Newsletter | August 2015

There's still time for a Summer Social!

You're welcome at the Social House. The newest kid on the downtown St. John's block has opened it's doors for the ultimate in social experience. Offering a southern inspired menu in a choice of atmospheres, you can choose your Social House surroundings  based on your mood. 

The mix of rustic and modern decor makes The Social House appeal to just about everyone. We featured the NTV interview with the owner and Lottery winner David Primmer in our June newsletter, and we couldn't be more excited to see his vision come to fruition With a laid back lounge upstairs, including some very cool local art murals, to a piano bar,  and sports bar feel, we know this is going to be a success! There has already been so much buzz locally and beyond, and we are happy to have been a part of The Social House Kitchen & Bar. Be sure to check out their menu (above) on Facebook, and follow them on instagram @thesocialwindow for sneakpeeks of deliciosness. Congrats to The Social House!

Professional photos credit to Becki Peckham | Decor by SAM Design


Summertime Stainless - Induction Capable!

Browne offers a full line of Stainless Steel cookware perfect for induction cooking (and non-induction, of course!). Check out their Thermalloy Stainless Steel featured here, or their aluminum line, and prepare to be impressed!

Heavy-duty stainless steel construction with riveted handles for extra strength.

• 1/4” (6 mm) aluminum sandwich bottom for
superior heat conductivity resulting in faster
more even heat distribution for better cooking.

• Polished, hollow "stay cool" handles are more
comfortable to hold.

• Fry pans and sauce pans have a three point
triangular rivet pattern which makes a stronger
and more durable handle attachment.

• Fry pans are deeper than the leading
brand for the same diameter. This
makes it easier to flip food in the pan.

• Flat bottom well balanced handles
and bodies means that fry pans
stay flat on burners and avoid
“gassing” on gas ranges i.e. the flame
coming up around the sides of the pan if the pan
tilts backward.

• Durable Excalibur non-stick finish (on some
items) makes for easy cooking and cleaning.

• Induction capable. Thermalloy Stainless offers
superior cooking performance on any heat source.

Browne offers a full line of Thermalloy stainless steel cookware perfect for everyday use including Induction Cooking. Contact your local Big Erics or Big Erics Rep today for more info!


May Events


The Social House Piano Bar Grand Opening

Cox & Palmer’s Wayne Myles Named among Canada’s “25 Most Influential Lawyers”

Wayne Myles, a member of the Big Erics Board of Directors has been recognized as one of Canada's "25 most influential lawyers" by Canadian Law. The local NL paper "The Overcast" featured a piece on Mr. Myles, sampled below. 


With a mustache like his, you can be sure the man gets things done and makes his mark on the world.

Cox & Palmer’s Wayne Myles has been named one of “Canada’s 25 Most Influential Lawyers” by Canadian Lawyer. The list acknowledges preeminent lawyers who influence the laws, justice system, legal profession, and civil society in Canada and abroad.

“Myles’ recent claim to fame is the $3-billion international merger of Barbados-based Columbus International Inc. with England-based Cable & Wireless Communications PLC,” reads the article in Canadian Lawyer. “His Mergers and Acquisitions expertise, combined with his dedicated client relationships, resulted in the largest deal in the telecommunications company’s history.” This deal spanned over 40 countries.

“We’re proud to have Wayne as part of our team, and pleased to congratulate him on this significant accomplishment. It reflects his high level of leadership and experience,” says Alexander MacDonald, managing partner of Cox & Palmer’s St. John’s office.

See the "25 most influential Lawyers" article from Canadian Lawyer HERE.

Food Day Canada 2015 another HUGE success!

Only Canadians could work the miracle that is Food Day Canada ~ Journée des terroirs!  The elements of hospitality and generosity and sharing permeated hundreds of celebrations.   

Before anywhere else in Canada, Food Day Canada was kicked off in Newfoundland under the guidance of Roary MacPherson, the Executive Chef of the Sheraton Newfoundland and Nancy Brace of the Restaurant Association of Newfoundland & Labrador.  Then the fun began! 

Check out the list of Big Erics clients who took part:

The Club Cheese Curds: Gourmet Burgers + Poutinerie, Truck-Side Food Truck Food Court, The Wooden Monkey Restaurant, The Brooklyn Warehouse, Bonavista Social Club, The Merchant Tavern, Trout Point Lodge of Nova Scotia, Little Louis' Oyster Bar, AQUA Kitchen and Bar, Rocket Bakery, BOOMburger,  Ratinaud French Cuisine, Morris East Restaurant, Fleur de Sel Restaurant & Maison, Salt Shaker Deli , Edna, Chives Bistro, Habaneros Modern Taco Bar, 2 Doors Down, Raymonds, Bridie Molloy's, Fogo Island Inn, ONE11 Chophouse, Oppidan,  Lighthouse Picnics, Chinched Bistro, Mateus Bistro, Mallard Cottage, BACALAO, Nouvelle Newfoundland Cuisine, Windjammer, The Flying Apron Cookery

Brands you KNOW from Diversey-SMART DOSE

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Scrubbing Bubbles

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