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October 2015

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SacredFire MJ and Dean in France

News from the road

France - October 2015

Bonjour SacredFire friends!

About two weeks ago, after the release of our new album "Continuum" (the music from Journey to Infinity by davidji & SacredFire), we landed in warm & sunny French Riviera. Our hearts are still brimming with gratitude for the fabulous feedback that we have received from everyone. Our Music Medicine is starting to make its way on Internet Radios across the world... A warm thank you to all of you for supporting our work!
Recovering from the flood

A few days before we left home, we were saddened to hear about the cataclysm that devastated Côte d'Azur - a colossal storm had hit the area where we were heading.  19 lives were taken and much damage was caused. We arrived to a grieving community; everyone seemed to have been hurt to some level by the storm, and had a story to tell... READ MORE
Exploring high vibrational locations

Now that the storm has passed and we are settled for a few weeks, we are taking a few days to explore the beauties of the region, before hitting the "record" button for our new project.
Dean at Chateau de Mandelieu
MJ on San Peyre mountain
Mandelieu-la-Napoule view from San Peyre
In the coming weeks, we intend to visit high-energy locations in the south of France, Germany and Spain to take in the nurturing vibration & capture some sounds for our new recording project.

Keep posted for updates!

We are now also on Instagram!

With love and gratitude,

MJ and Dean

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SacredFire rehearsing accoustic

Rehearsing for our concerts & workshops in Germany.

In our apartment in France, we are enjoying creating new music, and rehearsing accoustic versions of our songs for our upcoming concerts & workshops in Germany.

Here is a snippet of a rehearsal and improvisation of our song "Healing Flow (remix)", from our latest album "Continuum".
Watch the video on Youtube:

Join us from Nov. 8-13, 2015, at Europa-Park (Rust. Germany), where we will be working with the beautiful Magali Devi of Anahataflow at our ELEMENTALS Yoga, Meditation & Music Medicine retreat.

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