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 March Pet Care Newsletter


This newsletter its all about kittens!
your dedicated team at Caulfield Veterinary Clinic

Kittens play for 10-20 minutes several times a day. Play builds muscle strength and coordination and teaches kittens about the world around them. Hunting behaviour is learned through play. Some breeds such as oriental cat breeds are more active than others. Playtime with your kitten can lessen destructive behaviour.

Some ideas for playing with kittens:
- laser lights
- feathers
- crumpled paper
- paper bags
- play gyms and climbing

Some kittens can be taught to walk on leash. The fitting of the leash and harness is very important to success and should be done with expert assistance. Start your kitten walking on leash from a young age for best success.

Preventative care for kittens
Kittens need F4 vaccinations at
6-8 weeks
10-12 weeks.

F4 vaccinations protect your kitten against serious disease due to feline panleukopenia virus, herpesvirus, calicivirus and chlamydia.

Kittens can also be vaccinated against Feline AIDS and Feline Leukaemia virus. Feline AIDS vaccine is given to kittens as three vaccines 2 weeks apart and Feline Leukaemia virus vaccine is given as two vaccines 4 weeks apart. The AIDS and Leukaemia vaccines can be started from 6-8 weeks, but will often be given with the second vaccination as this is often the first visit after the kitten comes to the new home.

Kittens need to be wormed frequently using an all intestinal wormer. The wormer must be effective against whipworm, roundworm, hookworm and tapeworm. Worming of kittens should be
every 2 weeks until 12 weeks of age, and then monthly until 6 months of age.

Desexing kittens has many benefits. Kittens that are desexed have lower rates of reproductive associated disease, less behavioural problems and make calmer more affectionate pets. Desexing also reduces roaming and fighting between and cats and reduces the numbers of unwanted litters! Desexing operations are recommended at 5-6 months of age.

Q: What type of money do dogs and cats have?
A: Kitty cash and Doggy dollars.

Q: Why did the cat get arrested?
A: For his litter.

Q: What do you call a bad time with cats?
A: Catastrophe!

Q: What do you call a cat when it graduates from Meowniversity?
A: A Meowdical Pedigree.

How do you choose a name for your new kitten? We have come up with some ideas for themes for naming your kitten:
- Names that reflect personality or quirky behaviours such as Mischief, Flash, Twister, Beezlebub or Hunter;
- Names from Literature such as Aslan, Crookshankes, Gatsby, Atticus, Havisham or Pickwick;
- Names that reflect your cats beauty such as Calico, Snowy, Paprika, Chili, Sunset, Indigo, Midnight, Periwinkle, Ash, Pearl or Mocha;
- Cat name puns such as Lickerish, Faux Pur, Catpachino or Apricat;
- Or simply quirky names such as Lord Voldemort, Adipose, Fuzzmeister, Bagheera, Minerva or Nekobus.

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