Newsletter | October,2012

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RANS Restaurant Awards Dinner

The Restaurant Association of Nova Scotia (RANS) is hosting the 2012 Restaurant Awards Dinner on November 15th at Casino Nova Scotia.  The awards celebrate achievement and excellence in Nova Scotia's Food and Beverage Industry in seven categories: Best Small Restaurant, Best Large Restaurant, Best Wine & Beverage Menu, Best Design & Decor, Best Mixologist, Best Server, and Best Green Restaurant.  Nominations will be accepted until November 1st, and will be judged by a panel of impartial judges.  Three finalists in the Best Mixologoist category will compete live during the reception!  An additional award for Best Course will be judged during the even itself!  Awards will, of course, be announced during the event, which will also include a five-course menu prepared by Local Chefs and Restaurants, paired with local wines.  Score cards at each setting will be used to judge the courses.  For more information, to vote or to buy a ticket, check out the RANS website here!

Product Highlights

Pitco's SpinFresh Fryers

Pitco is the exclusive manufacturer of floor model fryers which utilize the innovative and award-winning SpinFresh technology.

This is how SpinFresh works: First, the products deep fry conventionally in a round basket.  The basket is then automatically raised out of the oil and is then engaged by a spinning mechanism.  The basket then spins on an infinitely variable combination of speeds and times as the excess oil or water spin off.  The products also continue to cook while spinning, via convection from the heat inside the cooking system.

This process actually improves taste as there is less oil on the food, which normally competes with the food's flavours.  Excess oil also breaks down the texture of food, making them soggy, therefore less oil means the food remains crisp for longer.  There are, of course, health benefits, as well.  The process provides around a 25% reduction in calories from fat, and since the flavour isn't competing with as much oil, the need to add more seasonings, like salt, is reduced.

For more information, contact us or check out Pitco's website here!

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Employee News

The Big Erics team would like to welcome our new Central Newfoundland representative, Greg Cole, based in Bishop's Falls, and our newest Sales Representative, Roger Freeman, of our Janitor's Market branch in Dartmouth!


Big Erics is a member of the Hotel and Motel Association of Newfoundland and Labrador (HMANL)! For a list of associations we're a member of, check out our website here!

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