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Think "Big" this Valentine's Day

Let us Help you Ace that Dinner Date at Home

This Valentine's day, stay in.  For that special someone it is a very personal gesture that shows sincerity, care and generosity. Keep things simple and easygoing - the focus should be on the two of you. 

Without further ado, here's our top tips on details you need to focus on to make this dinner date at home extra special.

Create the Right Ambiance 
Creating the 'right' ambiance requires your personal judgement of the stage of your relationship and your date's personality. Our only advice here is not to overdo your décor, rest assured your efforts that night would be noticed.

Take the extra effort to find appropriate tableware, a nice new set of cutlery and having the right wine glasses do add a layer of sophistication.

Espoir Ceramic line by Browne

Make sure you've got the place to yourself, and keep things clean and tidy! Finally, turn off your computer and leave your mobile phone on silent mode. The focus is on your date tonight!

Focus on a Simple Menu 
Unless you are a seasoned cook or chef, keep the stress levels down by focusing on a simple and tasty main course you're familiar with. If you seldom cook, make sure you test the recipes a few times beforehand, not on the day itself!

Choose food that are not messy to eat. You both don't really want to feel self conscious and tensed over dinner trying not to stain your clothes or teeth. 

Drinks - get a nice bottle of wine that matches your main course. If your date doesn't drink, consider pairing your food with juices instead, it's quite a novel experience!

End with a great dessert, always. Especially your date's favorite. Either get it from a nice patisserie or bake your own. Great with tea or coffee to balance the sweetness. Chocolate always works.

Have Backup Plans
You should always have 2 backup dishes in case things go awry. Keep your pantry stocked with an extra box of dry pasta and a bottle of pasta sauce so you can whip up an easy plan B if plan A goes wrong. 
Have a Plan C too - the number of that nice pizza takeaway place. And hope your date finds it amusing and would laugh over it. Never say never.


Libbey Glassware & Cutlery

Product Highlights

biodegradable dust mop

The Biomop is an electrostatically charged mop that draws and locks in dust and dirt for green inspired cleaning programs. Independent testing shows that the Biomop sheet is twice as efficient as the leading brand sweeper sheet. Regular dusting improves indoor air quality and when the Biomop is used correctly, it can reduce cross-contamination in health care institutions because a “one-sheet-perroom” policy is easily implemented. Unlike the leading brand sweeper sheets, the Biomop is an environmentally friendly product that can be safely disposed of in a landfill or added to compost.
Each sheet will biodegrade to a tiny fraction of its original size within 6 weeks. Biomop’s biodegradability has been independently tested and proven in accordance with the ASTM D6400-99 standard.

features and benefits
     • Non-woven fabric sheets are disposable and biodegradable for companies implementing green cleaning programs.
     •     Economical to use every day or when laundry facilities are not available.
     •     Sheets are efficient to use because they pick up twice the amount of dirt as the leading national sweeper.
     •     Microscopic pick up similar to that of microfibre.

the environmental alternative
The Biomop is an environmentally responsible ‘dry’ cleaning tool that provides solutions to many of your green cleaning strategies. Biomop is disposable and biodegradable, so it eliminates the need for costly laundering. What’s more, it is effective in removing dust in a dry applications, reducing the need for water and chemicals. Its lightweight design diminishes worker fatigue and the Kwik™ system handle with spring-clip frame can be adjusted to accommodate any person’s height.

NEW from Diversey

Disinfection’s softer side

Soft-surface solutions create safer healthcare environment

Pathogens are sneaky, insinuating themselves into nearly every aspect of patient care. Even a privacy curtain, for instance, can be life-threatening. Yet, not so long ago, soft surfaces were given little or no thought as potential sources of cross-transmission — an oversight that has worked in pathogens’ favor for a long time. Fortunately, today’s attitudes have changed and effective soft-surface solutions are widely available and used successfully to prevent cross-contamination in the healthcare setting.

Product Summaries

Oxivir® Tb and Oxivir® Tb Wipes are ready-to-use hospital-grade
disinfectant cleaners, powered by AHP technology, that disinfect
hard non-porous surfaces in just 60 seconds. These products are
highly effective against a wide variety of pathogenic organisms.
Formulations have an active ingredient of 0.5% hydrogen peroxide.

Oxivir® Plus Concentrate is a one-step disinfectant cleaner
powered by proprietary AHP technology that disinfects hard
non-porous surfaces in just five minutes. These products are
effective against a broad spectrum of pathogenic organisms
including bacteria, viruses and fungi. Concentrate formulation
has 7% hydrogen peroxide. 

Oxivir® Five 16 Concentrate is a one-step disinfectant cleaner
powered by proprietary AHP technology that disinfects hard
non-porous surfaces in just five minutes. These products are
effective against a broad spectrum of pathogenic organisms
including bacteria, antibiotic-resistant bacteria, viruses and
fungi. Concentrate formulation has 4.25% hydrogen peroxide.

Why is soft-surface disinfection important?

Michael Ruley, CEO, Allied BioScience Inc., Dallas, TX, explains why soft-surface disinfection is such an important aspect of healthcare. "A significant portion of the surfaces associated with patient care and the healthcare environment are soft surfaces. New evidence suggests that fabrics, furniture covers, and clothing may contribute to cross-contamination and the transmission of pathogenic organisms. Infection prevention must take into account this aspect of the care environment."

Diversey's new Oxivir line is amazing in it's ability to rid surfaces of pathogens and other harmful bacteria, all while being gentle on the environment and us.

We'd LOVE to meet you!

We will be sure to keep you up to date with any shows or events we will be attending this year. 

The first for 2015 is Hospitality Newfoundland's Annual Trade Show & Conference! Come visit us next to the stage February 24-26 in Gander, NL.



HNL Conference
Gander, NL

2015 Travelers Choice

Trip Advisor Canada has awarded Fogo Island Inn two Travellers Choice Awards: Small Hotel (#10) and Luxury Hotel (#9). Trip Advisor is the world's go-to site for travel reviews by travellers. "We are proud to have been selected by the reviewers who mean the most to us - our guests." 

See the full list here.

8 Bakeries you HAVE to visit in HFX


Check out this article on the top bakeries you need to visit in the Halifax area, our clients of course! Halifax, NS is brimming with drool-worthy local bakeries. Satisfy your sweet tooth at at the many bakeshops and confectionaries sprinkled throughout Halifax and Dartmouth.

Legros & Motti moves on

“The vision of our founders was bold—a spectacular landmark destination on the beautiful St. John’s harbour front, and the largest restaurant of its [kind] in Atlantic Canada,” said a statement from Legros & Motti Classic European Kitchen management and staff on the restaurant’s website. “Ultimately, however, we were unable to sustain the volume of clientele necessary to support an operation of our current size.”

Stay tuned for their new location coming soon!

Read the full article here.

The Simple Life

Read the article on our customers EDNA restaurants head chef in January's issue of Foodservice & Hospitality magazine here (page 40).

Robert Reynolds shares his love for simple, elegant food with crowds of Edna restaurant devotees in Halifax.

"Robert Reynolds grew up chasing the smell of braised rabbit with barley emanating from his grandmother’s kitchen in England. By the age of 12, he was itching to ply his culinary
chops in a professional arena. He didn’t have to wait long."

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