Miami Coalition Against BSL: VOTE YES #500

August 11, 2012
Dear MCABSL Members and Friends:

We are at the end of a long road in a hard fought monumental battle. In this battle we carry no weapons, but blood has been shed and lives lost. The battle ground has been obscure but forever present. W

We carry hidden emotional scars while our dogs suffer, remain without their God-given dignity and freedom or lay dead. Forever they remain in our hearts and cherished memories. For we are the army unseen, unheard until NOW!

We are in urgent need of volunteers at the polls today and on Saturday August 11th and Tuesday August 14th, 7am to 7pm! These are the last days of voting. Please contact Aleksandra at if you wish and are able to volunteer. We will supply the flyers, tees and signs. Please be courteous and patient with voters that have not had the privilege of receiving the proper facts and education on the real issues. 

MCABSL’s Campaign has been a massive grassroots effort! We have sent out robo calls, flyers, t-shirts, radio spots, TV commercials, social media, appeared in numerous TV and Radio shows, and are standing tall at the polls! We have had incredible support from organizations like Best Friends, Animal Farm Foundation, National Canine Research Council and No Kill Nation!  Celebrities such as Tia Torres and family, Mark and Jamie Burhle, Shorty Rossi and his cast, Lissette Alvarez, Willie Chirino, Chris Nunez, Bully The Kid, Pit Bull, Twin Soul and countless others are standing with us. The support of hundreds of rescue groups worldwide is noted. Dog Registry Clubs such as UBKC, BBCR, UKC, AKC, and the ABKC have stepped up to the plate and said No More BSL! The AVMA and the South Florida Veterinary Medical Association quoting documented evidence and facts stated “Vote Yes” to repeal the ban! The Miami Herald officially recommended repealing the ban and voting YES to its readers! The Miami New Times with positive editorials! The American Bar Association denounced BSL! The majority of the Miami Dade County Commissioners are speaking out against this ban!  This is of historical proportions and the eyes of the world are upon us…Miami! The planets are officially aligned!
In order to assure our success and defeat of this inhumane 23 year old ordinance, we still need funding to continue this fight! If you can spare any amount, please donate online at or through PayPal at We’re almost there!

A word of caution please: we must all be aware of our surroundings, for when this ban gets repealed on the 14th, there MUST be a smooth transition without one single incident. The work begins then, to ensure that public safety remains a top priority at all times. Owner responsibility MUST BE enforced and practiced by all. MCABSL will be working hand in and with MDAS and the Miami Dade Commission to assure this.

We will repeal the Miami Pit Bull Ban come August 14th! To those that scorn us, that preach hate, ignorance and fear, we will show them what a privilege and blessing it is to be able to share our lives with one of these so called monsters.

This is the time to come forth with every breath in your soul and stand up for those who have no voice! For those who enrich our lives and give us unconditional love. They are why we fight today and we will not hesitate to continue until this inhumane ordinance is abolished once and for all! Let others send out their negative press, filled with lies and whimsical evidence. Let them say they are killers, for the real killers are those who have supported this ordinance and are directly responsible for thousands of innocent dogs being slaughtered. The innocent blood is on their stained hands! We will prevail! In the end, you can look into your dog’s eyes and say “I did not fail you.”

Let’s Do This!

In Hope and Commitment,

MCABSL-Director / Founder / UNITEDAGAINSTBSL.ORG / (305) 323-3960



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