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We welcome two new Board Members

Christy O'Neil (left) brings 14 years of experience in the non-profit world, with 6 years of working in Domestic Violence.  She is Finance Director at the New Mexico Coalition Against Domestic Violence. 
Lilliemae Ortiz worked for 26 years in NM Government Management and 12 years as a local elected School Board Member. We look forward to her help in bringing our films to schools.

We are pleased to share that DVD's are available free of charge for shelters and organizations to help education and provide an example of a domestic violence survivor.  If you would like to receive a copy  please email JoAnne.

Please Help Us Continue Our work

Please donate at our website or send a check made out to "Healing Voices" to 4223 Luz de Estrella, Santa Fe, NM 87507.  A big thank you to all of our supporters.

"Francesca's Story" available on-line

Francesca shares her story of escaping an abusive marriage. Police response plays an important part of her story. The first time she called police they were not helpful at all. Several years later they were very helpful and "did all they promised" helping her with a restraining order and putting her in touch with appropriate agencies.Today, many years later Francesca does presentations for law enforcement groups talking about "why it is so hard to leave" and the power of positive intervention from police.  To watch our newly completed film click here.

Next film: Barbara's Story

We are now busy editing our fifth film.  This film takes a different twist.  When our president, JoAnne Tucker, was directing The Avodah Dance Ensemble in residencies at York Correctional Institution she met several women who had murdered their abusers.  One of them, Barbara, is now out and has rebuilt her life as a hospice worker in her home community.  Healing Voices brought her to Santa Fe to tell her story about what led her to believe she had no other choice but to commit a crime.

As we have begun editing the story we have realized that “Barbara’s Story” raises some very important issues related to our legal system, police response, the significant number of abused women who are incarcerated and how some of these women rebuild their lives in very meaningful ways.  With this in mind we plan on making a short version of Barbara similar to our first four films. We then envision expanding this important and timely story into a full-length documentary.  
We are so grateful to our contributors who have helped make our first four films possible. Join us on our journey to complete our fifth film by making a contribution and we will be pleased to include your name in the credits of our next film.  Click here to contribute.

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