Newsletter | May 2015

Spring is here!

When Big Erics merged with Janitors Market we took on the highest quality and great selection of a auto and vehicle detailing products. So now that the sun is actually shining (most of the time) and the temperatures are climbing, it's time to make the most of our spring and summer weather.

We have everything you need to brighten your bike, clean the car and bring out the sparkle on that boat!

Malco & Bloomco have been providing professional car detailers, car washes, car dealerships and more with the most powerful cleaning and detailing products and accessories  needed to keep cars, bikes and boats spotless and clean, inside and out. From all-purpose cleaners and degreasers to polishes, waxes and glazes. 

Potent Purple Degreaser

Whatever you vehicle of choice is this season, stop by our showroom and pick up everything you need, including the microfiber cloths!


Product Highlights

Primo Ceramic Grills

Primo Kamado All-In-One

When It's All About the Food… It Has to be Primo
In Italian, "Primo" means the best. They chose that name because a Primo Ceramic Grill offers the "best of the best" when it comes to outdoor cooking.

Barbecue season has officially started (Let's hope we don't jinx it!), and there is no better way to light the fire than with a Primo Ceramic Grill.

The Ceramic Advantage
The shell and internal components of a Primo Ceramic Grill act like an insulator, holding in the heat and natural moisture of foods. It creates food that is incredibly juicy. Metal grills radiate a great amount of heat, and pull the moisture out away from food. Primo Grills also reduces the chance of a burn injury, because the exterior is at a much lower temperature than metal grills.

Organic Natural Flavor
The heat source for Primo grills is 100% natural lump charcoal. Thier own line of charcoal is made from whole stock hardwood to give food a natural wood fire flavor; just like cooking over a camp fire. This type of charcoal burns cleaner, hotter, and longer than gas or briquette charcoal. It can also be relit for multiple cookings.

Unmatched Cooking Versatility
They call their grills a "grill", but they are much more than that. Actually, they are a multi-purpose outdoor cooker. Grill, bake, roast, or smoke any food. In reality, a Primo Grill is a grill, an oven, and a smoker all rolled into one "grill".

Oval is the only way to go
Primo's patented oval shape delivers simultaneous direct and indirect cooking. Grill thick sizzling steaks on the direct side, while roasting farm fresh asparagus on the indirect side. Round ceramic grills promise, but can't deliver the cooking performance of a Primo Oval.

Primo Pizza Stone (& other accessories) also available

10 Reasons Primo Beats Gas and Briquettes

#1 American Made
Primo is the only ceramic grill made in the USA. They are proud of the American ingenuity and craftsmanship put into each of their grills. Regretably, it's pretty hard to find any grills that are made in America today.

#2 Amazing Flavor
Primo ceramics and 100% Natural Lump Charcoal create juicier food with a wood-fire flavor. The flavor of food from a Primo has a clean and natural flavor just like cooking over a fire and it's nothing short of "amazing".

#3 Ceramic Beats Metal Every Time
Their ceramic shell holds in the heat and helps food retain more of its natural moisture. Metal grills radiate heat and actually pull the moisture out of food. Primo Grills get very warm, but they greatly reduce the chance of a burn injury compared to metal grills.

#4 Four "Grills" in One
Primo Ceramic Grills can be used as a grill, an oven, a roaster, and a smoker. No gas or charcoal grill offers the cooking versatility and efficiency of a Primo Grill.

#5 Organic Heat Source
Primo's 100% Natural Lump Charcoal is made from whole stock hardwoods. It also burns hotter, longer and cleaner than gas and briquette charcoal. Despite popular opinion gas is not odorless, and briquettes contain chemical, not to mention the "instant light" varieties.

#6 Lights Quickly & Easily
You will be ready to grill in as little as 15 minutes. The same time it takes to preheat a gas grill, and a lot less time than waiting for briquette charcoal to turn white. Tick tock tick tock.

#7 Low Maintenance & Self Cleaning
No igniters to replace or unclog and Primo's 100% Natural Lump Charcoal produces half the ash of briquettes. Also, Primo Grills work like a self cleaning oven, just heat it to 500°F (260°C) for 30 minutes.

#8 Exceptional Temperature Control
The temperature is set by adjusting the airflow of the draft door and top vent. Primo Grills can maintain the same temperature for 18 minutes or 18 hours, depending on what you are grilling or smoking.

#9 Best Value in the Long Run
How many gas or charcoal grills have you replaced in the last 20 years? Exactly. A Primo Ceramic Grill is very likely to be the last grill you ever buy. Unless you decide to buy a second Primo.

#10 Best-In-Category Lifetime Warranty
Primo offers a limited lifetime warranty backed with a 20-year guarantee. Surprisingly, the years for a limited lifetime warranty are determined by each state, not the company offering it. No other grill company stands behind their grills with a better guarantee.

Stop by one of our Showrooms to check out a Primo Grill and accessories!


May Events


Burnside Garage Sale!

Big Erics
(& other businesses in the Business Park)
171 John Savage Ave
@ the corner of Wright & Akerley


Mother's Day

Jeremy Charles in the NY Times: Giving Northern Cuisine it's Due

WHITEWAY, Newfoundland — Jeremy Charles tipped a frying pan over a flame and spooned hot butter on some scallops.

“Got a bit of thyme with you?” he asked. Someone passed him an herb bouquet. He dropped it into the pan, and the air was filled with the intoxicating scents of fresh shellfish, hot tea, thyme, butter and wood smoke.

Above him, tantalized gulls hovered.

No, this culinary display did not take place in a gleaming restaurant kitchen. Mr. Charles, the chef at the acclaimed Raymonds in nearby St. John’s and a leader in a growing movement to celebrate the cuisine of the North, was so determined to show off the essence of his cooking that he, a fellow chef and two scuba divers had taken a small boat out to an isolated beach covered with rocks, weather-bleached logs and stubborn patches of snow.

Check out the full article HERE. Worth checking out for the photo album alone. Amazing work Mr. Charles!

Beanstalk Baby Food Launching this week in NS!

Aimee Carson and Angela Hersey photo from thecoast

Locally sourced and made & preservative free is exactly what today's parents want for their babies. Beanstalk Baby Food is launching this week in Halifax, to offer just that! 

"...Angela Hersey and Aimee Carson are selling it. These two food-savvy women have created Beanstalk Baby Food: homemade, almost always locally sourced, preservative-free baby food. And they're launching this week!

These entrepreneurs have been experimenting with local foods, spices and herbs to create a line of baby food unlike any other."

Read the full article in The Coast HERE.

12 Restaurants you HAVE to try in St. John's

Check out the recent article in the Huffington Post listing 12 restaurants you HAVE to try in St. John's NL. Our Fabulous clients of course!

Mallard Cottage
Fixed Coffee & Bakery
Rocket Bakery
The Club
Chafe's Landing
Chinched Bistro
Yellowbelly Brewery 
and MORE!

Check it out HERE

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