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"MOKSHA" (Emotional Healing)


New Song Available!

"It's exquisite... like a beautiful lotus flower presented to me that, at the end, reduced me into tears. I could listen to MOKSHA for hours."
(Diana Milstein, Artist, Glastonbury, UK)
OPEN, RELEASE AND HEAL with davidji's deep guidance and SacredFire's powerful ethereal vocals and soothing instrumentation. This transformational journey will tenderly navigate your heart to unlock profound emotional liberation.

LISTEN to a sample and DOWNLOAD MOKSHA  for only $2.49 for the Holiday season (reg. $2.99).

MOKSHA (pronounced Moke-Sha, Sanskrit for "Liberation"), is the first release from
"Journey to Infinity", our upcoming collaborative album with 

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The story behind MOKSHA
by davidji, Meditation Guru, Hay House Radio Host, Author and former Lead Educator of the Chopra Center for Wellbeing

''Sometimes something magical happens when you go into the studio to record. I had been working on a spiritual opera for the past year. The premise was a journey through the classical 5 elements in Ayurveda – space, air, fire, water, and earth. Collectively known in Sanskrit as the mahabutas (the great elements) , these are the foundational building blocks of everything in life. I was also going through my own personal journey of growth and transformation.'' Read more...
What people are saying about MOKSHA

"Loved the Moksha music and meditation! Music is awesome and David Ji's voice is just Ahhhh .... so smooth. I am STILL floating ~ ~ ~"
 — Joanne Scanlon, Primordial Sound Meditation Chopra Center University Certified Teacher

"I did a short meditation before my gig last night to MOKSHA... I want to get back into it and make it a habit.Thanks for all the wisdom and joy you spread."
— John Turnbull, Guitarist for Bob Geldof, The Blockheads & World Party

"MOKSHA - WOW! I gotta play this music while riding the Harley... What a treat... And I thought Chicken soup was good for the soul. MOKSHA is food for the soul."
  — Robben Salyers, CEO, Be Complete America

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