months.

Staff Spotlight

Last month, our Director, Hen, left the Monkhood. This was a tough decision for him, however he is now able to be much more active at Human and Hope Association and in the community. We are very proud of what a respected Monk he was over the past seven years, and although the Nuns are still upset with him for leaving Monkhood, we are very happy to have him around the office much more!

Microfinance - Funds Needed!

In order to help the members of our community, we will be launching a microfinance program in the coming months. We will have a loan limit of $100 for the Poor Level One through to Five borrowers. Borrowers will have one year to pay back this loan, and can use the funds for business ideas such as a bicycle repair stall or drink stand. By supporting the people in our community, we are ensuring they can help create sustainable futures not just for themselves, but for their children too. If you were interested in supporting this program, please contact our Operations Manager, Sally, at


Thanks to funds donated by a kind donor, we have started a scholarship program at Human and Hope. Our Community and Education Coordinator, Chhalin, and his Assistant, Samen, have recruited Poor Level One and Two students from our surrounding community to study English. Each semester they receive an educational pack, and free tuition (instead of the normal 25 cent per month fee which is used for our ongoing running costs). Our existing students who are also deemed to be in this poor category will also receive the scholarship.

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