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now available for pre-orders
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Now available for pre-orders

Each track on Journey to Infinity carries the intention to infuse the listener with elemental wisdom through healing music, ancient Sanskrit mantras, and deep guided meditations.

Some tracks relax your body, while others calm your mind; some open your heart, and others make you get up and dance; opportunities to bring greater wholeness into your life.

The beautiful, creative expressions of shamanic sound healers SacredFire combined with davidji's vision and words make this CD a valuable tool in taking your life to the next level.


If you enjoy it, make it yours!

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Pre-order special : $13 (reg. $15)

Track titles
1. Akasha (The Primal Source)
2. Yatapinde Tat Brahmandi
(The Universe Within)
3. Touria Atma Darshan (You are the Gap)
4. Timeless Gardens of Creation
5. Cosmic Breath
6. Vayu (Stepping Into Clarity)
7. Agni Meele Purohitam (Surrender to the Fire of Transformation)
8. Ojas (Vital Nectar of Life)
9. Agni Ah (The Fire Within)
10. Jala (Our Healing Waters)
11. Jeevanam (Water is Life)
12. Moksha (Emotional Healing)
13. Om Tryambakam (Sweet Mother Earth)
14. Mulhadara (Climb the Mountain)
15. Shanti (Peace & Protection)

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Pre-order special : $13 (reg. $15)

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