Newsletter | May 2014

Daniel Constantine

On Friday, April 4th, our co-worker and friend Daniel Constantine passed away at the age of 64 following a battle with cancer.

Dan had been with Big Erics for twenty years.  His dedication and commitment has been an integral part of our success and growth.  Each of us not only grieves at the passing of an incredible individual but also for the loss his family suffers.

Frank Murphy, VP Sales: "I worked with Dan for the past thirty-two years and have known him for much longer.  In my humble opinion, Dan was a consummate professional salesman and one of, if not the most, knowledgeable foodservice equipment and supplies representatives in all of Canada and perhaps beyond.  Dan's only aim over all the years was to do the best he could for his customers, his family, and his company and he spent many hundreds, if not thousands, of hours over and above his regular day to accomplish his goals, and accomplish them he did in spades.  It is time for a long rest Dan.  You deserve it and yes, you will be greatly missed.  God Bless."

Ed Stratton, President & CEO: "All of us who have worked with Dan will have heavy hearts today as we reflect on our association with him and what a great human being he was.  I have not known another person who has demonstrated as much passion and commitment for his work, customers and family as Dan, whether it be day or night.  Dan has already been missed but as we move along let's let Dan's passion and vibrant character be an inspiration for those of us who are left to carry on."

Donations in Dan's memory may be made to the Vera Perlin Society or a charity of one's choice.

Product Highlights

Metal Polish

This photo was sent in by a customer who said, "This is the first time I've used this product, and my bike looks better than I've ever seen it!"
Designed to remove surface oxidation, brake dust and oily soils from all vehicular and household metal work, this Malco product contains micro-abrasives that will not scratch or damage metals - even soft metals like copper.  Use it on chrome, brass, aluminum, stainless steel, copper and other metals.

Bug-Off Insect Remover

This product from Malco loosens dried bugs from windshields, hoods, bumpers and grills.  Bug-Off is ideal as a pre-car wash for vehicles with large frontal areas such as trucks, buses and RVs.

Ultra-Violet Premium Wash 'N Wax

 Another Malco product, Ultra-Violet provides durable high-gloss shine in one easy step.  Advanced cleaning agents and waxes work together to remove the toughest soils and leaves a rich, lustrous shine.  Ultra-Violet makes water bead up for a fresh-waxed look and has a great grape scent.

Verry Berry Super-Premium Wash 'N Wax 

Also from Malco, Verry Berry foams like a liquid car wash, makes water sheet and roll off the finish, leaves a "just-waxed" look that lasts through several car washings, and has a wildberry scent.

Flash Liquid Paste Wax

Flash is Malco's most popular wax.  It is a liquefied paste wax manufactured with premium, natural Carnauba max and DuPont Zonyl®.  This easy-to-apply product dries quickly and comes off easily, resulting in a deep, long-lasting gloss.  When you need a great finish in a hurry, get it done fast with Flash!


Customer Highlight

Riverside Entertainment Center Inc.

The Riverside Entertainment Center at 2546 King George Highway in Miramichi, New Brunswick, will be opening on May 7th!

The Riverside Entertainment Center is a full-service entertainment center which can hold over 600 people and host weddings, live bands, fundraisers, business functions and other events.  The Center boasts an upscale 160 seat pub which includes large restaurant and bar areas where customers can order pub style foods but with enhanced flavoring thanks to the Red Seal Chefs and top-of-the-line kitchen.  It also features an ALC Coasters Lounge and a vast deck overlooking the water will be added in time for the summer!  The Riverside Entertainment Center has a friendly, full-service staff and reasonably priced food and drink menus.  You must be 19+ to enter.

The late Chief Noah Augustine of the First Nations community of Metepenagiag conceived this project several years ago.  Chief Augustine and the Band Council saw the Riverside Entertainment Center as a way to give the Band independence from government subsidies and provide an additional revenue stream which can then be reinvested back into other ventures in the community.  It has also created many jobs for people in the community; the Center already employs 80 people!  Following his passing, the current Chief Freeman Ward, his Council, and General Manager Shawn Boisvert have worked industriously to finish the Center.  Adam Augustine, cousin of the late Chief Noah Augustine, is the Director of Operations for Metepenagiag.  "If this enterprise is successful, and we believe it will be, we'll look at investing in other ventures down the road which can create even more jobs," says Augustine.

Big Erics supplied the Riverside Entertainment Center with booths, tables and chairs, ice machines, walk-in coolers, a captive air hood system, a glass washer for the bar and a high-temp dish washer for the kitchen, janitorial supplies, dish chemicals, paper products, all needed smallwares, a range, a griddle, fryers, stainless steel tables and shelving, a Rational Whiteefficiency Self-Cooking Center and, of course, great service.  "Your support was great; you made the process easy.  Tina [McAllister] was there every step of the way, guiding us along.  We had no previous experience in the restaurant business and Big Erics' input and assistance was invaluable to us; we wouldn't have succeeded without it.  Tina deserves so much credit, she was a huge help," says Augustine.

The Riverside Entertainment Center will be opening within the next few weeks, and the Grand Opening is set for August!  Check out their Facebook page for more information!  (Their website and Twitter account are coming soon!)

Upcoming Events


WorldHost® Fundamentals
One day workshop for front-line customer service employees will take place in various towns throughout NL.  $33+tax/person for HNL members or $55+tax/person for non-members.  For more information, check out HNL's Current Events page here!


"I am just concluding the pre-opening activities of the Homewood and Hampton Inn properties in Halifax, Nova Scotia on behalf of the SilverBirch Hotels and Resorts group (Vancouver, B.C.).

I have had the privilege to meet and work with Louise Jessome, VP Contracts, from Big Erics Inc. in Halifax, N.S.  Louise and the efforts of her team at Big Erics resulted in a world class performance delivery rate of .005/100% (credit to invoice) fill rate that includes damages and shorts.  Louise's product knowledge and knowledge of HVAC and custom builds at our property was impressive and refreshing to work with.  The complexity of her scope of work was an insurance I was not expecting for our project.

I would recommend Louise Jessome and the team at Big Erics without reservation.  They are very knowledgeable and thorough, from negotiations to PO issuing to delivery and receiving validation.  It is great to deal with the knowledge, transparency and customer care Louise brings to her client relationships."

-Warren Douglas, Prinicipal, Catalyst Agencies


Big Erics is a member of the Canadian Sanitation Supply Association (CSSA)!  To see more associations we're a member of, check out our website!

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