Chants & Drums March 2012 Events

Chants & Drums March 2012 Events
Chants and Drums Rising CD


Our "Rising" CD can be downloaded from our online store for only $5.99.

CD can also be mailed to you for $12.97 + shipping.

Chants & Drums offer soothing vocals and tribal, shamanic rhythms to promote peace and harmony within. Each song on ‘Rising’ is a celebration to life’s abundant blessings. 


"I love Chants & Drums. They are gifted musicians who have created a powerful, healing, & transformational experience for us to connect to our deepest source."
- Davidji,
Dean of Chopra Center University, Carlsbad, CA.

“… it brought tears to my eyes, bumps all over my body and my HEART swelled with Love”
- C. Lanes, BC

Hello Friends.
Keeping you up to date with our
local  March 2012 events.

Free free to share, and hope to see you soon!

But first, a musical moment...

We thought you might enjoy listening to our song "SHAMAN RISING" (click here).

This piece is a tribute to healers on the path to awareness. It features groovy throat singing by Richard L.S. Hahn (Blue Skies Counselling). 

This will give you a taste of one of our upcoming May events, where we will be at the 3rd BC Shamanic Conference "Bones of the Ancestors". By the way, there are still a few spots available to this unique, worldwide gathering of shamans. You might want to check it out.

Peace within,

MJ  &  Dean  (Chants & Drums)
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Upcoming events

March 5
Mysteries Abound!
Art Opening by artist Sophie Brunet with Chants & Drums (Squamish, BC)

March 6 & 20
Energy Balancing Sessions at Paradise Valley Wellness Centre (Squamish, BC)

March 13 & 25
Chants & Drums Music Meditations at Paradise Valley Wellness Centre (Squamish, BC)

March 1
Live Chants & Drums to Yoga Class at Chopra Yoga Center (Vancouver, BC)

March 17
Sound & Movement Meditation with Erica Otto at Violet Quartz Wellness (Squamish, BC)

March 25
Chants & Drums Music Meditation (Vancouver, BC)

March 26
Rebalancing Music Journey (Squamish, BC) 

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