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Happy Khmer New Year!

Welcome to the April edition of our newsletter and first time written entirely by Khmer staff!

A very happy International New Year celebrated in January has just gone for many people around the globe and coming up to this April 14th, which is a very happy, special and the biggest ceremony for Cambodia’s people of celebrating their New Year. To celebrate this Khmer New Year, Human and Hope Association will be closed on the 12th and reopen on the 19th. Six days off will provide enough time for our staff to meet their families and relatives at their hometown and enjoy with their new year after a very busy works at HHA. Our education team is now very busy of taking the final exam for our current students and recruiting new students for the next semester of our English program which will start on the 20th when we reopen.

We are happy sharing you of our recently updates and achievement after a busy work of our staff at Human and Hope Association, so please enjoy reading and supporting our work to change the lives our Community members!

Team HHA 




Our Online Store was launched in February this year by the effort of Sally, our Operations Manager and our Australian board members. It is managed by our Australian board, with postage currently with Australia. We have our handicrafts which are made by our seamstresses who earn fair wages to make our products at their homes using machines borrowed though our microfinance program. All proceeds are used to fund the salaries of our seamstresses, as well as our Education, Vocational Training and Community Support Projects. When you order from our online store, you are not only getting the beautiful products but you are also giving the jobs and income for our seamstresses and our projects as well. So please have a look and make the order through our online now!

We will soon be launching another store through Etsy to appeal to handicraft lovers. Many thanks to Sally and our Australian board for your effort! 


This year we have changed our bank account which is agreed by our Khmer board, so we would like to give you this information to make you understand where your money is sent when you will donate to us. 
Here is the new bank account detail:

Bank: Advance Bank of Asia Limited


Bank Address: No. 01-04 Tep Vong St, Mondal II Village,Svay Dangkum Sankat, Siem Reap, Cambodia
A/C Name: Human and Hope Association

A/C Number: 000133217 


We really need your help to make these people's dreams come true.


"*Chan likes reading books and exercising. In the future he wants to be a teacher." 

"Sophy likes planting vegetables and watching them grow. She dreams for her four children to be educated and an improved quality of life for her family." 

Did you know 22% of Cambodian women are victims of domestic violence? A monthly $20AUD donation can run for two domestic violence workshops for our community members, so we can reduce the domestic violence to the women in our commune.

Did you know that approximately 20% of Cambodian live below the poverty line? A monthly $50AUD donation can fund a student in our sewing program, so they can have a skill and move out of poverty.

Did you know Cambodia is a country where an estimated 60% of women are unable to read and write and nearly half of nations children drop out of school in grade three? A monthly $100AUD donation can fund remedial Khmer classes for the children and sewing students whose struggle with their languages.

To set up a monthly donation, please click below.

America (tax deductible)

Australia (tax deductible)

Other countries 



On the 26th of March this year, Roxane our Australian board member came for a monitoring visit as part of our requirement for tax deductibility with World Relief Australia. We answered the questions that Roxane had for her monitoring visit which is answered by Thai, our Director-in-Training and Sally, our Operations Manager. We started by updated the achievements and progress of HHA projects and raised some issues. During listening to the update, Roxane asked some questions and also gave some advices to improve our projects and any issues we have. Then we all ate lunch together which is kindly paid by Roxane. After lunch we continued talking until three o’clock which was the times that Roxane must went back to the airport.

Many thanks to Roxane for your monitoring visit and support our work in Cambodia! 


Pollah Howe is from our commune. She has just finished her bachelor of fashion design from Canberra Institute of Technology in Australia. Through her home visit, she was deciding to give back to our community by volunteer as a trainer at Human and Hope Association. In the last two weeks, she was teaching sewing class students to able to design and making children wear for western market.

Meanwhile the support from HHA’s team was very caring and professional. Being part of this great team is inspiring her because they are showing that Cambodian can make a different to Cambodian community through education.

Last of all, she just want to many thanks to Human and Hope Association and all team members for given her an opportunity to be able to give back her community. All your hard work will be always remember from our Cambodian community. 


Sovatta was born in Krobeyriel commune near HHA. He enjoys doing this volunteer job so much, especially when our sewing students told him what they want to make after learning tatting and he also like to share knowledge what I have to other people too.

He thinks all of them are keen to learn this skill, they enjoy doing the tatting even they know that it is a bit complicated but they are patient and calm to do that. So far, he has taught them the basic because this basic is important for future steps. He has noticed that one of them is a bit far ahead from others, she cope it easily and remember every single step, which she's been taught. But all of them are fine, they practice it at home and came back with a little tatting for him and he is so glad the see that. He said more, he hopes our sewing students still continue this until they can make and create the pattern by themselves. Finally, he is really appreciated the opportunity what he is given by HHA. 



Last month Human and Hope Association and Phare circus collaborated to choose Seyla, our sewing teacher to learn about how to make costumes at Phare circus. There were five students in the workshop, and they are from different places. The teacher who teaches in workshop is a designer from France. First day, she showed teaching lesson and plan to the students and kinds of costumes. And then, they learnt about how to draw the picture and to imagine the style of costumes for performer character for 2 days. Each student was made four styles in a pair of costumes and all students decided to choose part of all pictures and mixed together for two costumes. Next days, they learn about how to use the material for costumes and started to make the costumes. After that, they had a trip with the teacher to visit how to make the costumes in others place. The last day, they made presentation about the costumes that decided to choose. After finishing presentation, all the students were given the certificate.

After the workshop finished, Selya said he has known about the rule how to make costume for performance and understand more about designing costumes. He would like to thank you so much to Phare circus that gave him an opportunity. 


Now our library is improved so much, many students like to reading books, painting, drawing and doing their exercises. They often have a studying fun. We have many books, such as: funny books, and interesting books. We have a good library assistant to manage library and students. He often helps the students with drawing pictures, reading books, doing exercises and encouraging to students. We would like some games, as it is difficult to buy in Cambodia. If you are coming here, please look at the list we need. 


We are going to start a new term on 20thApril 2015.
This term, many students came to register and they really want to study in our school.

After they registered we required all the new students must come into the library before we start a new term and tick their names every day. We do like this, because of we easy to follow up with them and we can know about the willing to learn of the new students and we also taught them about our student’s rules.

This term, we focus on the students that can read and write Khmer language, because we easy to teach them about English Language. Last semester some students can’t read and write Khmer language so we difficult to teach them about English language. 


We have been teaching remedial Khmer classes for one year now. Our students came 1st, 4th, 5th and equal 8th in their large classes at public school. Although we sent them to public school we were still continuing Khmer class at HHA. Five of them are still in Khmer class and we tried heard to train them up.

On 20th April is a new term. We are going to train them more and we will recruit more from scholarship students, because we saw some students in English class, they are studying at public school in grade 2,3,4 but they can’t read and write Khmer sentences well. So we are going to work on this situation. 



We have been waiting for a year of researching to trial our Family Farm Program to the community. On May this year we are going to start the first trial of this program. Two poor families who have suitable land for growing, willing to learn and use their resources will be chosen in this trial. The purpose is to encourage the families chosen improve their standard of living by using the resources they have all their best to benefit them and to provide them with training, knowledge and resources for farming so they are able to grow food for their own use and to sell.

The families are being charged 100% of the cost of the resources provided, as they need to be accountable for their own lives and not relying on direct aid and also to sustain this program. 


On 26th of October we opened our new school and also started to run HHA Farm in this new location. The purpose of this program is to make use of our land via farming. The income we use to support our ongoing expenses. Moreover, we need this land to experiment our chemical-free farming technics through the practice of growing vegetables and using natural fertilizer and insect pesticide for a part to supportour Family Farm. As a result, we have used our vegetables for staff lunch, giving to sewing students and sell to the community members.

We care about our staff and the community members’ health and safety so a chemical-free farming is the best option. 

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