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1️⃣  And The Webby Goes To ...
Everytown for Gun Safety won a Webby
In our last newsletter, we asked everyone to help Everytown win a Webby. 

And thanks to you, we did it: Everytown won for Charitable Organizations and Non-Profits.

Their mission is more relevant than ever right now. That's why our five-word acceptance speech struck a hopeful tone.


If you want to help, please consider making a donation or taking local action (you can start with our Moms Demand Action app).
2️⃣  On Wintering
Wintering, by Katherine MayWe've been big fans of On Being for a long time. So when Krista Tippett chose us to redesign her publishing platform a few years ago, we were a bit starstruck.

Now that we find ourselves in the (second) springtime of our pandemic, I’m reminded of a recent episode that really got me. Katherine May introduces the concept of “wintering” as a natural, restorative state for all living things.

It’s a healing idea as we emerge from what feels like a year’s worth of winter.
3️⃣  Got What It Takes?
Trivia nights have quickly become Upstatement’s favorite form of competitive togetherness. Once a month, the whole studio (along with pets, alumni, and significant others) gathers around Holly & Keri, our positively Trebekian hosts. They invented UpsTrivia, write every question, and even commissioned a fiery theme song filled with Upstatement minutiae.

My team has managed to lose every time — but we are in first place for second place finishes. 🥈 Think you can do better? Bring it on. Here are some rounds from our last trivia night ...  Let us know how you do!


p.s. - I’m rooting for you, dad. 🎾

p.p.s. - Everytown wasn't the only Upstatement jawn to win an award this week. Fast Company named our work with The 19th* one of its "World Changing Ideas." Congratulations to the whole team!
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