A Fireside Chat with Steve Blank

The Potter Auditorium - Halifax - May 30 4:00 PM - Free

Author and educator Steve Blank literally wrote the book on modern startups. This Tuesday May 30 is your chance to hear from this groundbreaking innovator and entrepreneur.


Networking is both a deliberate and non-deliberate way to create and maintain relationships with other people and to help mutually encourage goals. Networking is also about maintaining mutually beneficial relationships.  Though it can sometimes be thought that networking is only about helping ourselves, it is about helping other people too!  If I have a skill that can help another person or company, me using that skill is not only helping myself, but helping them as well!
Through networking it also allows you the ability to connect to more people.  Imagine, every person you talk and connect with knows approximately one hundred or more people, that means they have a large network that they can connect you with.  Every time you connect; you could be connecting with hundreds of new people and not even know it.  Through this you can be introduced to future employers, clients, service providers or even friends!

Your network is an asset, it’s a resource that can make you smarter, experienced and capable, go out and build it!

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