Redundancies are tough.
COVID-19 has taken its toll on businesses big and small, and job losses are sadly hitting the headlines on a daily basis.

Redundancy places a huge emotional burden on impacted employees - including the people who must implement the process. But there are ways to get it right by making the experience more human.

And if you get it wrong?

You could cause unwarranted harm and frustration to those affected and you may destroy your reputation and your employer brand overnight.
Make redundancy more human - avoid these mistakes (3 mins)
#UCVoices: “Consumers have shifted their focus more 
toward information than commercialism.”
Meet Jessica Merz, Global Director of Corporate Communications at Bacardi-Martini.

Jessica is a senior communicator who is passionate about helping organisations stand for something authentic. She has been working in communications for over 20 years, most recently at privately owned spirits firm Bacardi Limited.

In our latest #UCVoices interview, we caught up with Jessica to dig into what she's learnt throughout her 20-year career and her take on the latest trends in our industry.

Meet Jessica (2 mins)
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On returning to performance
Are you planning for growth and recovery yet? If not, you should be. Surviving the crisis is only part of the challenge. Download our roadmap to recovery and put it into action in your organisation - give us a call if you need any help. 

 From Crisis to Recovery:
Your roadmap to performance
On evolving your business
"One thing is true for all businesses: they will need to be more empathetic, more agile and more innovative than ever before. There are six critical things businesses need to do as they start to evolve from the crisis. Here they are."

#ICYMI: From Crisis to Recovery:
How to adapt to the 'new normal'
On re-engaging post-furlough
"The most tuned-in leaders and managers will work quickly to re-establish psychological safety, finding new ways to support and motivate their people by re-evaluating the contract between employer and employee."

#ICYMI: How can companies regain trust from furloughed employees?
On the value of culture
As we continue to adapt to new ways of living, working and connecting, companies need to start planning for how they will recover when the new normal starts. Spoiler alert: culture still reigns supreme.

#ICYMI: During a crisis, engaging people takes more than frequent communication.
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