Patrol Committee's Update on Flock Cameras

We hope you are staying cool and enjoying your summer.  The Ad Hoc Patrol Committee is following up with an update on feedback related to our consideration of installing at least four Flock Safety cameras (pilot program), and next steps (Click here for a pdf with more information on the cameras).
As a reminder, we hosted a Zoom information session with a representative of Flock and Sgt. Dorton from HPD who shared his deep knowledge of ALPR (automated license plate recognition) camera systems and answered neighbor questions.  Replay Link | Flock Safety Information and Q&A Session
Neighborhood Feedback
Per below, 77 neighbors responded to OBPOA’s email and 50 committed to donating $12,840 for an initial 2 yr. contract – enough to cover the cost of at least two cameras.  19 neighbors supported cameras but desired more info, thus the Zoom webcast. 90% of respondents either committed to supporting the installation of cameras or were interested in learning more about how they could be beneficial.

Next Steps
The Ad Hoc Patrol Committee will propose to the OBPOA Executive Committee that we proceed with a 2-year pilot project to install four Flock Safety Cameras. The OBPOA Executive Committee will meet over the summer and vote on whether to approve the installation of the Flock Safety Cameras as part of a Pilot Program. If approved:

The Patrol Committee will coordinate with the Executive Committee to set a start date for the pilot project.
  • The Patrol Committee will seek additional support from neighbors to fund at least four Flock cameras.
    • We will also reach out to local businesses next to Morningside/Holcombe, Greenbriar/Holcombe and apartment complexes nearby to see if they would like to participate in the pilot program.
  • The first four cameras would be installed at either end of Morningside, and Greenbriar, the two highest traffic streets in OB (decision made with input from Flock Safety).
    • The Ad Hoc Patrol Committee will coordinate with individual property owners to obtain their approval for the location of cameras.
    • The cameras utilize solar panels for power, thus need to be in locations with limited shade.
Lastly, the goal of the pilot program is to assess whether ALPR cameras can provide OB with additional and cost-effective safety.  During the pilot program, the Patrol Committee will assess the ability of the cameras to provide relevant vehicle data to OB/HPD related to criminal activity in the neighborhood.  The data may be limited since we seek to only have four entry/exits in the neighborhood covered, nevertheless, we believe these high-traffic streets should enable us to provide a thorough report on findings to share with neighbors and the EC during the 2-yr. pilot program so that we can then decide on whether to continue funding or expand the use of such cameras.
Thank you for your feedback and donation commitments. If you have any additional questions or comments, please forward them to
Have a great summer.
Ad Hoc Patrol Committee
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