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Color by Kristin - a handknitting yarn

Introducing Color by Kristin

MY NEW YARN for Fall/Winter 2012

Hello Knitters!

I have been dying to share some really exciting Kristin News with you. Drumroll please....... I have collaborated with Classic Elite Yarns, a leading distributor in the American handknitting community to bring back my classic worsted weight wool/alpaca/mohair
knitting yarn. If you are a fan and follower of my knitwear design, I'm sure this is great news to you too.

The new yarn - called
COLOR BY KRISTIN - is being spun and colored by the same exceptional mill in Peru which supplied my Julia Yarn for several years. COLOR BY KRISTIN is the same weight and yarn construction as Julia. It will be available in Local Yarn Stores throughout the USA for the upcoming fall knitting season. The yarn will be supported by two pattern books full of fun and colorful sweaters and accessories.  

Here is the really cool thing..... many of you probably know this but for newish knitters here is a bit of a back-story. Way back in June of 1984, I started my professional handknitting career with Classic Elite Yarns as their "Creative Director." For 16 years, I worked in that job.... loving it and feeling creatively fulfilled and building the Classic Elite brand into one of the leaders in the American handknitting industry. Along the way, I traveled the world and further developed my passion for design and color. When our daughter Julia was born in 1998, she had many health complications. After 2 years of juggling a farm, a house, a full-time yarny job, and a child with compromised health, I made the decision that I could no longer cope with all that was on my plate. I stepped away from my job as Creative Director and began my career shift to free-lance author and knitwear designer.

Along my freelance way, I was approached by Westminster Fibers to have my own yarn line. That yarn called Julia (named after our daughter Julia) had a great run and was featured prominently in my two recent books Kristin Knits and Color By Kristin. You may have them on your bookshelves and perhaps you have knit a project or two from them. As with all things in business, things change and Westminster discontinued my Julia Yarn. 

So what began as an ending back in November 2011, turned into a new beginning for me and Classic Elite Yarns. I began collaborating with Betsy Perry, the new owner of Classic Elite Yarns, Susan Mills, the Creative Director, and Heather McVicker, the Sales Manager. And now I can let you all in on this great new development in my knitting and designing life.

COLOR BY KRISTIN is available in 20 gorgeous colors. It can be used for any of the patterns in Kristin Knits, Color by Kristin (the book), and all of my web PDF patterns. Stay tuned to my blog Getting Stitched on the Farm to see the new patterns and colors for COLOR BY KRISTIN. I'll be sharing a bit of the back-story on the blog too. If you were a fan of Julia, look for COLOR BY KRISTIN at your local yarn store this fall and ask the owner to stock it for you.

As always, I am yours in
colorful wooly knitting. Thank you for your support over the years and I look forward to designing with COLOR BY KRISTIN for years to come. Scroll on down to see the full page ad illustration I painted to announce COLOR BY KRISTIN to the local yarnstores. This ad was featured on the back of Yarn Market News, the industry trade magazine. I went a bit nuts painting a knitting sheep, knitting alpaca and knitting angora goat.

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