Have you built a disruption-proof culture?
The FS industry is no stranger to transformation, but that doesn’t mean companies always get it right.

Agility and innovation are critical for survival, so building a culture that enables your business to shift focus at speed is non-negotiable.

But it’s easier said than done and most organisations fail to embed these traits at the heart of their culture.
This is where you've been going wrong (3 mins)
A 'welcome back' email and onboarding process won't cut it
As team members return to work, companies need to address the juxtaposed experiences of furloughed and retained employees to rebuild trust.

Beyond the workplace risk assessments currently sweeping the nation, there are ten key questions you should be considering right now to make sure you can create an employee experience fit for the new world of work.
10 questions to create the right post-furlough environment (1 min)
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#UCVoices: "If corporates don't act now for
the greater good then we're all in trouble"
Meet Joseph Murray, a senior comms pro who has lent his expertise to industry-leading brands including American Express, RSA, Rolls Royce and, most recently, De Beers Group.

In his quickfire #UCVoices interview, Joe shares a snapshot of what's next in engagement and his brilliant dream job.
Meet Joe (1 min)
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Here's what's keeping our cogs turning this week.
Storytelling mastery
As professional storytellers, we know a good story when we see one - and this is the craft at its finest. Featuring painstaking split-screen footage illuminating everyday athletes alongside professionals, we guarantee you'll watch this more than once.

Get inspired:
You can't stop us 
from Nike via Campaign
Remote presenteeism
Office surveillance isn't new, but spying on remote workers during a pandemic is deeply problematic. Not only does the practice invade privacy at home, it also has the potential to damage trust and trash your company culture.

Food for thought:
Bosses started spying on remote workers. Now they're fighting back via Wired
Radical leadership
Famed for their industry-shaping culture manifesto, a new book unpicks the NETFLIX psyche that makes its corporate philosophy so unique. We can't wait to take a peek behind the curtain at this powerhouse. 

On our reading list: 
NETFLIX and the culture of reinvention 
by founder Reed Hastings and Erin Meyer
The problem with 'cultural fit'
Businesses can only thrive when diversity of mindset is prioritised. Why then do so many companies recruit for 'cultural fit'? In the wrong hands, cultural criteria can cause hiring managers to unwittingly discriminate against talent from diverse backgrounds.

Reframe requirements: 
Stop Hiring for “Cultural Fit” from Kellogg Insight

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