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Morris East Restaurant in Halifax celebrated its 6th Anniversary in July and will be opening a second location this month at Nine Mile Circle on Larry Uteck Boulevard!  The new location will feature an exhibition kitchen, wine bar and dedicated take out area.
We just finished delivering all of the foodservice equipment for Université de Moncton's new cafeteria which will be up and running this month!
The burger craze has hit Moncton again: Big League Burgers and Wings is set to open its doors in the North End of Moncton at the end of the month!
Also in Moncton, Tony's Pastries is expanding at the end of the month so be sure to stop by and check out the changes!

Product Highlights


BugFix is a water based insecticide which comes in a ready-to-use 750mL spray bottle.  It is odourless, doesn't stain and has a shelf-life of over 2 years.  It can be used comfortably in public areas and can safely be used on all water-safe surfaces (wood, carpet, textiles, and more).  BugFix is toxic to cold-blooded organisms (insects) and kills them quickly.  It is effective against crawling and flying insects including spiders, flies, ants, cockroaches, mosquitoes, and more.  Only half a litre of BugFix is enough to protect a surface of more than 50m2.  It contains an inherently biodegradable active ingredient which is safe for warm-blooded organisms (humans and pets), according to the guidelines of the World Health Organization; there is no need for gloves or protective masks and it does not cause eye or skin irritation.  BugFix can be used anywhere bugs are found (indoors and outdoors) including factories, hotels, grocery stores, food warehouses, offices, stores, hospitals, retirement homes, schools, houses, apartment building, restaurants, national and provincial parks, marinas, camping sites and more.
For more information, check out the BugFix website or contact us!

BUNN's Ultra Gourmet Ice® System

This frozen beverage system from BUNN has a patented reversing auger design which quickens freeze time and reduces air mixing.  It is very simple to program and run with a touchpad display which also guides cleaning and preventive maintenance.  The refrigeration system is internally monitored to ensure long lasting performance.  The machine includes two large 3 gallon (11.4 litre) hoppers for optimum cooling and serving capacity.  It comes with a full 2-year parts and 1-year labour warranty, a 5-year parts and 1-year labour warranty on the compressor and 3-year parts and labour warranty on electronics.  It is listed as NSF certified and is available in white/stainless, black/stainless and black finishes.  This system now comes with new energy efficient improvements including LED lighting in the hopper covers, an improved side panel louver pattern, and software enhancements for more efficient control of the compressor operation which results in an approximately 15% reduction in energy usage compared to previous models.
For more information, check out BUNN's website or contact us!

Featured Customer

The Stubborn Goat Gastropub

The Stubborn Goat Gastropub is opening in the Argyle entertainment district of Halifax in September!

The restaurant will be opened by local entrepreneur Ryan Dubois and well-known local restaurateurs Geir Simensen who has been in the food business for over 25 years and is the owner of Saege Bistro and Scanway Catering, and Joe McGuinness (known as Mr. Hospitality in Halifax) and Kyle Drake who are the owners of Durty Nelly's.  The owners believe the hospitality industry in the downtown area is undergoing a resurgence and will once again become the scene for hospitality in Halifax.
They are currently working hard on renovations at 1579 Grafton Street.  The building will be stripped and decorated to enhance the original integrity of the building that most recently housed the G Lounge.  The Stubborn Goat will have a pub feel and the atmosphere will promote social eating; meals will be designed to be ordered as several dishes to share and taste rather than the classic appetizer followed by entrée and the high-top tables will put patrons at eye-level with their servers.  The menu will emphasize craft beers, local wines and local foods.  Also on the menu will be hand-picked international beers and wine.  The menu will feature some staples but will also include meals and drinks on a visiting or seasonal basis depending on which local foods are available at the time.  Speaking of local food, freshness is a priority at the Stubborn Goat; they don't even have a walk-in freezer!
Nearly all of the equipment in the kitchen has to be replaced and this is where Big Erics comes in.  "It's good to be able to rely on Martin [O'Brien]'s experience to help us make informed choices," says Geir, who has known Martin for over 20 years.  Martin provides suggestions on which equipment would work best and ensures it meets all requirements.  We're providing the restaurant with a Rational SelfCookingCenter, refrigerators, fryers, smallwares and more!
For more information about The Stubborn Goat check out their website, Facebook page or follow them on Twitter!

Employee News

Congratulations to Big Erics Sales Representative Melissa Durksen, née Sherwood, and her husband Scott on their recent marriage!  We hope you had a wonderful time on your honeymoon in Paris!


Big Erics is a member of the Restaurant Association of Nova Scotia (RANS)! For other associations we're a member of, check out our website!

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