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Hi, this is Mike here to share three things.

1️⃣  New work for Vanderbilt University

For the past year, we’ve been working to completely overhaul Vanderbilt University's digital design system and key interfaces. The Vanderbilt leadership and client team has been forward-looking, creative, and supportive, and we’re grateful they gave us the opportunity to tell their story. (Disclaimer: of course we love all of our clients equally! 🥰) Check out the new site.

2️⃣  How an audience is won

I recently came across this deck by Bobby Blanchard, the Texas Tribune’s excellent Audience Team leader. It’s great intel for any strategist, designer, or reporter—he does a fantastic job breaking down the goals of audience-focused editors and detailing how to understand your readers, create valuable content for them, and connect with them where they are. Reading this deck is now a standard homework assignment for our clients who are trying to figure out how to connect with their readers. Thanks Bobby!

3️⃣  Meditative brushwork

Vincent De Boer is a Dutch artist who works with a flat brush, creating intricate textures with just one simple tool. He currently has a residency/installation in Utrecht called MOD-de knoop: a continuous loom paper he fills as it rolls along on a custom architectural armature. In addition to tasty pancakes and sticky weed, the Dutch also have some pretty great programs to promote public art. What else does a society need?

I have more things, but was told the name of this newsletter is Three Things. So you’ll just have to wait until next time to hear more.

Until then,

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