Winnimere will be available in January, 2014!

Worth the Wait

You are probably sick of hearing about how you can't have any Winnimere until January. We certainly feel bad every time we have to say "no" to an off-season request! But we have our reasons for putting ourselves (and you) through the summer dry-season - the cheese is truly better when we make it with winter milk.

Our Winnimere production typically starts by November and runs into March, making the cheese available to the public roughly from January-June. Depending on the weather, our pastures' growth slows down considerably in October, at which point the cows start spending more of their time in the barn, where their primary diet is dry hay. The richer feed makes for rich milk high in protein & fat, which is particularly well-suited to high-moisture, soft-ripened cheese like Winnimere. In Europe, this correlates with the tradition of transhumance, the seasonal movement of animals tracking the summer thaw in the mountains. Soft, young cheese in the style of Winnimere is easier to transport regularly from the winter barns of the lowlands than from the top of a summer pasture. 

The truth is that it's tricky to make a high-moisture, washed-rind cheese with raw milk in the US, let alone with summer milk when the components are not ideal. By law, raw milk cheese must be aged 60 days to be sold here, while the most comparable cheeses in Europe (Vacherin Mont d'Or, Försterkäse) are sold at a much younger age profile, affording a longer shelf life and storage/transit potential.

This year's win at ACS blew us away - and raised the question of whether this is a cheese that should be in production year-round. 
Summer batches of Winnimere are wilder and less consistent than those made in Winter, with more variable milk components and flavor profiles. We may be our own harshest critic, but the difference is stark enough that we don't plan on changing our production schedule, just yet. In the meantime, grab the picnic basket and treat yourself to some ribbon-winning cheese while the pasture grasses are still growing.

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