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Welcome to our third newsletter edition in 2015. We are going to update as usual newsletter about what we have done and achieved for our three months work.

After we close for six days to celebrate the Pchum Ben holiday, we reopen on the 16th of October. Our staff look cheerful and smiling face after meeting their family at their hometown and our education team are really busy with creating new textbook and planning the new curriculum for our new term.
Please enjoy reading our newsletter which is written by our Khmer staff. We are welcome and look forward to working with you to transform our community.

Sew Many Opportunities
First of all, we would like to say thank you to all our sponsors and supporters, especially a special thanks to all sponsors who donated to our sewing program through our Sew Many Opportunities campaign.
Through your donations, we can start recruiting our new sewing students which will be started in December this year. We have received donation more than nine thousand dollars so far. We have only 11 days left to raise $2,426. We expect that we would reach our goal , so we can make sure that we have enough budget for our new term sewing class for our villagers who are waiting to learn this skill to earn a good income to support their families.

As you know how important is! So please have a look and donate to our Sew Many Opportunities campaign to reach our goal. If you say YES and donate to this program means that you join us to provide a skill for our poor villagers in our community, result to have a stable job and move out of poverty bracket. Please go here!



Staff development workshop


We always care about developing our staff capacity because they are the valuable asset to implement our projects.
Our staff has equal opportunities for getting training. We have our Sunday workshop which runs by our management team, our Khmer boards and the professional Khmer volunteers and on job training workshop which we focus on our staff weaknesses. We also have the external training workshop and scholarship for all of our staff who has willing to learn and improve their knowledge.
Our management team and some of our staff have gained some new knowledge which run by our management team and our board. They have also participated some workshop training from outside training center through our external training program. They are trained the following topic: Task management, building good relationship with community leaders, environment, problem solving, management team workshop, education team workshop, leading teams and managing people, the art of public speaking, resilience and resourcefulness, and critical thinking.
These topics are very useful for their present work at Human and Hope and for their future jobs. 





English Program
After working for 6 months on teaching English to around one hundred students, now we finished our old semester. On 7th October 2015 we celebrated our graduation ceremony. In this ceremony, our top 3 and hardworking students in each class were rewarded in order to congratulate for their achievements and to encourage all students to work harder in their education. We also invited student’s parents to join this ceremony to get them involve with us in following up and encouraging their children to study.
Our new term has started on 20th October 2015. In this semester, we had discussed and prepared our teaching plan for each book beforehand to ensure our teachers have a common and specific lesson to teach so that we can know our students’ ability clearly from one level to another level that is easy for us to adapt with them in every semester. Moreover, we are also trying to get our students familiar with English by speaking English as much as we can while teaching and try to empower them to use English in class and outside with teachers and friends.





Preschool graduation
On 9th October 2015 we celebrated our preschool graduation ceremony. We invited their parents to join so we had a chance to give them the message of the significance of education and empower them to involve and pay attention on their children’s learning, if they want to move out of poverty and want their new generation to live in a prosperous life.
We have 8 preschool students and seven of them are graduated and they are going to enroll at public school to pursue their study in grade one, but they still continue studying with us in Khmer class to improve their Khmer knowledge and to keep tract on their behavior and their learning at public school. In HHA, we taught them Khmer alphabets, kid songs, arts and crafts, living value, and maintain their good behavior at all time. We hope this can help them to be a good children, good students, and good citizens in the future.



English Textbook
Seeing the difficulty in teaching follow our old textbook and we strongly hope that what we teach to our students they can apply in their daily lives, therefore we decided to make our own textbook. Even making this new textbook is complicated, but we have tried our best to make it and assist our education team as it’s the first time for the team to do this task and no one have skills on this.
Our management team will organize some trainings to the education team on making this new textbook to make sure they are able to do it and can meet the deadline. We hope that we would apply our new textbook in new term next year.

New beginner class


Our sewing classes have started on the 13th of July, and will be graduated on the 31st of December. They have been learning very well. In advance class, they learned how to make shirts, trousers and dresses. In expert class, they learn how to make traditional top and traditional dress.

The classes are postponed because we got a lot of products order, so the students need to make in the class instead of the lessons. They were happy that they can earn some money when they are learning in the same time.
Three students will be graduated from our advance class and they are moving to expert class and 3 students will be graduated from our expert class.

We are going to start the new term on the 02nd of January 2016.  We supposed to have eight students for the new beginner class. We have been recruiting new students and we have three students interested in this class so far. This term we extend our target to more villages because we want to have the students from different village to learn.



Product orders

We had the uniform order from Bayon since July. We had finished them. When we delivered to them, many of uniform are correct but some has problems which we have to fix.

Our students said, they have much more confident after they made so many of uniform. Most students feel ashamed with their mistakes but they are still happy to fix them and learn from those mistakes.

Besides the uniform, we also got the order from the individual business owner to make 175 Kromar straw string bags which we have already finished. Moreover, we get the order from a Tour Company to make 200 environment bags for their tourists. It is good opportunity for us to work with them because it is not one time orders but it is on-going that we get a good profit.



Currently, we have twelve villagers are using our loan which we used all loans we have in our program. They have used our loan in various businesses but whole sale vegetables in the market is the most used. We provided them the short training about understanding their personal financial and budgeting and child protection workshop. They have understood how to manage their money effectively and the important of saving money for their futures and they also understood about the right of the child and protecting the child from any abuses.
We have increased our loan up to $200. This is still small amount of loan but it is very easy for them to apply and help them​​​ to increase their small businesses and set up their new businesses.
We have noticed some problem with the loan when our villagers used for animal feeding business. To solve this problem, we decided to stop giving the loan to this business because it is not effective loan which we will not support them to increase their quality of living but they will be very difficult to repay the loan.



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