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In this issue we have details of our upcoming activities throughout New Zealand along with an update on our parent body and articles from some of our institutional members.  We would appreciate feedback on the newsletter so please email with your comments.
UPCOMING CHAPTER ACTIVITIES - Click for further details...

Lunchtime Forum & AGM - Auckland 22nd May

NZTA Road Safety Audit Workshops - mid June 2013, Nationwide

2013 Roadshow  14 - 20 August 2013, Nationwide

Low Volume Roads Workshop - 18 - 20 September 2013, Rotorua
Early Bird registrations close 31 May 2013

14th REAAA Conference and 12th International Construction Week
26th to 29th March 2013, Kuala Lumpur , Malaysia
The 14th REAAA General Meeting and 96th and 97th meetings of the REAA Governing Council were held in conjunction with the Conference.  The conference was held at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre, a short walk from the spectacular Petronis Towers.
Notable issues discussed and outcomes from these meetings were:

  • Adoption of the Strategic Plan developed by the Council under the leadership of Vice President, Gerard Waldron (CEO ARRB).  A copy of the Plan can be accessed on the Chapter’s web site or on request from our Secretary, Lisa Pallister.  The Plan has been developed in recognition of the need to provide greater value to the REAAA’s members and the limited time that Council members are able to dedicate to the day to day running of REAAA.    The Plan has four strategic goals together with a 3 year implementation plan. 
  • Notable aspects of the implementation plan :
    • Appointment of a CEO by the 98th Council Meeting (Manila 26-28th September 2013) to drive the implementation of the plan
    • Formation of an Executive Management Team comprising representatives from each of the Chapters with the suggestion that they be drawn from the REAAA Young Professionals group; which generally comprises young professionals from national road controlling authorities.
    • Evolution of the function of the Governing Council to focus on governance and strategic direction.
  • The parent body of REAAA has incurred operating deficits in recent years and the subscriptions levied by the parent body have not changed 1974.
    • Individual members currently contribute RM42 or approx. NZ$17/member/annum to the parent body. 
    • Institutional members contribute RM1,000 or approx. NZ$405/member/annum.  An institutional membership includes for 10 nominated staff.
  • The 96th Council meeting agreed a motion to raise annual membership subscriptions by approximately 10% per annum for each of the next 3 years.  The Council motion required approval at the General Meeting but could not be considered as the motion did not meet the necessary 30 day notice period.  As a consequence the motion will become the subject of a postal ballot and will be ratified if it achieves a simple majority.
  • The General Meeting elected Dr. Achmad Hermanto Dardak, Vice Minister of Public Works, Indonesia; as the President for the 15th term (next 3 years) of the Governing Council.
Aside from the above meetings the 14th REAAA Conference and 12th International Construction Week were notable and worthwhile events.  Other NZer’s I saw during the week were Bruce Chappell, Asset Manager for the Auckland Motorway Alliance who was presenting a paper and Chris Tolley from AECOM.
The conference papers are listed on and can be accessed through the NZ Chapter’s web site.
Social events included a reception on the Monday evening and a very well attended (approx. 800) Gala Dinner on the Wednesday evening at which Honorary Membership Awards were conferred on 10 distinguished members. 
Ian Stenberg was one of the new Honorary Members and the award  recognised Ian’s achievements over a 50 year career in civil engineering; including Ian’s roles as founding chairman of the New Zealand Chapter (1996-2002), chair of the organising committee for the 9th REAAA Conference (Wellington in 1998) when Robin Dunlop was the REAAA President; and as Honorary Treasurer General of the parent body (1999-2006).  
Gala Dinner entertainment was provided by enthusiastic and talented representatives from several REAAA Chapters.  Australian and New Zealand talent was held in reserve for another occasion!   Speaking of entertainment I cannot avoid mentioning a dinner for Council and Honorary Members kindly hosted by Minconsult on the Tuesday evening.  It was a friendly “let your hair down” evening and Karioke a popular after dinner choice – and our hosts enforced a “no exceptions” approach.  After taking my turn I was gently advised by “friends” from the Australian contingent not to give up my day job.

Article supplied by Richard Steel, Beca
REAAA Honorary Member Awards Ceremony
Ian Stenberg’s award was received on his behalf by Richard Steel – the tall fella with the beard!

Recent Changes in the NZTA Pavements Area

It is broadly accepted that the NZTA has a strong role to play in the setting of standards and future direction in the pavements area. Given the relatively small size of the industry, however, it is essential that collaboration with major suppliers and local authorities forms a key part of this direction setting.

The National Pavements Manager at NZTA, Dr John Donbavand says the way in which the Agency undertakes this work has recently been reviewed.  The review concluded that three steering groups would provide the required coverage, and expertise necessary to develop and implement appropriate strategies. 
These are the:
  • National Surfacing Steering Group
  • National Pavements steering Group
  • Skid Technical Advisory Group
As the name indicates the National Surfacing Steering Group is responsible for all surface types, it is an amalgamation of the previous Chipseal Reference Group and the Asphaltic Concrete Strategy Group.    The members are:
Mark Owen NZTA(chair), John Donbavand NZTA,  Joanna Towler NZTA, David Alabaster NZTA,        Alan Burkett NZTA, Luca De Marco NZTA, Laura Jureviciute NZTA,  Ken Gilberd NZTA, Ken Hudson MWH Ltd,  Roger Bailey NZTA, Bruce Chappell AMA,  John Vercoe Downer, Sean Beasley Higgins,     Jeff Waters Fulton Hogan, Peter McDonald Christchurch City Council, Laurence Harrow OPUS,           Erle Bencich Auckland City Council, Steve Wright Wellington City Council, Jayantha Rajasooriya Auckland City Council and Alan Stevens Roading NZ.
The group has met twice and the projects that are on the priority list include:
  • A surfacing selection guide for all surfacing types.
  • Develop surfacing practices with customer care in mind.
  • How to mitigate Flushing/Bleeding.
  • Improve the longevity and quality of asphalt.
  • Improve Construction Methodologies for all Surfacings.
  • Develop Greener Options for Surfacings.
  • Identify required Skills for the OMC and develop Training requirements.
  • Take advantage International Best Practice.
The National Pavements Steering Group is new.  There is currently a well respected National Technical Pavements Group (NTPG) which includes technical experts from around the country.  The NTPG is ably led by Allen Browne, Technical Manager, Hiway Stabilizers and has produced some excellent work. However, it was felt that a more strategic approach to dealing with issues 5 to 10 years out was still required, and to that end the National Pavements Steering Group has been initiated. Consequently, the National Pavements Steering Group whose members will include NZTA staff from Operations and Capital will provide the clients view on what projects are required and priorities, and this information will be relayed to the NTPG.  The National Pavements Steering Group is due to have its inaugural meeting in May. The membership is still to be confirmed but the group will be chaired by David Alabaster, Principal Pavements Engineer, NZTA.

The Skid Technical Advisory Group or as it is commonly know STAG has been established since the late 1990’s and provides leadership in the management of skid resistance.  The membership of this group has been revamped to realign it with future direction.  The members on the group are:
John Donbavand (Chairman), Roger Bailey, Terry Boyle, Shaun Perrin, Royhith Lal, Simon McCrone, Pam Ball, Ken Holst, David Cook, Dave Whitehead, Peter Cenek (Technical Advisor).
Traditionally the STAG membership has been client based but it is considered that there would be benefit by including members from Local Authorities and from the suppliers.  This would assist in developing a one network approach to the management of skid resistance and tap into industry expertise on the supply of suitable surfacing aggregates.  The selection of additional members is being undertaken at present.  
This group has met twice and the projects that are currently on the prioritised list include:
  • Ensure that the latest “Specification for State Highway Skid Resistance Management” T10: 2012 is understood by the people who need to use it and that the processes within T10 are working well.
  • Assess the benefits of the 2012 T10 specification and determine if changes are required.
  • Ensure that the regions are assigning the correct IL for each individual site.
  • Ensure that the SCRIM and macrotexture data is correct and the correction procedures applied to the SCRIM data are appropriate.
  • Determine how best to achieve the required investigatory levels.
  • Determine how best to assist Local Road Controlling Authorities to develop appropriate Skid Resistance Policies.
The members on all the steering groups have been handpicked for their experience and knowledge and ability to work in a team structure. It is clear from what has already been achieved, that these groups are working successfully and John Donbavand would like to record his thanks to each of the steering group members for their commitment and to their respective organisations for providing their services free of charge.      
First class paving job by Fulton Hogan’s Waikato team

The Waikato asphalt team have helped to make motorsport legend Rod Millan’s dreams come true. Rod has created a racetrack on his 140 acre Coromandel Peninsula property and each year he hosts the Leadfoot Festival, inviting championship racers from around the world to participate in the race.

Fulton Hogan has played a major part since the project’s inception over two years ago. In stage one, the Fulton Hogan team paved part of the racetrack, and were thrilled when Rod asked them to return for stage two. This included additions to the racetrack, the pit area, and paving the 1.6km long driveway that winds through the property, designed by Rod to be the perfect hill climb.

Fulton Hogan worked hard to meet the high standard that Rod requires, and have become part of his team in preparing these events.

In an email from Rod, he said, “I wanted to express to you and your team the professionalism they displayed working on our Leadfoot farm last week. I know you had a few challenges with some of our preparation, and I was pleased that all your team were focused on seeing a first class paving job. The reality is that you have all embraced my dream to build a special place for the Leadfoot Festival.”

Well done to the Fulton Hogan Waikato asphalt paving team, you can be very proud of your efforts. For more information about the Leadfoot Festival, see

Leadfoot Farm, Coromandel Peninsula.
   Dates of Interest 2013  
29 – 30 Transport NZ summit & expo Auckland
13 - 15   2013 INGENIUM Conference Dunedin
7 - 9 Economic Pavement Systems for the Future - Recent Advancements in Pavement Design & Binder Technology Rotorua
21 - 23 Local Government New Zealand Conference 2013 Hamilton
25 - 27 ACENZ Conference 2013 Tauranga
31 – 3 Aug NZCF/CCF Joint Conference Queenstown
14 REAAA Roadshow seminar Auckland
15 REAAA Roadshow seminar Taupo
16 REAAA Roadshow seminar Wellington
19 REAAA Roadshow seminar Christchurch
20 REAAA Roadshow seminar Dunedin
6 RCA Forum  Wellington 
18 – 20 Low Volume Roads Conference Rotorua
27 – 29 Road Transport Forum Conference Wellington
27 98th REAAA Council Meeting  Manila, Philippines
3 NZTA/NZIHT 14th Annual Conference  Auckland 
29 RCA Forum Wellington
Beyond 2013    
18 – 21 May International Safer Roads Conference UK
10 – 13 June 2015 Combined IFME World Congress and INGENIUM Annual Conference Christchurch
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