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It is such a great July newsletter this year as we have some exciting news to update for you.

On July 6th, Sally, previously our operations manager and advisor has left from HHA (and will be back to Australia) after working almost four years.

July this year is also the 3 years anniversary of Sally and Georgie on our HHA Inc. board in Australia. They have done really great job with fundraising, and making awareness about HHA Cambodia. They have really great passion and commitment to support our organization grows which result helping our villagers to move out of poverty.  

Also from July this year, HHA is entirely local staff operated who is committed to keep up the mission to empower our people to create sustainable futures. Through the experiences of our works and training for more than five years, we can say that our staff has enough ability to lead HHA for the next future.

Our Governing Khmer board, Director and NGO handbook will make sure; we are in line with our vision, mission and values, the effectiveness of our works and the transparency of our financial transaction.

From everyone here would like to make a strong commitment to continue our great work to empower and transform our villagers and thank you so much our HHA incorporated in Australia and all of our supporters who believes in us and continues your support. We look forward to working with you in the future.

Please enjoy reading our quarterly projects update.

Opportunity Scholarships

This program provides consultation and study materials to the marginalized children in our community. We aim to make them at ease to get education through promoting the message of the significance of education to them and their parents, providing consultation in terms of their personal and family problems, and providing the necessary school supplies to them.

Currently, we have 52 scholarship students joining our English and Khmer programs. After joining our scholarship program, some families have realized that education is very important for their children and their families to move out of poverty. However, the other families still neglect about their children education. This is our challenging to get them understood and involved in their children learning. Even if it’s difficult, we keep trying our good work by using various ways to empower them to create a sustainable future for themselves.


Time flies incredibly fast! It has nearly been a year that our preschool students staying with us. During their first school year at HHA, we have been trying to teach them Khmer alphabets, numbers, and living values and have promoted the significance of education to them and their parents. Moreover, we have encouraged them to treat others with respect – teachers, classmates, and other students and staff.

In October they are going to finish their preschool and continue their primary levels at public school. After preschool, we still keep them in our Khmer and English programs to make sure they can get a good education and make it easy for our staff to follow up their learning.


Hygiene Workshop

We run this workshop for our students at the beginning of every semester. In this workshop we cover two topics, hand washing and teeth brushing. We aim to promote the importance of good health and hygiene to our students. We believe that when our students have good health and hygiene, they can improve the quality of their education and lives.

This semester, we ran this workshop to more than one hundred students. Each of them was provided a toothpaste or a toothbrush. These materials work as an encouragement reward for students who came to our workshop and it can be a resource for them to continue practicing these lessons at home.


Beginner Class

In this class we have started with five students, all of them still learning with us. Their learning is going well. They have learned how to make girl and boy shirts, skirts, and short. And they will learn more about how to make man and woman shirts, trousers and traditional skirt.


Advance Class

There are six students have been studying in our advance class. They all have completely finished our beginner class. Their learning is going well. They can earn some money from using their skill at home. In this class, they have been learned how to make shirts, trousers, skirts, traditional skirt and traditional top.

These classes have started since the 31th of May, and will be graduated on the 30th of October.

Self-Generated Income

We believe that self-generated income is the way to be a sustainable future for our organization which is not only relying on our donors. Last year 25% of our revenue was from our self-generated income method which was a good progress and be proud of.

Our home sewing business, making our own products for sale or making the products order by our seamstresses is the great method we have generated most of our income and our team still think of more ways.

We really thanks to everyone who bought our products through our online store and through a market stall that held by our HHA inc. board members and thanks to Phare, the Cambodia Circus, Journey Within Tour Company and Life Project Cambodia organization for providing products order from us.

Did you know that we have new Hope Handicraft Website which sells our products there? You can buy our gorgeous products which made by our graduated sewing students. This will support our Cambodian women who made these and the sustainable future of our organization.  Why don’t you have a look here?
  • New Sewing Materials Shop

Our sewing materials shop has set up this month. We aim to provide opportunities to our sewing students to purchase materials for their business, and saving their time from buying the materials from the market which is so far from their houses. We will make some profit from each of all materials, and will be used to fund our staff salaries.

Domestic Violence Workshop

Following our new curriculum, Thai run this workshop in May with 13 villagers participated including four men.

The training went not so well as the participants didn’t come all three sessions together because they were busy, but that still was good that most of them participated in our first and second sessions which we focused on domestic violence and how to bring happiness to their families. The third session was about Personal Money Management which just added this year in order to let those who participates our domestic violence aware of this knowledge which is also an important for their families.

After training, Thai, our trainer said that “the new updated curriculum is more effective than before because the participants got more engaged by discussing and sharing their cases, so he could determine the issues and give advices for them to address those.

“I used to say impolitely to my wife when I get angry with her, but through this training, I know, that is not good. I will control myself and talk to her politely about her mistake.” – A father of our preschool student

“I will try to reduce drinking alcohol as much as I can and will not take my wife’s money to buy it again.” – A husband of our sustainable assistant

New Traffic Law Training

In June, we held new traffic law training to 13 villagers aim to promote the new traffic law which was focus on the cause of road accident and especially giving them the strong message about wearing helmet when driving or being a passenger.

The training took two hours which presented by Phyrom, our English teacher and Thai, our Director. Although we had a problem that our electricity was off which we could not play the study video about road accident and wearing helmet through our TV slide, but the training still went well as we play the video on our computer instead and the villagers participated very well by discussing and asking the questions.

After training, most villagers understand about the cause of road accident and they committed to abide by the law and especially, they will wear the helmets when driving or being a passenger and buy new helmets for their family members who don’t have.

Four villagers whose their children studying English with us have bought new helmets for their children.

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