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Issue 1, volume 1, 9 May 2013
Dear Sangha and friends,

I wish you all a most auspicious and enlightened Saga Dawa month starting today, 9 May 2013 and concluding on 9 June 2013. Saga Dawa is the most holy month in the Buddhist calendar and Vesak Day (Saga Dawa Duchen), which falls on 25 May 2013, is the day commemorating Buddha Shakyamuni's birth, enlightenment and passing into parinirvana.

May all your practices during the auspicious month of Saga Dawa multiply and swiftly obtain fruition to benefit yourselves, your loved ones and all sentient beings. 

HE Luding Khen Rinpoche

Foreword from our editor
Dear Sangha and friends,
The Luding Foundation rejoices in bringing our first addition of White Conch e-News to all our Sangha and friends.
We are happy to bring you our latest news and events via e-News and are very appreciative of your valuable support since we began in 2010.

We sincerely thank you for helping HE Luding Khenpo’s projects come to realisation and look forward to your continued support towards Rinpoche’s current and future projects. May we all help Rinpoche fulfil his heartfelt aspirations and prayers.
incerely in the Dharma,
Serene Tan
For the Luding Foundation Executive Committee


Bodhgaya Pilgrimage 2013
HE Luding Khenchen, HE Luding Khenpo and the Luding family were verywarmly welcomed by Sangha on their arrival at Bodhgaya on the 6th of February 2013.

Click here to read more and watch a short movie on our website.

Holiday period for monks in Manduwala, India

The holiday period for all the Monks at the Sakya Institute of Vajrayana (SIV) and Ngor Monastery is currently underway and spans from March to May 2013. During this time, most of the Monks return to their villages to visit their families in very remote parts of the Himalaya region.

At SIV some student Monks are dedicating their holiday time to editing and correcting all the publications, which are currently under progress.

Publication project

At present three full volumes of sacred Vajrayana Root Texts are fully digitally transcribed and are in the process of being printed in Delhi. 500 copies of each volume will be printed, making a total of 1500 copies. This is definitely great news for all the sponsors who are seeing the gift of their sponsorship.

Southeast Asia Tour
From 17 - 29 April 2013, a group of seven Monks from the Sakya Institute of Vajrayana (SIV) visited Singapore to conduct various group pujas. The pujas included:
  • Tara Obstacle Dispelling Puja,
  • Manjushri Nama Sangati Tantra, and
  • various pujas conducted at sponsors' homes upon request.
On 29 April 2013, the Monks then travelled to Malaysia to visit the Ipoh Sakya Kunga Delek Ling Centre, the Sungai Patani Centre and the Eastern Malaysia Buddhist Centre to conduct all the following group pujas:
  • Fire pujas,
  • Prajnaparamita Toma throwing ritual puja,
  • Mahakala Puja, and
  • Green tara Toma throwing puja.

Germany Teaching Tour 

On 22 August 2013 HE Luding Khen Rinpoche will be giving teachings at Sakya Kalden Ling in Frankfurt, Germany. Here Rinpoche will teach the complete workshop on Vajrayogini, which includes the initiation, blessing, teaching on sadhana instruction, phowa, tsok teaching, fire puja and preparation for retreat.
Singapore Vajrayogini Teaching Tour
HE Luding Khenpo will give the complete Vajrayogini teaching workshop at Sakya Temphel Ling, Singapore from 1 October to 27 October 2013. The Vajrayogini teaching program will include:

1.    Cakrasamvara 2 day Wang Chen
2.   Vajrayogini Chin Lab
3.   Vajrayogini 7 day teaching by Khyentse Wangpo with showing of Dharmata
4.   Vajrayogini Phowa
5.    Cittapani Initiation

6.   Tsok Teaching

7.   Teaching of Fire Puja

8.   Retreat workshop (3-day)
9.   Vajrayogini Fire Puja
The Passing of Khenpo Konchok's father

There was the recent passing away of the Sakya Institute of Vajrayana (SIV) Khenpo Konchok’s father on 14 April 2013. HE Luding Khen Rinpoche, Khenpo Konchok, Khenpo Tsega and SIV monks performed the three-day Vairocana puja for the father of Khenpo Konchok.

HE Thartse Khen Rinpoche
HE Thartse Khenpo has returned from his overseas teaching trip and will remain seated as Khenpo of the Ngor E-Wam Chodan Monastery for this year.
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