Think TikTok is just for teenagers? Think again.
TikTok is on track to be the world's most downloaded app in 2020. And the chances are many of your employees and future talent are either already on it, or about to discover it.

As TikTok rapidly gains popularity, its audience is diversifying. Many brands are seizing the opportunity by integrating the platform into their marketing and advertising campaigns. But few have ventured into the world of employer branding on social media’s fastest growing app.

So how can you start to leverage TikTok to showcase company culture?
And why should you bother? Check out our guide below. 

Get TikTok savvy (5 mins)
“Tension keeps an audience engaged in your story and evokes emotion.”
Meet Phillip Ma, a marketing maestro and the next guest in our #UCVoices series.

Phil believes in elevating customer experiences through thoughtful innovation and purpose-driven marketing. He has worked for world-leading brands including Wyndham Hotels, Jet Blue Airways and Mercedes Benz, transforming marketing across the brand life cycle and driving growth.

We spoke to Phil about his sources of inspiration,the secret to telling a good story and why a brand’s purpose can’t solely be a price play.

Meet Phil (2 mins)
"Having a strong and fully executed purpose can add real commercial value, yet so many companies struggle to get it right. The proof? Almost 40% of people in the UK don’t feel that they do meaningful work."

Purpose. Is it time to reconsider why your business exists?
Check out the full article here.
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