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Hey everyone, Mike Swartz from Upstatement here! Last time I sent you all an email it was to invite you to a huge party at our studio. Remember parties? 

While this is a far cry from yelling into each others’ faces with our Stop & Shop cheese-breath, for the next few minutes, let’s pretend that we’re partying. 
1️⃣ Get On Board the Wu Train
While some of our work is political-adjacent and everything we do has brand at its core, we’d never built an actual political brand before. That was before Michelle Wu, city councillor and Boston’s next mayor, tapped us to create her visual identity and build a digital brand toolkit to power her campaign and inspire her supporters. The community responded with overwhelmingly positive reactions, including claps from ... a potato.

Check out this video of the team describing their work and process 👉
2️⃣ Interface as Cultural Artifact 
We’ve been discussing this inspiring essay on the history of interfaces by Boris Müller. Müller argues that interfaces are cultural artifacts and should be taught the way old masters are taught to new art students. While many are obsolete, these patterns are echoed in modern interfaces and still understood by users today. By researching influential interfaces from history, we can better understand why things are the way they are today, and how we might build better interfaces tomorrow. 
3️⃣ Please Touch
While we’re talking about interfaces, behold, my favorite channel on Jeopardized Interfaces. To quote the sadly defunct egg-surprise-machine from the old Lorem Ipsum books in Inman square: “If you think lots of things are weird, this is not for you.” You’ve been warned. 
That’s enough for today, but if you ever want more brain nuggets, shoot me an email! Or if you’re truly a brave soul, apply for one of our open positions and hang out with us all day on Slack. You’ll have to do work too, but we’ll pay you for that. 


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