Think you've nailed your EVP? Think again.
Right now a huge number of businesses have employee journeys and employee value propositions that are ill-suited to the new hybrid ways of working.

Read Victoria Lewis-Stephens' take on the three things you should be thinking about if you want to determine if your EVP is fit for the future.

Build back better (3 mins)
#UCVoices: “If your brand connects with employees on an emotional level and, in turn, motivates them to do their best work, that will show up in their interactions with customers.”
Meet Paul Diggins, Head of Internal Communications at Santander.

Paul is a savvy communicator who specialises in driving change and powering up people managers.

Check out his advice on how to develop a spirit of innovation within an organisation and his top tips on building loyalty.

Meet Paul (2 mins)
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Personal purpose
Purpose - it's the word on every leader's lips right now. So what can we learn from a former monk about finding fulfilment? Jay Shetty, now a purpose coach, shares his insights on finding authentic happiness.

Get inspired:
Jay Shetty on thinking like a monk
for 'Essentialism with Greg McKeown' podcast
Founder's mentality
What does it take to be a successful founder? Kind Snacks founder and Shark Tank judge Daniel Lubetzky explores the delicate balance of skills that make the difference between success and failure in a tough economy.

Build something great:
Success in a tough economy requires balance, not brawn for Fast Company
Remote creativity
Innovation doesn't have to suffer in a virtual world. If you're in need of some inspo to spark creativity then this read is for you, as innovation experts share their tips on cultivating creativity outside of a physical workspace.

Get the creative juices flowing: 
How to stay creative when your team is working remotely 
for INC Magazine
Transforming 'bro' culture
A moment of realisation back in 2003 caused its new female CEO to drastically rethink how the brand tackled equality internally - shifting the company from a 'frat house' vibe to a culture built on supporting women in a male-dominated industry. Here's how they did it. 

Pursue gender equality: 
Transforming Burton's bro culture for Courier Magazine

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