Normandy Travel Update
(Meeting in Paris Airport - CDG)

T-minus 10 days and the trip is approaching fast.  Important details for those who are traveling to Paris ahead of the June 4 group flights that are landing June 5 at CDG.    Below is where you need to meet Historic Programs tour managers and bus managers to depart to Normandy.

Here are some important notes below:

Most recent Historic Programs update on day-by-day tour itinerary with hourly departure and event times.  Please open and download or print a copy for yourself.  (10 pages) 

2.  LHAB Travel Guide
Interactive travel guide of the trip. We are still in the process of inserting more information and details, but start reviewing this now, as it contains important information and numbers you may need while on the trip.  This travel guide can be updated on the fly and should be used as a companion brochure during your travels.  The guide may be printed later as a trip souvenir. 

3.  LHABRemind app  - download for text communications and ask for all travelers to register before departing on the trip.

CDG Airport - Paris
When to meet:   June 5 by 9:00 am
Where to meet:  Charles De Gaulle Airport (CDG) - Terminal 2E

We are going to one of the busiest and largest airports in the world.  This airport handles approximately 73,000,000 passengers annually and covers over 32 square miles with 3 large terminals. Just as we have a large band, this is a very large airport - please don't get lost!!!!

Historic Programs will have tour managers in blue polo shirts located in the baggage claim area of TERMINAL 2E.  Look for the signs for Historic Programs once you arrive in this area.   Please arrive at the airport by 9:00 am for those who are already ahead of group flights and in Paris.


Here is a layout of the entire airport:

We want you to be safe and be smart about traveling.  There are a number of members on this trip who will be first-time travelers and may have never flown on a plane before, much less to a foreign country into one of the largest airports in the world.  Please help one another and watch out for each other.  There are TSA rules that you should check if you have questions about what you can carry on planes, etc.  Check US Customs rules for travel too.  


We'd like to think that travel will look like this:

BUT, in reality, it's going to be more like this - which is why we ask you to be safe,
careful and be alert for your group and others surrounding you.

Expect there to be long lines in the airports so we ask that you to be kind to fellow travelers and be nice and manage your expectations about this portion of the trip. 

  • Don't say things in the airport that might cause alarm
  • Don't leave bags unattended
  • Don't accept anything from people you don't know
  • Do - Be safe!
  • Do - Think about the clock.  As Mr D always instructed us in band,
          "To be on time is to be late, to be early is to be on time"
  • Do - Protect your belongings and protect your Stetson
  • Do - Hydrate before and during plane travel with water
  • Do - Move about on long flights, leg movement is important
  • Do - Be patient, have fun and relax.  We'll all be there soon!
  • Do - Bring your passport and state-issued ID's
  • Do - Exhibit "TEXAS FRIENDLY" always - you're representing US
Normandy tour tips:

Gratuities for the waiters and baggage handlers are included in the price of your tour and it is not required for you to tip these individuals at all during your tour.

Tips for tour managers and bus drivers are not included in your tour expense. LHAB would like to collect these amounts from all travelers to show our appreciation tip of $20 Euros per passenger total for the entire trip.  We want to show our gratitude to our tour managers and drivers.  Tips will be collected from your group at the beginning of the tour by each bus captain.  Please donate before your funds become depleted by souvenirs and other expenditures

REMIND APP (sign up today if you haven't)

LHABRemind will be used to send important information about our events via text message and we're requesting all travelers to join LHABRemind on your phone.  Participation is free of charge. Please have at least 1 person in your party who has signed up for LHABRemind.



Contact your credit card and cell phone providers no later than June 1st to set up your international cell service plans and to alert credit/debit card providers that you'll be making charges on your credit cards in Europe.

Make copies of your passport photo and numbers, and store on your phone.  Leave a copy at home in the states with someone you can call in case of an emergency.


LHAB Travel Guide

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